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t CXXVII. Christ dying, rising, and ascending. Eatter. 6 L. M.

HE dies! the FRIEND of sinrersdies!
Lo! Salem's daughter-: weep around;
A folemn darkness veils the skies,
A sudden trembling shakes the ground.

J. Come, faints, and drop a tear or two
For Him who groan'd beneath your load!
He shed a thoufand drops for you,
A thoufand drops of richer blood.

5. Here's love and gries beyond degree,
The LORD of glory dies for men!
But lo! What fudden joys we see!
JESUS, the dead, revives again!

4. The rifing GOD forfakes the tomb,
The tomb in vain forbids his rife;
Cherubic legions guard Him home,
And shout Him welcome to the skies.

5. Break osf your tears, ye faints, and tell
Sing how He spoil'd the hosts of hell,
How high our great Deliv'rer reigns;
And led the monster Death in Chains.

6. Say " Live fonever wond'rous KING!
"Born to redeem, and strong to fave!"
Then ask the monster, "Where's thy fiing \
"And where's thy vict'ry, boasting grave?"

t CXXVIII. Christ Dying, Rising, and Reigning.

I. TIE dies! the heav'nly lover dies!
AX The tidings strike a dolesul found
On my poor heart-strings; deep He lies
In the cold caverns os the ground.

1. Come, saints, and drop a tear or two
On the dear bosom os your God;;
He (bed a thousamd drops sor you,
A thousand drops os. richer blood!

3. Here's love and gries beyond degree;
Ike Lo R D os glory dies sor mm I
But lo, tt'h..t sadden joys I fee!
Jefus the dead revives again.

4. The rifirg God forfakes the tomb,
Up to his Father's court He sties;
Cherubic legions guard Him home,
And shout Him welcome to the skies.

5. Break, off your tears, ye faints, and tell
How high our great deliv'rer reigns;
Sing how He spoil'd the hosts of hell,
And'led the monster, death, in chains.

6. Say, "Live for ever, wond'rous Kino! "Born to redeem, and strong to fave!" Then ask the monster, "Where's Thy

sting? "And where's Thy vict'ry, boasting grave?"

t CXXIX. For a Funeral. Hell.



Without the verge of light; 'Where mingling flames, that constant rise, Add horror to. the night.

2. In burning and immortaHvoe,

The damned welt'ring He:
Their forrows shall no period know,
Their worm shall never die.

3. A gnawing guilt will cut the heart

With honor, grref, and iharne -, - Whilst ev'ry p'assion does impart A fad increase of pain.

4. Quite out of reach, tho' still in fight,

The heav'nly glory lies;
They fee it far, and to its light
Lift their despairing eyes.
F J. A*-

5. All sormer dear delights are dead;

Each pleasing scene withdrawn: "The mem'ry of what once they had '"Remains; th' enjoyment's gone.


6. FIERCE siends infulting stand around

To seed the furious slames; From ev'ry quarter groans resound, Shrieks and despairing screams.

7. DistressM and rageous, mad with woe,

They bite their heavy chains;
But with their rage their torments grow:
For ever are their pains.

8. Forever! who the thought can bear!

Who can sorever dwell
In flames, in anguifh, and despair,
Jn an eternal hell!

9. In outer darkness, scorching heat .

That strange mysterious sire;
Where sinners seel the second death,
Still die, but can't expire.

iO. " Help me to know thy terrors, Lord,
"And now perfuaded be;
"Repent, obey, believethy word;
"And future wrath to slee!

ii. Let me be pardon'd and approv'd, In thy beloved Son: When God's appess'd, and guilt remov'd, • The sear of hell is gone.'

J. CXXX. Salvation in the Cross.

[ERE at Thy cross, my dying God, I lay my soul beneath Thy love; Beneath the droppings of Thy blood, Jesus, nor shall it e'er remove.

2. Not all that tyrants think or fay,
With lage and light'ning in then- eyes',
Nor hell mall fright my heart away,
Should hell with all its legions rise.

