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t IJCVIIL The Sight os God and Chrill in titav-.n.

1 - T"NESCEND from Jieav'n, immortal JL/ dove,

Stoop down and take us on Thy wings,
And mount and bear us far, above
The reach o! these inserior things.

2- Beyond! beyond this lower sky,
Up where eternal ages roll t.
Where folid pleafures never die,
And sruits immortal seast the foul!

3-0 for a fight, a pleafing fight
Of our almighty Fath E R's throne!
There fits om Saviour crown'd with
Cloath'd in a body like our own. [light,

<. Adoring faints around Him stand,
And thrones and pow'rs besore Him fall;
The God shines gracious thro' the man,
And iheds sweet glories on them all.

5-0 what amazing joys they seel,
While to their golden harps they fing; -
And fit on ev'ry heav'nly hill,
And spread the triumphs of their king!

6. When shall the day, dear Loin, appear,
That I shall mount tcndwejl above;
And stand and bow amongst them there,
And view thy face, and fing, and love.

LXIX. The Backstider return id

i. TTVESERTER to the camp return,
L/ Refume thy former post •
Bewail thy crimes, thy baseness mourn,
For yet thou art not lost.

2' Thine is a fad, a dang'rous case,
Be humble and repent;

Mercy thou'lt fird, tho' very base
The moment Thou relent.

3. The father's prodigal came home,

The house was open yet;
Much greaier mercy bids Thee come
Than all thy fins, tho' great.

4. Sinners are fav'd by Je S U's blood,

How vile -o e'er they be:
Eternal lise's the gift of God
(Ar;d gists are always iiree)

5. Not bought by works of righteousness

Which any man has done;
But God has sent his Son to ble/s,
Return and kifs the fon!

% LXX. Peter's Love to Christ.
John, xxi. 15.

1. T^O not I loveThee, OmyLoRD? JLJ' Behold my heart and see; Would I no; turn each idol out,

That dares to rival Thee?

2. Hast Thou a lamb in all Thy flock,

I would disdain to seed ) Hast Thou a foe, besore whose face v I sear Thy cause to plead?

3. Would not mine ardent spirit vie

With angels round the throne.
To execute Thy facred will,
And make 1 hy glory known?

f. Would not my heart pour forth its blood
h honor of Thy name?
And challenge the cold hand of death
To damp th' immortal flame?

5. Thou know'st I love Thee, gracious Lo R •' But O I I long to foar

Far from the sphere of mortal joys, And learn to love Thee more.

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LXXI. An Evening Song. READ Sov'reign, let my ev'ning fong

Like holy incense rile .

Assist the osPr ngs of my tongue'
To reach the lofty skies!

2. Thro' all the dangers of the day,.

Thy hand was still my guard; And still to drive my wants away Thy mercy stood prepare!.]

3. Perpetual Westmgs from above

Iiiccmpass me around; ,

But O how sew returns of love
Hath my Creator, found!

4. What have I done sor Him that dy'd,

To fave my wretched foul?
How are my follies multiply'd, ,

Fast as my minutes roll?

5. Lord, with this guilty heart of mine,

To Thy dear cross I flee,
And toThy grace my foul refign,
To be renew'd by Thee!

6. Sprinkled asreth with pard'ning blood,

I lay me down to rift;
As in tb,' embraces of my God,
Or on my Sa vi 0 y R's bieast.

§ LXXH. the Daj -f JuSgmint.

1. I,' 'ER long the awesul day will come, X_> When Jesus shall appearAnd from His mouth, their final doom

Both good and.bad shall hear.

2. He'll come, in all His glories drest,

And take the judgment-seat;

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Whilst round Him myriads of the blest
At humble distance wait.

Th' archangel thall the trumpet found,

The quick and dead shall hear;
The voice will reac'-i the world around.

All fummons to His bar.
But ah! whar horror then will seize,

And fill each fimner's heart!
When he shall hear fuch words as these,

"Ye curs'd from Me depart."

But faints triumphant lift their eyes,
And hear their Saviour bless;

"Come, ye belov'd, aloud He cries,
"Your kingdom now possess.

"Come now, and with ycur Saviouj "And in His glory share." [reign;

This faid, they rife and join his Train,
Ascending in the air.

And thence in pomp the judge attend,

Up to the world of praife; And in celestial strains commend

His justice and His grace.

t LXXIII. Asking the Way to Sion.

ENQUIRE, ye pilgrims for the way
That sear's to Sion's hill;
And thither set your steady face
With a determin'd will.

. Invite the strangers all around,
Your pious walk to join;
And spread the sentiments ye seel.
Oi saith and Jove divine.

. O come, and to His temple haste,

And seek His favor there, Besore His footstool humbly bow And pour your servent pray'r I

4. O come

4 O come and join your souls to God,
In everlasting bands;
And seize the blessings He bestows
With thankful hearts and hands!

§ LXXIV. God exalted above all Praise,

1. r?TERNAL Fow'r! whose high abode
XL* Becomes the grandeur of a God;
Insinite lengths beyond the bounds
Where stars revolve their little rounds.

2. Thy dazling beauties Gabriel sings.
And hides his face behind his wings;
And ranks of mining thrones around
Fall worshiping, and spread the ground.

3. Lord, what shall earth and alhes do?
We would adore our Ma K E R. too;
From sin and dust to Thee we cry.
The great, the holy, and the high!'

4. Earth from afar has heard the fame,
And worms have learn'd to lifp Thy name;
But O, the glories of Thy mind

Leave all our soaring thoughts behind!

