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Near hlmself-prepares our place.
Harbinger of human race.

7. Master (will we ever fay)
Taken from our head to-day,
See thy faithful servants, see!
Ever gazing up to Thee!

8. Grant, tho' parted from our sight,
High above yon azure height;
Grant our hearts may thither rise,
FoH'wing Thee beyond the skies!

9. Ever upward let us move,
Wafted on the wings of love;
Looking when our Lord mail come,
Longing, gasping after home!

to. There we shall with Thee reu>ain,
Partners of thy endless reign .
There Thy face unclouded see,
Find our heav'n of heav'ns in Thee I

X CXII. On a dying Saint.
i . TJ APPY soul, thy days are ended,
JTX All thy mourning days below;
Go, by angel guards attended,
To the sight of JESUS go.

2. Waiting to receive thy spirit,

Lo! the SAVIOUR stands above s
Shews the purchase of His merit,
Reaches out the crown of love!

3. Struggle thro'thy latest passion
To thy dear Redeemer's breast;
To his uttermost falvation,
To his everlasting rest.

4. For the joy He sets besore thee,
Bear a momentary pain;

Die to lise, the lise of glory
Susfer with thy LORD to reign.

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CXIII. God the Glory and Defence of Si©
l. TJ APPY the church, thou facred plac
£~\ The seat os thy C R E A T o R's grace
Thine holy courts are His abode,
Thou earthly palace of our God!

». Thy walls are strength, and at thy gates
A guar.d of heav'nly warriors waits .
Nor shall thy deep soundations move,
Fixt on His counsels, and His love.

3. Thy soes in vain designs engage,
Against His throne in vain they rage;
Like rising waves with angry roar,
That dash and die upon the shore.

4. Then let our souls in Sion dwell,
Nor sear the wrath of men and hell s
His arms embrace this happy ground,
Like brazen bulwarks built around!

J God is our shield, and God our fun;

Swift as the fleeting moments run,
On us he sheds new beams of grace;
And we reflect His brightest praife.

CXIV, Lave to God to Men,

i. T/J APPY the heart, where graces reigDj
JfjL Where love inspires the breast;
Love is the brightest of the train,.
And strengthens all the rest.

2- Love fussers long with patient eye,
Nor is provok'd in haste;
She lets the present inj'ry die,
And soon sorgets the past.

3. She ne'er desires nor seeks to know
The scandals of the time;
Nor looks with pride on those below-,
Nor eRvies those who climb.

4. She

4. She lays her own advantage by
To seek her neighbour's good .
So God's own So N came down to die,
And sav'd us by his blood.

J.Tislore that makes our chearsul seet
In swift obedience move;
The devils know and tremble too,
But Satan cannot love.
6.This is the grace that lives and sings,
When faith and hope shall cease;
'Tis this shall strike our joyful strings
In the bright realms of blifs.

CXV. Wisdom, or true Religion, its Excellency.

HAPPY the man that sinds the grace,
The blessing of God's chosen .race;
The wisdom coming from above,
The faith that sweetly works by love.

2. Wisdom divine! Who tells the price
Of wisdom's costly merchandize?
Wisdom to silver we preser',
And gold is dross compar'd to her.

I Whate'er thy heart can wish is poor
To wisdom's all-fussicient store, .
Pleafure and fame and health and friends,
She all created good transcends.

4- To purest joys she all invites,
Chaste, holy spiritual delights:
Her ways are ways of pleafantness,
And all her slow'ry paths are peace.

5- He sinds, who wisdom apprehends,
A lise begun that never ends:
The tree of lise divine me is,

Set in the midst of paradife.
0. Happy the man who wisdom gains,
"hrice happy who his guest retains:

He owns anckshall sor ever own
Wisdom and Ch R i s T and heav'n are one.

J CXVI. The Objefis of a Christians Defires.

i. r~TAPPY *e foul, whose wishes climb JtTL To mansions in the skies!

He looks on all the joys of time,
With undesiring eyes.

