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3. In vain we tune our sormal songs;

In vain we strive to rise; Hosannas languifh on our tongues, And our devotion dies.

4. Dear Lord! and shall 'we ever lie

At this poor dying rate?
Our love lo faint, so cold to Thee?
And Thine to us so great.

5. Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly dove,

With all Thy quick'ning Pow'rs! Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love, And that shall kindle ours!

LV. Niw Tear's Day. Amesbury. twice 3-5 and i2. (. /^>OME, let us anew

V^ Our journey purfue,

Roll round with the year, And never stand still, till the master appear!

His adorable will

Let us gladly fulsil;

And our talents improve By the patience of hope and the labor of love!

2. Our lise is a dream,

Our time, as,a stream,

Glides swiftly away,
And the fugitive moment resuses to stay.

The arrow is flown,

The moment is gone,

The millenial year Rushes on to our view, and eternity's here.

O that each in the day Of His coming might fay, "I have sought my way thro', "I have sinifh'd the work thou didst give me to do!"

O that each from His Lord
May receive the glad word,

"Well and faithfully done, "Enter into my joy, and sit down on my throne."

LVI. How Saints encourage each other. 2-6 and 8 double

i. p OME let us ascend,

V_>4 My companion and friend. To a taste of the banquet above;

If thy heart be as mine,

If sor JESUS it pine,
Come up into the chariot of love.

2. Who in JESUS conside
We are bold to out-ride

The storms of affliction beneath;

With the prophet we soar

To that heav'nly shore,
And outfly all the arrows of death.

3- By faith we are come

To our permanent home;
By hof we the rapture imprbve;
By lovt we still rise,
And look down on the skies;
For the heav'n of heav'ns is love.

LVII. The Lamb of God "jioiJhippeJ

i. f~> OME, let us join our chearsul songs, V_>< With angels round the throne I Ten thoufand thoufand are their tongues,

But all their joys are one.

2. " Worthy the Lamb that dy'd, they cry,

"To be exalted thus:"
"Worthy the Lamb," our lips reply,
For He was slain sor us.

S.jesus is worthy to receive

Honor and pow'r divine;


And blessings more than we can give,
Be, Lord, for ever Thine!

, Let all that dwell above the sky,
And air and earth and seas,
Conspire to raife Thy glories high,
And speak Thine endless praife.

The whole creation join in one,

To bless the facred name
Of Him that fits upon the throne,

And to adore the Lamb.

LVIII- Sels-Examination.

COME, let us search our ways, and Have they been just and right; Is the great rule of equity

Our practice and delight?

i. What we would have our neighbour do
Have we still done the fame?
And ne'er delay'd to pay his due,
Nor injur'd his good'name?

;. Do we relieve the poor distress'd?
Nor give our tongues a loose,
To make their names our scorn or }-:&,
Nor treat them with abuse?

4 Have we not found our envy grow
To hear another's praife?
Nor robb'd him of his honor due,
By sly malicious ways?
$. In all we sell and all we buy
Is justice our defign }
Do we remember God is nigh,
And sear the wrath divine?

6. In vain we talk of Je s v's blood,
And boast his name in vain;
If we can slight the laws of God,
And prove unjusi t^men.

LIX. The Saint encouraging his Fellows.

2-8 and 6 double. 1

1- /"^OME on, my partneisin distress,
V_> My comraets thro' the wilderness,

Who still your bodies seel!
A while forget your griess and sears,
And look beyond the vale of tears

To that celestial hill.

a. Beyond the bounds of time and space,

Look forward to that happy place,

The faints secure abode:

try On faith's strong eagle-pinions rise,

And push your passage to the skies,

And scale the mount of God.

3 See where the Lamb in glory stands, , Incircled with His radiant bands,

And join th' angelic powers;
Fcr all that height of glorious Wiss
Our everlasting portion is,

And all that heav'n is ours.

4. Who fusser for our Matter here,
We shall besore his face appear,

And by His fide fit down:
To patient faith the prize is fure,
. And All that to the end endure

The Cross, shall wear the Crown.

5. Thrice blessed blifs—inspiring hope!
It lifrs the fainting spirits up;

It brings to lise the dead:
Our conslicts here shall foon be past,
And you and I ascend at last

Triumphant with our head.
6- That great mysterious Dk I Tv
We soon with open face shall lag;

The heatific fight

Shall sill the heav'nly courts with praife,
And wide dissuse the golden blaze
Os everlasting light.

§ LX. Invitation to Praise.
i. /''^O.viE ye that lcrve the Lord,
V> A"d let your joys be known;
Join in a song with sweet accord,
While we furround the throne.

2. Let those resuse to sing,
Who never knew our God;

But servants of the heav'nly Kino
Will speak their joys abroad.

3. The God that rules on high,
And all the earth furveys,

That rides upon the stormy sky,
And calms the roaring seas;

4. This awesul God is ours,

Our father and our love;
And will send down his heav'nly pow\s
To carry us above.

g. There we shall see his face,
And never, never sin;
There, *from the riVers of his grace,
Drink endlels pleafures in.

6. Yes, and besore we rise
To that immortal state.

The thoughts of fuch amazing Mifs
Will constant joys create.

7. Then let our songs abound,
And. ey'ry tear be-dry s

We're inarching thro' Immar.'-iel's ground
To the fair worlds on high.

LXL Contentment. j. CONTENTMENT—Tis that art \^j divine Which makes us rich and great;

Great without pow'r's imperial sway.
And rich without estate.

2. Sweet balm of lise, cordial resin'd.

Fair plant of heav'nly soil;

Soft soother of our anxious cares,

Blest svveet'ner of our toil s

3. But where, O where! resides the guest >

With nobles or with kings? Swift slies the henv'nly sorm from throne* And crowns, those meaner things.

