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And pant for full consormity,
To our exalted head:

2. We would with Thee partaks
In ev'ry state below;
And fusser all things for thy fake,
And to thy glory go.

%. We in thy birth are born,
Sustain thy gries and lose,
Share in thy want and shame and scorn,
And die upon thy cross:

4. Baptiz'd into thy death,
We fink into thy grave,

'Till Thou the quick'ning spirit breathe,
And to the utmost fave:

5. Thou faidst '' Wherever I am
"There shall my servant be;"

Master, the welcome word we claim,
And die to live with 'Thee;

6. To us who share the pain
Thy joy shall foon be giv'n,

And we shall in thy glory reign.
For Thou art now in heaven.

3. For if the image of his death,

We in' his emblem wear; We in his refurrection too Shall his resemblance bear.

4. Baptifm to all the penitent

Does free remission seal -,
And that good spirit does convey,
Whose grace does cleanse and heaL

5 For God's rich promife unto us

And to our race extends;
And to all fuch as Go D shall call
To earth's remotest ends.

6 Since then, by baptifm, we put on

Christ and his livery;
Let us, who name that holy name,
Flee from Iniquity.

XV. Buried-with Christ,* Baptism. (2)

kO we not know that folemn word,

\_J That we are bury'd with the Lo Rd J Baptiz'd into his death, and then Put oft" the body of our firi? 2 Our fouls receive diviner breath, . 'Rais'd from corruption, guilt and death; XIV. Buried with Ch R I S T in Baptism. (1) go from the grave did Ch R I S T arise,

'And lives to God above the skies.

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3. No more let fin or fatan reign
Over our mortal fldh again;
The various lusts we sery'd besore
Shall have dominion now no more.

XVI. Our Burial and ResurreSion tvitb in Baptism. ;. ' I ^HE great Rede E M Er we adore, J^ Who came the lost, to seek and fave;


(2) See Reyd. J. Watts';7(y»«J and spiritual Songs, Book I. Hymn 1 iz.

Went humbly down from Jordan's fliore, To find a Tomb beneafh a wave.

2. " Thus it becomes us to fulfil

"All righteousness" He meekly faid:
Why should we then to do his will
Or be asham'd, or be asraid i

3- With Thee into thy watry Tomb,
Lord, 'tis our glory to descend;
'Tis wqnd'rous grace that gives us room
To lie ioter'd by fuch a friend!

4. But a much more tempestuous flood
O'erwhelm'd thy body and thy foul:
That's plung'd in tears, and sweat and blood,
And over this black terrors roll.

5 Yet as the yielding waves give way,

To let us see the light again;

So, on thy refurrection-day,

The bands of death prov'd weak and vain. 6. Thus when thou shalt again appear,

The gates of death shall open wide;

Our dust thy pow'rful voice shall hear,

Shall rife and triumph at thy fide. "• These now vile bodies then shall wear

A glorious form resembling thine;

To be dissolv'd no more shall sear,

But with immortal beauty shine.

XVII. Planted in the Likeness os his Peath.

>• T7ATHER of mercies hear,
JP Thro' thine atoning Son,
Who doth for us in heav'n appear,
And prays besore thy throne I
2- By that great facrifice,

Which he for us doth plead,

Into our Saviour's death baptize,

And make us like our head.

Into the sellowship

Of J E s u's fusFrings take
Us who defire with Him to steep.
That we with him may wake.

4. Plant us into his death,

That we hjs lise may prove;
Partakers of his cross beneath,
And of his crown above.

XVIII. soy for converted and purified Sinnert.

1. *f T 7"HENE'ER one finner turns to God,

VV With contrite heart and flowing The happy news makes angels smile, [eyes; And tell their joys above the skies.

2. Well may the church below rejoice, And echo back the heavenly found;

"This foul was dead, butnow's alive; "This sheep was lost, but now is found.

3. See how the willing converts trace The path their great redeemer trod; And follow through his liquid grave,

, The meek the lowly Son of God.

4. Herein the holy laver plung'd,

Their fouls are cleans'd from etf'ty stain j
They die, descend into the tomb,
By grace they live, and rife again.

5. Here they renounce their former deeds,
And to a heavenly lise aspire;

Their rags for glorious robes exchang'd, They shine in clean and white attire. £. O facred rite! by this the name Of Je sus we to own begin; This is our refurrection's pledge, And seals the pardon of our fin.

f. Glory to God on high be giv'n, Who shews this grace to finsul men;

Let saints on earth and hosts of heav'n
In confort join their loud Arhen. .

XIX, The Ark like Baptism, the means os

1. TT7HEN the old world God's patience

W try'd,

Aud long his vengeance dar'd; The righteous Noah favour found, And with his house was spar'd.