2. In vain soft pleasure spreads her charms,

And throws her silken chain;
And -wealth and fume invite his arms,
And tempt his ear in vain.

3. He knows that all these glitt'ring things

Must yield to fure decay;
And sees on time's extended wings
How swift they fleet away.

4. To things unseen by mortal eyes,

A beam of facred light
Directs his view, their prospects rise
All permanent and bright.

5. His hopes are six'd on joys to come;

Those blifsful scenes on high
Shall flourifh in immortal bloom,
When time and nature die.

6. O were these heav'nly prospects mine,

These pleafures could I prove;
Earth's fleeting views I would resign,
And raife my hopes above!

.f CXVII. J Funeral Though.

i. TJ ARK I from the tombs a dolesul sound! l~\. My ears, attend the cry!

"Ye living men, come view the ground, "Where y■*i must shortly lie!

2. " Princes! this clay must be your bed,

"In spite of al! your tow'is 1


"The tall, the wife, the rev'rend head "Must lie as low as ours."

z. Great Gob, is this our certain doom?
And are we still secure?
Still walking downwards to our tomb,
And yet prepare no more J

4. Grant us the pow'rs of quick'ning grace,
To sit our souls to Ry;
Then when we drop this dying flesh,..
We'll rise above the (ky!

* CXVIII. For Christmas Day. 4—7.

I.tjark! the herald angels sing
XJ. "Glory to the Ki N G ov Kings
"Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
"god, and sinners reconcil'd!"

2. Joyful all ye nations rise,
Join the triumph of the skies
With th' angelic hosts proclaim
Christ is born in Bethlehem.

^.christ, by highestheav'n ador'd,
Christ, the everlasting Lord!'
Late in time behold him come,
Osfspring of a Virgin's womb s

,}. Veil'd in flesh, the Godhead see!
Hail th' incarnate deity!
Pleas'd as man with men t' appear,
j E s u s, our Immanuel here!

5. Hajl the Heav'n-born Prince os Peace I Hail the fun of righteousness!

Light, and lise, and all He brings,
Ris'n with healing in his wings.

6. Mild, He lays his glory by,

Born — that man no more may die,
Born — to raife the sons of earth,
Born — to give them second birth.

7. Come, desire of nations, come,
Fix in us Thy humble home!
Rise, the woman's conqu'ring seed,
Bruife in us the serpent's head!

8. Now difplay Thy faving pow'r!
Ruin'd nature now restore! «
Now in mystic union join
Thine to ours, and ours to Thine s

§ CXIX Doxology.

i.TJARK! O Hark! how th' anget XJ. hosts, 1

Crouding unnumber'd round the throne,
Join with the church, in a loud voice,
To laud the Father and the Son.

2. Worthy's the lamb that died, they .sing
Of pow'r, riches, wisdom, strength;
With honor too and glory blesi'd;
And echo heav'n and earth's extent.

3. Bless'd be, bless'd be, fay one and all,
The Seated on the throne and Lamb J
With honor, pow'r, glory crown'd!
For ever echo'd be by man!

. CXX. For a Fast Day in Time of War.

i. TTARK! the loud trumpet of our G0t AJL Sounds an alarm of war; Attend, O earth! ye nations, hear

And tremble from afar.

2. With humble rev'rence and with awe

We hear the facred word;
And, trembling, own the sentence just
Which dooms us to the sword.

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Might the fame stroke that wastes the land

Destroy its vices too. 4 But we shall hail the happy day,

Which ends the painsul doom; When earth shall, like the world above,

rn peace and virtue bloom.

5. Still let our songs declare His name,

Who guards our happy race;
The God of vengeance we adore;
And bless the God of grace.

i CXXI. The Christian's Race. .

HARK! the loud trumpet's joyous sound,
From &Ws hill is heard,
To rouze the list'ning world around,
To run the race prepar'd.

2. The goal is plac'd beyond the pole,

The course this tract of lise; Angelic hosts assist each soul, And death decides the strise.

3. Not stars that deck the azure sky,

(So glorious to behold !)'
Can with the num'rous prizes vie,
Bright crowns os shining gold.

