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I. The Commiffion.

i. ' I VHE facred body of Our Lord,

X Which on the cross had bled, Three days lay bury'd in the grave, And then rose from the dead.

2. His presence the desponding hearts

Of his difciples chears; Unsolds the oracles divine,

And charms their list'ning ears.

3. And thus the mediator spoke;

"All power in earth and heav'n "To me, triumphant o'er the grave, "Is by my father giy'fl:

4. Go make difciples in all realms,
"As ye have learn'd of me;

"Baptize them in the awful name
"Of the eternal Three.

5. " Teach them whatever I command $

"My presence I assure, . , "To crown your labours with fuccess, "Whilst thus earth shall endure."

6. Lord! we thy wond'rous grace adore;

Thy awesul word revqre; Thy death and thy revival both,' - . Our baptifm makes appear.

7. The promife of thy presence now

Does glad expectance raife; Hope of thy second coming sills 'Our souls with joy and praife:

8. 'Tis then the dead thy voice shall hear,

The dead thy voice obey;
Thy faints, who sleep in dust, awake
To joy's eternal day.

II. The tiew Covenant sealed.
I. /V. NOELS, with deep amazement ff i uck,
A Cry holy, holy, Lord of ho'h I f

As purest unapproached light,

Compar'd with their dark clouds and spots.

2. And what, alas! is finsul man, 3

All stain'd with old and recent guilt!
Sick to the very foul, yet thinks
His state not ill; for fin's not selt.

3 But beams of heav'nly light and truth, 4?

Piercing the inmost foul's recess,'
Can shew there's fomething lurking there,
That drives tar off from God and blifs.

4. Light stiews the guilt, grace wounds to heal;
O may it strike our guilty heart!
Strike deep, that we may deeply seel;
And with each fin may freely part!

5. He gave his fon, our dearest Lo Rd,;
To purge our stains with His own blood;
By cov'nani ours, and for the seal
Stamp'd His own image on the flood.

6. We see Him there laid dead for us,
To shew we dead to fin should be;
Then bursts death's bands with po w'r divine, ,.
From fin and death to set us free.

y. {a) I'm thine, O Lo Sd, and gladly seal
The covenant, that makes Thee mine ,
I'll die with Thee, and from Thy grave 2
Mount up to heav'n and with Thee shine.
III. The New Birth.

1. TT THAT's born of flesh must needs flesh

And with all Adam's fons debas'd;
But add the weight of actual guilt,
And own Goo's image quite desac'd.

a. Man, whom God made at first upright, 4 Like a fair building, ruin'd lies;

.fc..j. . _ _

'Candidate fings this verse alone. \

Alas! what help, or hope is left? [dies.
Our help's in Christ, the Lo Rd, who

Who built the Ikies, can new-make man
From His own grave, the mystic -womb t
His quick'ning spirit lise imparts,
That thence the ne-ufman forth may come.

By this new birth, the wretched man,
Of Adam's stock, and old by nature,
Is grasted into Ch Rist's; to bear
His image, as a new creature.

The holy spirit, that, at first,
Dove-like, fat brooding on the deep,
And form'd the worlds, can from the fount
Cause swarms to rise, now fast aileep.

From thence the Church her being took;
O into her may crowds thence pi ess 1
Baptized by the spirit, drink
And hymn the great Redeemer s praife!

IV. Remij/ion os Sins at Baptism.

COME lowly fouls that mourn, Depress'd with guilt and shame; Wasted in your Saviour's facred blood, Now call upon his name.

Rejoice, ye contrite hearts,
That tremble at his word;
In the baptifmal laver plung'd,
As was your humble Lord.

Bath'd in repenting tears;
The fins, which ye deplore,
Dead in your Saviour's grave shall lie,
And shall be seen no more.

Come pious Candidates
Of grace and Glory too,
Praife your Redeemer's love, and tell
What he has done for you f

5. Unspotted 5. Unspotted robes ye wear,

Your sighs to songs are turn'd; Garments of praife adorn you now, Who late in alhes meurn'd. ''

Ye shall sor endless ages live, In pure and full delight.

6. Your Lord and you are risen,
Aspire toothings above:
Where He resides, there ye shall dwell
In realms of light and love.

V. Purification by the Blood of Christ.

I.~\t7hen blood of beasts no virtue had
V V To cleanse the souls of men;
The pitying Redeemer faw
Their wretched state by sin.

2. And, stooping from his glorious height

To do God's holy will;'
He deigns to veil his beams in flesh,'
And his own blood to spill. .

3. Lo, on a cross the spotless Lamb

Was drench'd in sweat and gore? Blood flow'd in streams from his pierc'd side, And drop'd from ev'ry pore:

4. Hence that capacious sountain made

To bathe the race of men, And purify their spotted souls From ev'ry sinsul stain.

5. Come, sinners plunge yourselves in

And in the fymbol too! [christ,

Baptifmal streams will cleanse" from guilt, If faith and love be true.

6. Ye like the Lord shall rise again,

And tread Heav'n's courts above;
Victorious over sin and death
Shall ever reign in love. . .

7. Clothed in persect snow-white robes,

And glitt'ring like the light,

VI. Purification by the Blood O/christ.

i. '"T"VHE eye sees water; nothing more

1. Can there be seen by carnal men; For faith alone conceives the pow'r . . Of jesu's blood to make us clean.

2. Faith sees it there a purple flood,
Colour'd with jesu's blood and grace;
Which heals each sore, and makes all good,
That's fpoil'd by Adam's sinsul race.