2. In secret chambers of the ark

Secure from harm they lie; When th' ocean broke its bounds, and floods Burst from the melting flcy.

3. Proud waters o'er the mountains roll,

And ruin widely spread;
Yet the bless'd family furvives,
When all befide were dead.

4. At the Almighty's awesul word,

The floods retire again;
And Noah, from his mystic tomb,
Peoples the earth with men. •'

5. So to restore a world o'erwhelra'd

With guilt, and dead in fins,
Our Saviour, rifing from the grave,
Another race begins.

6. New creatures of a heav'nly form,

His (acred image bear;
While, dead to fin, they live to God,
And in white robes appear.

7. Bury'd in their Redeemer's grave,

With Him they live and rise;
While the lost race of human kind
In fin and ruin lies.

*>- O happy fouls whom grace revives { -.;". . ^cu^bodies Gor> shall raise j ,,, v" ,'.

Refin'd and fit for your abode,
To live, and fing his praife.

XX- Israel baptised in the Red Sea.

I. \1 7HEN from Egyptian slavery
V V - The Hebrews were redeem'd;
The parted seas and cov'ring cloud
A grave to Israel seem'd:

2; But foon the joyful tribes emerge,
And stand upon the shore;
With gratesul hearts and tunesul tongues
Their Saviour's name adore.

3. He made the obsequious waves retire,

His fav'rite tribes to fave; Made them a way to liberty, Where Egypt found a-grave.

4. As Jacob's fons baptfs'd of old

To Moses in the sea,
Sav'd by God's arm, themselves devote
His Statutes to obey.

5. So from the bondage of our fins,

Redeem'd by fov'reign grace,
We, thro' his watry sepulchre,
Our Savioui's footsteps trace.

6. Our fins, the worst of enemies,

Are bury'd there and drown'd .
To a new lise our fouls are rais'd,
With tender mercy crOwn'd.

7. To thee, O Je s c s, may we live,

Devoted to thy sear!
Thee will we love, Thee will we praife,
And all thy laws revere.

XXI. Betbefda's Pool. 1. TT 7HEN fam'd BetbesdaswzieTs flow'd,

By a descending angel mov'd;


The wond'rous pool a fov'reign bath
For every pain and fickness prov'd.

2. Hither distemper'd crouds repair,
Hither the seeble, lame and blind; •
The first who steps into the spring,
Leaves his difease and pains behind.

3. That languifhing and dying fouls
A nobler cure might freely meet;

The Son of God came down and stirr'd
Baptifmal waters with his seet.

4. Lord, 'tis but just we follow Thee,
Who didst not scorn to lead the way;
Where we just see the vale of death,'
Then view the refurrection-day.

5. Happy who haste into the flood,
Where healing virtues ever flow;
Where filthy lepers clean are made,
The blind to see, the lame to go;

6. Where contrite spirits heal their wounds,
And broken hearts assuage their pain;
The dead themselves new lise inspires,
They breathe, they move, and rise again.

7. With lowly minds, and lofty fongs,
Let all admire the Saviour's grace -
'Tillthe great rifing-day reveal
Th' immortal glory of his face. "'

XXII. An exad Obedience due to God.

1. OHALL worms of earth God's precepts O change,

As wise or able grown,
To lord it as they please themselves,
Accountable to none?

2. 'Till they can stretch an arm like God,

And thunder through the sky;

Let them obedience humbly learn,
And fin not lest they die.
3. [Eat not, faid God, yet man rebell'd,
Sad fource of nameless woes!
Forbid it, Lord, we tempt again
What further we can lose.]

4 Moses was faithful to perform
What God appointed him;
But Aaron's fons prefum'd to change
And were burnt up in fin.

[5. Saul's fair pretence to honour Geo,
Urg'd to excuse his fault,
Of faving what should be destroy'd,
Samuel esteem'd as nought.]

6. " Lo I to obey the Lo RI\ excells

, " The fat of osfer'd beasts;
"But rebels with a stubborn heart,
"Sit at the idol's seasts."

7. If G6d thinks fit, and fo appoints,

We'll grovel in the dust -
The meanest acts will have effect
Thro' him in whom we trust.

[i. Had not the leper stoop'd to try
The good of Jordan's stream;
He with Aban and Pharphar's floods,
A leper still had been.]

9. Let others labour'd pleas produce,

We'll study to obey; Lord strengthen to observe thy laws, And no plain truth gainfay!

10. Tho' worms despise, or stare at us,

We'll place our trust in thee; Their rage or scorn will move us not, If we fupported be.

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