5. God is in heav'n, and men below;
Be short our tunes_; our words be sew;
A facred rev'rence' checks our songs,
And praife sits silent on cur tongues.

% LXXV. Honour to Magistrates.

i. T? TERNAL sovereign of the <ky,
12/ And Lord of all below,
We mortals to Thy majelty,

Our sirst obedience owe.

2. Out souls adore Thy throne fupreme,
And bless Thy providence;

For magistrates of meaner name,
Our glory and desence.

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i. T? TERNAL source of ev'ry joy! Hy Well may thy praife our lips employ, \\4hile in thy temple we appear:

Thy goodness crowns the circling year.

2. Wide as the earth and planets roll, Thy hand fupports and chears the whole; By thee the .fun is taught to rise.

And darkness when to veil the skies.

3 The flow'ry spring at thy command,-
Embalms the air and paints the land;
The summer rays with vigor shine.
To raife the com and swell the vine.

4. Seasons and months and wt-eks and days
Demand fuccessive hymns of praife:
Still be the che::rful homage paid,
With op'ning light and ev'ning made!

5.Q may our more harmonious tongues(
In worlds unknown purfue the songs:
And in those brighter courts adore,
Where days and years i evolve no more!


LXXVII. Faith of Things unseen.

1. TT^AITH is the brightest evidence JP Of things beyond our sight; Breaks through the clouds of flesti and sense,

And dwells in heav'nly light.

2. It sets times past in present view,

Brings distant prospects home; Of things a thoufand years ago, i

Or thoufand years to come.

3. By faith we know the worlds were made

By God's almighty word;
Abr'am to unknown countries led,
By faith obey'd the Loud.

4. The want of sight faith well fupplies,

She makes heav'n's gates appear;
Far into distant worlds the pries,
And brings their glories near.

5. Chearsul we tread the desart thro',

While faith transmits a ray s
Tho' lions roar and tempests blow,
And dangers sill the way.

X LXXVIII. DAight in Worship.

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And in sweet murmurs by their side,
Rivers of blifs perpetual glide.

4. Haste then, but with a smiling face,
And spread the table of Thy grace:
Bring down a tiste of truth divine.
And chear my heart with facred wine.J

5. Blest Jesus, what delicious fare!
How sweet Thy entertainments are I
Never did angels taste above
Redeeming grace and dying li/ve.

6. Hail great Immanuel, ail divine,

In Thee thy Fath E R's glories shine!
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest one,
That eyes have seen, or angels known-


7. LORD, what a heav'n of saving grace
Shines thro' the beauties of Thy face,
And lights our passions to a flame I
Lord, how we love Thy charming name!

S. When I can fay, my God is mine,
When I can feel Thy glories shine;
I tread the world beneath my seet,
And all that earth calls good or great.

9. While fuch a scene of facred joys
Our raptur'd eyes and souls employs;
Here we would sit, and gaze away,

A long, an everlasting day.

i0. Well, we shall quickly pass the night,
Tv the fair coasts of persect light ;-
Then mall our joyful senses rove
O'er the dear object of our love.

[ii. There shall we drink full draughts of
. blifs,
And pluck new lise from heav'nly trees I
Yet now and then, dear Lord, bestow
A drop of heav'n on worms be)ow!

i2. Send

i2. Send comsorts down from Thy tight-hand,
While we pass thro' this barren land;
Aud in T hy temple let us see
A glimpse of love, a plimpse of Thee!

I LXXIX. The promised Land.
t.Ij^AR from these narrow scenes of night
A Unbounded glories rise.
And realms of insinite delight,
Unknown to mortal eyes.
l Fair distant land! could-mortal eyes
But half jts charms explore;
How would our spirits long to rise,
And dwell on earth no more!

3. There pain and sickness never come,

And gries no more complains; Health triumphs in immortal bloom, And endless pleafure reigns!

4. No cloud those blifsful regions know;

For ever bright and fair!
For sin, the source of mortal woe,
Can never enter there.

5-There no alternate night is-known,
Nor sun's.faint sickly ray;'
But glory from the facred throne
Spreads everlasting day.
6. Omay the heav'nly prospect sire
Our hearts with ardent love;
'Till wings of faith and strong desire
Bear ev'ry thought above.

F$ LXXX.^ Secret Devotion.
ATHER divine thy piercing eve
Looks thro' the shades of night;
In deep retirement Thou art nigh
With heart-discerning sight.
?. There shall that piercing eye furvey
Our humble worship paid,

With ev'ry morning's dawning ray,
And ev'ry evening's shade.
3. We'll leave behird each earthly care;
'To Thee our souls shall soar;
While gratesul praife and servent pray'r
Euiploy the silent hour.

4 So shall the fun in smiles arise,
The day shall close in peace;
So wilt Thou train us sor the (kies,
Where joy shall never cease.

§ LXXXI. Holiness and Grace manifested in

i. TT^ATHER, how wide thy glory shines! JC How high thy wonders rise! Known through the earth by thoufand signs;

By thoufand thro' the skies.

2. Those mighty orbs proclaim thy pow'r,
Their motions speak thy skill;

And an the wings of ev'ry hour.
We read thy patience still:

3. But when we view the great design
To fave rebellious worms;

Where vengeance and compassion join
In their divinest sorms:

4. Here the whole Deity is known;
Nor dares a creiture guess

Which of the glories brightest shone,
The justice or the grace,

5. Now the full glcrie? of the Lamb
Adorn the heav'nly plains:

Bright Serafbs learn Immanuett name,
And try their choicest strains.

6. O may I bear some humble part
In that immortal song!

Wunder and joy shall tune my heart,
And love command my tongue.

§ LXXXH. i

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