3. As when, at Cana's marriage seast,
The water blush'd to see the God;
Baptifmal water by him grac'd
Reddens by faith, add turns to blood.

VII. The Penitent purified by Baptism.

1. A LAS how soul I sind I am!
.si. The Lord has made me see.
Who from this mass of sin and death

Has strength to set me free?

2. " I can, I will, my Saviour cried;

"Water and blood both flow'd, "When on the cross, from My pierc'd side; "And straight the sountain shew'd."

3. The wat'ry sount is typic blood,

Prepare! to bathe me in;
With joy I view the mystic flood,
To purge away my sin.

4. Trembling I come, 'twixt faith and fear,

And hope, and fast, and pray;
O what a lovely Ocean's here,
To wash my stains away!

5. Better than fam'd Siloam's pool,

Or e'en Bethesda's porch;

Q~z Bett

Better than Gilead's balm to cool,
Or inmost plagues to search.

6. I with my Lord must labour now
To fanctify my foul;
But w-hen all glorious He shall come,
He'll my whole man cpntroul.
7- As when He faid let there be light,
And light from darkness shone;
He'll make a persect work, when He
The second time shall come.
VIII. n*Example os Christ.

I. ' I XHUS was the great Redeemer X plung'd

In Jordan's swelling flood;
To shew He'd one day be baptiz'd
In tears, in sweat, and blood.

2. Thus was his facred body laid

Beneath the yielding wave;
Thus was his facred body rais'd
Out of the liquid grave.

3. When lo! from realms of light and blifs

The heav'nly Dove comes down;
Lights on his venerable head,
Which rays of glory crown.

4. While his eternal Fathe R's voice

An awesul joy excites;
"This is my well-beloved So-n,
"In whom my foul delights."

5. The mystic rite his death describ'd,

His burial did foreshew;
The quick'ning of his facred flefli,
His refurrection too.

6. Lord, thy own precept we obey,

In thy own footsteps tread;
We die, are bury'd, rise with Thee
From regions of the dead.

7. Come holy Spirit from above,
Thy power on us difplay;
Approve our vows, and seal our fouls
To the redemption-day!

IX. Jordan honoured.

1. OEE in what grave ourSaVidttR lay,
O Besore He flied his precious blood;
How He mark'd out the humble way
To finners thro' the mystic flood.

Z. The fun of righteousness his beams,
Tho' fo divinely fair and bright,
Immerg'd in Jordan's swelling streams,
Submitting to this holy rite.

3.O Jordan f honour'd oft besore!
What greater glory wouldst thou have,
Than Christ descending from thy shore,
To find in thee a liquid grave?

4. Thy streams retir'd on either fide,
And for the holy ark made way;
A prophet's mantle could divide
Thy willing streams, taught,to obey.

5. Plung'd by the holy Baptists hand,
Bury'd in thee our Saviour lies;
Did not thy waters wond'ring stand,
To see him die, and see him rife?

6. Blest sepulchre! where Jesus lay,
Which J E S c s for us fanctifies!
Blest flood to wash our fins away,
And fink e'm (0 as ne'er to tife!

X. Invitation and Invocation.

TN fuch a grave as this

The meek redeemer lay; When He, our fouls to leek and fave, Learn'd humbly to obey.

2. See how the spotless Lamb
Descends into the stream!

And teaches finners not to scorn
What Him fo well became.

3. Hisbody fanctifies
The falutary flood;

And teaches us to plunge our foufe
I' th' fountain of his blood.

4. Oh! Sinners, wash away
Your fins of crimfon die;

Bury'd with Him, your fins shall all
In dark oblivion lie.'

5. Rise, and ascend with Him,
A heavenly lise to lead;

Who came to rescue guilty men
From regions of the dead.

6. Lord, fee the fimner's tears,
Hear his repenting cry!

Speak, and his contrite foul shall live;
Speak, and his fins mall die!

7. Speak with that mighty voice,
Which one day wide shall spread

It fummons thro' the earth and sea,
To wake and raise the dead!

XI- Chris T's Invitation to a Penitent.

1. IF you'll be mine, take up your croft, \, 'And tread the narrow way; Plung'd in the mystic flood, I shew'd. My'death a future day2 You see the flood, and, by it taught, You must to death fubmit; If call'd to fufser for my fake, And grace shall make you fit.

3. The mystic death for grace made way; The real glory brings;

My kingdom's thus in grace begun,
The faint in glory fings.

4. You in the flood, as dead may seem,

That grave from earth refines;

And shews you only sleeping there,

In heav'n you'll furely shine.

5. Undress the old, put new cloaths on;

. Your robes, unspotted white, Preserve to shew Me when I come; The pure are my delight. XII. Desiring to imitate-Christ. 7s. (t)

1. TESU, did they crucify

J Thee by highest heav'n ador'd?

Let us alfo go and die

With our dearest dying Lo Rd!

2. Lo Rd, Thou seest our willing heart,
Know'st its uppermost defire,

With our nature's lise to part,
Meekly on thy cross t' expire.

3. Fain we would be all like Thee,
Suffer with our Lord beneath:
Grant us full consormity,
Plunge us deep into thy death!

4. Now inflict the mortal pain.
Now exert thy passion's power;
Let the man of fin be slain,
Die the flesh to live no more!

XIII. Imitating ChRisT.

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(b) This Hymn and the XIII. XVII. XXITI. are taken srom a Book os Hymns sor the Lorals Suffer, fublifieJ by the Revd.. John and Charles Wesley.

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