4. Where truth and virtue six their seat

In cottage mean, or cell;
There this kind angel shews his sace,
And there delights to dwell.

5. Content'—ingredient prime and sweet

In heav'n's confummate blisi s
'Tis thine to make a lesser heav'n
In fuch a world as this.

6 Lord, may 1 learn this blessed art,

And now my heav'n begin!

Or rich, or poor, I must be blest,

Who have my heav'n within.

f LXIs. Begging Glare and Peact.

i.T~\EAR Lord, attend our pray'r, \_J And all our wants relieve; Come to our hearts, and dwell Thou there, That we in thee may live!

2. In weakness we draw nigh
Unto the throne of grace;

Answer the sinner's mournsul cry,
And sill us with thy peace.

3. Thou read'st the naked breast,
For liberty we groan;

We sigh in Thee, our Lord, to rest,
And worship Thee alone.


f Is trials vex the mind,

Close to our God we'll flee;
No resuge can we elsewhere find,
But what we find in Thee.

;. To Thee we come, .our friend,
As finners poor indeed;
On Thee for future grace depend,
Our help in ev'ry need.

f LXIII. Complaint os Desertion andTemptatiani.

DEAR Lord, behold our fore distress;
Our fins attempt to reign:
Stretch out Thy arm of conqu'ring grace,
And let Thy foes he flain.

[t. The lion, with his dreadful roar
Affrights Thy seeble sheep; .
Reveal the glory of Thy pow'r,
And chain him to the deep!

3. Must we indulge a long despair?
Shall our petitions die?
Our mournings never reach Thine ear,
Nor tears asfect Thine eye ?]

^. If Thou despife a mortal groan,
Yet hear a S A v 1 b u R's blood;
An advocate, fo near the throne,
Pleads and prevails with God.

5. He bought the Spirit's pow'rful sword,

To flay our deadly Foes;
Our fins shall die beneath Thy word,
And hell in vain oppose.

6. How boundless is our Father's grace,

In height, and depth, and length'!
He makes His Son our righteousness;
His Spirit i; our strength.

f LXIV. Death dreadsul or delightsul.

1. "l^VEATH! 'tis a melancholv day JL/ To those that hav no God; When the poor foul is torc'd away,

To seek her last abode.

2. In vain to heav'n she lifts her eyes;

. But guilt, a heavy chain, Still drags her downward from the skies To darkness, fire and pain.

3. Awake and mourn,- ye heirs,of hell,

Let stubborn finners fear;
Ye must be driv'n from earth, and dwell
A long Forever tN.-re.

4. See how the pit gapes wide for you,

And flashes in your face! And thou, my foul, look downwards too, And fing recov'ring grace!

5. He is a God of fbv'reign love,

That promis'd heav'n to me;
And taught my thoughts to foar above,
Where happy spirits be.

6. Prepare me, Lord, for Thy right-hand,

Then come the joyful day;

Come death, arid fome celestial band,

To bear my foul awav!

LXV. The Fall and Realty os Man.

1 T^VECEIVD by fubtle snares of hell,
JLJr Adam, our head, our father sell;
When Satan, in the serpent hid,
Propos'd the fruit that God forbid.

2. Death was the threat'ning: Death began
To takepofiession of the man;
His unborn race receiv'd the wound,
And heavy curses smote the groupd.

3. But Satan sound a worse reward; Thus faith the vengeance of the Lore, "Let everlasting hatred he

"Betwixt the woman's seed and thee.

4. " The woman's seed shallbe my Son, "He shall destroy what thou hast done; "Shall break thy head, and only seel

"Thy malice raging at His heel"

[5. He spake; and bid sour thoufand years
Roll on; at length his So N appears:
Angels with joy descend to earth,
And sing the young Redeemer's birth.

6. Lo, by the sons of r.ell He dies;
But as He hung 'twixt earth and skies,
He gave their prince a fatal blow,
And triumph'd o'er the pow'rs below.]

LXVI. The first and second Adam.

i. TPVEEP in the dust besore Thy throne
JL/ Our guilt and our difgrace we own;
Great God, we own th'unhappy name
Whence sprang our natureand our shame!

2. Adam, the sinner; at his fall
Death, like aconqu'ror, seiz'd us all;
A thoufand new born babes are dead
By fatal union to their head.

3. But whilst our spirits, sill'd with awe,
Beholl the terrors of Thy law;
We sing the honours of Thy grace, .
That sent to fave our ruin'd race.

4. We sing Thine everlasting So N,
Who join'd our nature to His own;
Adam the second, from the dust
Raises the ruins of the sirst.

[5. By the rebellion of one man,
I hro' all his seed the mifchies ran:
And, by one man's obedience now,
Are all his seed made righteous too.

6. Where fin did reign, and death abound,
There have the tons of Adam sound
Abounding lise; there glorious grace
Reigns thro' the Lord out righteousness.]

LXVII. Vanity of Riches.

i. -pv ELUDED souls, who think to fine}
JL/ A solid, blifs below!
Blifs 1 the fair flow'r of paradife,
On earth can never grow.
$. See how the soolish wretch is pleas'd
T'inereasehis worldly store;
Too scanty now he sinds his barns,
And sighs sor room sor more.

3. What shall I do, distress'd he cries t

"This scheme I will purfue: "My scanty bams 1 will pull down, "And build them large and new.

4. " Here will I lay my fruits, and bid

"My soul to take its ease; "Eat, drink, be glad, my lasting store "Shall give what joys I please."

5. Scarce had he spoke, when lo ! from heav'n

\ Th' Almighty made reply; "For whom dost thou provide, thou sool? «« This night thyself shall die."

6. Teach me, my God, all earthly joys

Are but an empty dream;
And may I seek my blifs alone
In Thee the good fupreme.

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