3. Should worlds conspire to drive me thenc Moveless and sirm this-heart should lie; Resolv'd (sor that's my last desence)

If I must perifh, there to die.

4. But speak, my Lord, and calm my seal
Am I not fase beneath Thy shade?
Thy vengeance will not strike me he;re,
Nor Satan dares my soul invade.

5. Yes, I'm secure beneath Thy blood,
AAd all my soes mail lose their aim:
Hosanna to my dying God,

And my best honours to His name.

h CXXXI. God the Avenger of his Stints

i. T TIGH as the heav'ns above the groui Ai. Reigns the Cre At Or, God;

Wide as the whole creation's bound.
Extends His awful roll.

2- Let princes of exalted state

To Him ascribe their crown; Render their homage at His seet, '. And cast their glories down.

3. Know that His kingdom is fupreme,

Your lofty thoughts are vain;
He calls you Gods, that awful name;
But ye must die like men.

4. Then let the sov'reignyof the globe

Not dare to vex the just;
He puts on vengeance like a robe,
And treads the worms to dust.

J. Ye judges of the earth, be wise, And think on heav'n with sear; The meanest faint that ye despife, Has an avenger there.

4. Boundless wisdom, pow'r divine,
Love unspeakable are thine;
Praife by all to thee be giv'n,
Sons of earth, and hosts of heav'n!

I CXXXU. Invitation to Sinners. * CXXXIV. Christ's ViSlory over Satan.

t-TOjevry one that thirsts draw near f

'Tis God invites the fall'n race.
Mercy and free falvation buy,
Buy wine, and milk, and gospel grace.

I. Come to the living waters, come,
Smners obey your Maker's voice;
Return ye Weary wand'rers home,
And in redeeming lave rejoice.

f. See from the rock a fountain rise!
For you in healing streams it rolls •
Money ye need not'bring, nor price,
Ye lab'ring burthen'd fin-fick fouls.

I- Nothing ye shall in exchange give;
Leave all ye haver and are, behind;'
Frankly the gift of GOD receive,
Pardon and peace in Jesus find.

t CXXXIII. Christ the lamb os God. 7s.

> LTOLY Lame, who Thee receive,
11 Who in Thee begin to live;
Day and night they cry to thee,
As thou art, fo let us: be.

t Fix, O fix our wav'ring mind,
To thy cross our spirit bind;
Earthly passions far remove,
Persect all our fouls in love.

5. Dust and alhes tho' we be,
Full of guilt and mifery •
Thine we are, Thou Son of God,
Take the purchase of thy blood.

1. XJOSANNA to our conqu'ring King, Al The prince of darkness flies; His troops rush^ieadlorg down to hell,

Like lightning from the skies.

»'. There, bound in chains, the lions roa-r,
And fright the rescu'd sheep;
But heavy bars confine their pow'r
And malice to the deep.

3. Ho/anna to our conqu'ring Kino,

All hail, incarnate lore!
Ten thoufand fongs and glories wait
To crown thy head above.

4. Thy victories and Tby deathless fame

Thro' the wide world mall run;
And everlasting ages fing

The Triumphs Thou hast woa.

* CXXXV. The Refurretfion and Ascension os Christ.

t.TJOSWNJto the Prince os Light,
*- *- That cloath'd Himself in clay;
Enter'd the iron gates of death,
And tore the bars away.

2. Death is no more the king of dread,

Since our Emmanuel rose;

He took the tyrant's sting away,

And spoil'd our hellim foes.

3. See how the conqu'ror mounts aloft,

And to his Father flies;

x With scars of honour in his flesh, And triumph in his eyes!

4. There our exalted Saviour reigns,

And scatters Westings down;
Our Jesus tills the middle seat
Qf the celestmt throne.

[5. Raife your devotion, mortal tongues,
To reach his bless'd a! ode!
Sweet be the accems of your songs -
To our incarna'tf Go*!

6. Bright angels strike your loudest strings,
Your sweetest voices r;:ise;
Let heav'n ard all created things,
Sound our Emmanuel's praife.]