4 Yet some slow souls, with heavy pace,
Scarce drag their seet along;
Or backward shun th' enriching race,
Among the thoughtless throng.
5- But in yon lonely rugged way,
And almost out of sight,.
See the choice sew, without delay,
Wing their impetuous flight!

6. In love they study to excel, j

In truth and righteousness;
No words their fervent zeal can t«lj,
Or paint their future blifs.

7. Angels their lyres harmonious touch,
Heav'n's gates wide open lie,
The glories blaze as they approach,
And shoutings rend the sky.

CXXII. On the Crucifixion. 6—ys.

i. TTEARTS of stone, relent, relent;
XTL Break by's Cross fubdu'd':
See his body mangled rent,

Cover'd with a gore of blood!
Sinsul sour what hast thou done?
Murder'd God's eternal son I

2. Yes, yout sins have done the deed,
Drove the nails that six Him here;
Crown'd with thorns his facred head,
Pierc'd Him with the soldier's spear;
Made his soul a facrissice;

For a sinsul world He dies!

3. Will ye let Him die in vain?
Still to death purfue your God?
Open tear his wounds again!
Trample on his precious blood!
No; with all your sins you'll part:
And give the Lord a broken heart!

% CXXIII. Blessed are the Dead that die h the Lord.

1 . TTEAR what the voice from heav'n pro.*. 1 claims.

For all the pious dead;
Sweet is the savour of their names,

And soft their dying bed. ,

2-They die in Jesus, and are blest;
How kind their slumbers a,re!
From fusPrings and srom sin? rcleas'd
And freed from ev'rv snare. .


3. Far from this world of toil and strife,
They're present with the Lord;
The labours of their mortal lise ,
End in a large reward.

J CXXIV. For a Funeral. Heaven.

1. TJEAVEN! the found delights the ear s± And ravifhes the heart;

O may I dwell for ever there,
Have in its joys my part!

2. High seated on majestic throne,,

Th'eternal God appears;
Puts all His smiling glories on,
And awes at once and chears.

3. The Lam B (once slain !) at his right-hand,

Assumes his royal seat:
Besore Him all the heav'nly hand,
With pleafing transports wait.

4. Angels, archangels, seraphim,

Bless'd natives of the place;
And men whom Jesus did redeem,
Made denizons by grace.

5. Each perfon shines divinely bright,

And God's pure image bears; Each face, an air of high delight, An humble rev'rence wears.

6. In strains celestial ev'ry tongue

Does Go D's due praife proclaim;
And all in confort fing the fong
Of Muses and the Lamb.

7. The Hallelujah, once begun,

No pause nor close will know ; . But joy and harmony, in one Perpetual transport flow.

8. To these high strains their minds are bent,

, Their very work is rest:

"Admission here to me, Lord, grant
"When shall I thus be blest?

CXXV. Tbe Presence os a crucified Saviour delightsul. S—8.

1, TTE comes! descending from above,
&sx With eager flight on wings of love:

. What living streams ofsjoy appear?
What blifs divine when Thou art near?
Where'er Thy precious name is found,
Spiciest fragrance breathes around.

2. Thy face, with languid beauties pale,
Outvies the lily of the vale;

Thy garments, roll'd in blood, difclose
The crimfon blush of Sharon's rose:
Thro' an eternal round of days,
The golden lyres shall swell Thy praise.

§ CXXVI. Judgment.

1. TTE comes! He comes! the Judge , XX revere;

The seventh trumpet speaks Him near;
His lightnings flash, his thunders roll,
How welcome to the faithful foul I

2. From heav'n angelic voices found,
See the almighty Jesus crown'd!
Girt with omnipotence and grace,
And glory decks the Saviour's face.

3. Descending on his azure throne,

He claims the kingdoms for his own:

The kingdoms aM obey his word.

And hail Him their triumphant Lord.

4. Shout all the people of the flcy.
And aftthe faints of, the most high:
Our Lo Rd, who now his right obtains,
For ever and for ever reigns.

t cxxvn.

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