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3. Fain


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Fain would I all Thy goodness feel,

And know my fins forgiv'n; And do on earth Thy perfect will,

And to the As angels do in heav'n.

And 6.0 Father, glorify Thy Son,

2. Om And grant what I require ;

The For Jes u's fake the gift send down,

And mee! And answer me by fire !

And 7. Kindle the fame of love within,

Cry Which inay to heav'n afcend ;

Come, 1
And now the work in grace begir,

Which fall in glory end!
LXXXV. The Equity of the divine Dispen-

S LX sations.

UN 1. LATHER of men who can complain. T. H

: T Let 1 Under thy mild and equal reign?

Let the Who does a weight of duty share

Thro' ev More than his aids and pow rs can bear ? 2. With diffring climes and diffring lands,

12. Eternal a

as, Eternal With fruitful plains and barren sands,

Thy pra Thy hand hath forin'd this earthly round,

Till suns And fet each nation in its bound. 3. With like variety thy ray

$ LXXXV Here sheds a full, there fainter day; While all are in their measure thew'd

1 FRON The way to happiness and GOD.

It shook 4. O the unbounding grace which brought By man To us the words by Jesus taught !

Whilft So bleft and with such hopes inspir'd,

plai How much is giv'n, how much requir'd.

2. Worthy I LXXXVI. Devotion will love to Souls. In earth C. M. double.

Ye pring
TATHER our hearts we lift * And lov

T Up to thy gracious throne;
And bless Thee for the precious gift,


otherwise Of thine incarnate fon :

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