* CXXXVI. Hofanna It Christ.

1. TJ OS ANN A to the royal Son 11 Of David's ancient line; His nature's two, his person one,

Mysterious and divine!

2. The root of David here we sind,

And offspring are the fame;
Eternity and time are jnin'd
In our Emmanuels name.

3. Blest He that comes to wretched men

With peacesul news from heav'n!
Hofannas of the highest strain

To Christ the Lord be giv'n!

4. Let mortals ne'er resuse to take

Th' Hosanna on their tongues; - Lest rocks and stones should rise, and break Their silence into songs!

[blocks in formation]

Ten thoufand snares attend us round,
And yet secure we stand.

2. The ev'ning rests our weary head,
And angels guard the room;

We wake, and we admire the bed,
That was not made our tomb.

3. The rising morning can't assure
Thdt we shall end the day; . -

For death stands ready at the door
To seize our lives his prey.

4. Our breath is sorseited by sin,
To God's avenging law;

We own Thy grace, Immortal Ki No
In ev'ry gasp we draw.

5. God is our fun, whose daily light
Our joy and fasety brings;

Our seeble flesh lies fase at night,
Beneath His guardian wings, v

CXXXVIII. After a Storm at Sea.

I. TJOW are thy servants bless'd, O Lord!
*1, How fure is their desence!
Eternal wisdom is their guide,
Their help omnipotence.

1. In soreign realms, and lands remote,
Supported by Thy care,
Through burning climes they pass unhurt,
And breathe in tainted air.

3. When by the dreadful tempest borne,
High on the broken wave, -
They know Thou art not slow to hear,
Nor impotent to fave.

, The storm is laid, the winds retire,
Obedient to thy will
The sea, that roars at Thy command,
At Thy command is still

; In midst; of dangers, sears and deaths,
Thy goodness we'll adore;
And praife Thee sor thy mercies past,
And humbly hope sor more.

6. Our lise, while Thou preserv'st that lise,
Thy facrisice shall be;
And death, when death shall be our doom,
Shall join our souls to Thee.

• CXXXIX. Ibt Bleffednefs of gospel times.

1 T T OW beauteous are their seet,
si Who stand on Sioris. hill;
Who bring falvation on their tongues,
And words of peace reveal!

How charming is their voice!
How sweet the tidings are!
"Sun, behold thy Savi 0 ui King*
"He reigns and triumphs here!

How happy are our ears,
That hear this joyful sound;
Which kings and prophets waited sor,
And sought but never sound!

How blessed are our eyes,
That see this heav'nly light;
Prophets and kings desir'd it long,
But dy'd without the sight!

Christians unite their voice,
And, tunesul notes employ;
Tbeir Saviour's praife inspires their
And heathens learn the joy. [songs,

The Lord difplays his grace,
Thro' all the earth abroad;
Let ev'ry nation now behold
Their Saviour and their Gon!

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CXL. Murks of a Christian.

OW glorious, Lord, art Thov How bright Thy splendors shir* '■ Whose rays reflected gild thy faints' With ornaments divine.

2. With Lialinefs and low,
Wisdom and courage meet;

The grateful heart, the cheerful eye,
How amiable, how sweet!

3. In beauties fuch as these
Thy children now are drest;

But brighter habits shall they wear «

In regions of the blest.

4. O God of Israel, hear,
And make this blifs our own!

Make us the children of Thy care,
The members of Thy son!

f CXLL The Soul unhappy'till pardoned.

i. T TOW heavy is the night
Ax That hangs upon our eyes,
'Till Ch R i s T, with his reviving light,
Upon our souls arife!

j. Our guilty spirits dread

To meet the wrath of heav'n But, in thy righteousness array'd, We see our sins sorgiv'n.

3. Unholy and impure

Our thoughts, and words, and ways
Thy hands insected nature cure
With fanctifying grace.

4. The pow'rs os Hell agree
To hold our souls in vairt;

He sets the sons of bondage free.
And breaks the cursed chain.


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