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CC'XLII. God's tender Care os his Church. 3. The spacious earth

NOW shall my inward joys arife,
And burst into a fong,

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And burst into a Almighty love inspires my heart, And pleafure tunes my tongue.

God on his thirsty Sion hill

Some mercy-drops has throw»;

And solemn oaths have bound His love
To show'r falvation down.

Why do we then indulge our sears,

Suspicions, and complaints?
Is He a God, and Jhall His grace

Grow weary of his faints ?

Can a kind woma;i e'er forget

The .insant of her womb I And 'uiongst a thoufand tender thoughts,

Her fuckling have no room?

"Yet, faith the Lord, should nature "And mothers, monsters prove, [change,

"£:on still dwells upon the heart "Of everlasting love.:

"Deep on the palms of both my hands

"I haveengrav'ri her name, "My hands shall raife her ruin'd" wai!s,

"And buiid her broken frame."

5 CCXLHI. Glory and Grace in the Person os Christ.

t- ^T^)W t0 tIie *joRD anob'e*ons'

i. Al Awake my foul, awake my tongue;

Hofanna to th' eternal name,

And all His boundless love proclaim 1

3. See where it shines in J E s u's face,
The brightest image of His grace!
God, in the perfon of his Son,
Has all His mightiest works out-done.

nd spreadmg flood,
Proclaim the wise, xhf pow'rful God -
And Thy rich glories from afar,
Sparkle in ev'ry rolling star.

4 Rut in His looks a glory stands,
The noblest labor of Thine hands:
The pleafing-lustre of His eyes
Out-shines the wonders of the fides.

5. Grace! 'tis a sweet, a charming theme;
My thoughts rejoice at Jes u's name.
Ye angels, dwell upon the found,
Ye heav'ns reflect it to the ground.

6- O may I live to reach the place,
Where He Unveils his lovely face,
Where all His beauties you behnld,
And fing His name to harps of gold I

CCXLIV. Imitation.

1. s~\ ALL ye fimple fouls that stray
\,J Far from the path of peace •
That very unsrequented way
To lise and happiness.
2 How-long will ve your folly love,
And throng the downward road;
And hate the wisdom fromabove,
And mock the fons of God }

3. Madness ye count and mifery

Thejiie we lead beneath;
And nothing great or good can see
Or glorious in our death.

4. Pilgrims and penfive fojourners,

- O'erwhelm'd with gries and woes, Perplex'd ye think with needless sears, And pleafure's mortal foes;

J. Yet conscience in theHoLY Ghost
Can witness better things;

For He, whose blood is all our boast,
Hath made us priests and kings.

6" Riches, which are unsearchable,
, In Je Su's love vve know;

And pleafuies, springing from the well
Of lise, our fouls o'erflow.

J. Angels, our guides to heav'nly blifs,
On all our steps attend t
And God himself our father is,
And Jesus is our Friend.

5. With Him e'er long we'll walk in white,

And in his image mine •,
Our robes all glirt'ring like (he light,
Our righteousness divine.

J COXLV. D.firing a good Heart.

t-f~\ FOR an heart to praife my God,
V_/ An heart from fin set free;
An heart tha,t always seels thy blood
So freely spilt for n<e!

6. An heart refign'd, submissive, meek,

My dear Redeemer's throne;
Where only ChKist is heard to speak,
Where reigns alone!

3. An humhlcr, lowly, contrite heart,

Believing true and clean ;.
Which neither lise nor death can part
From Him that dwells within!

4. An heart in ev'ry thought renew'd,

Ani'fill'd with love divine;
PerKct and right an.d pure and good,
A copy, Lord, qf Thine!

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To triumph o'er the monster, death,
And all his srightsul povv'rs!

2. Joyful, with all the strength I have,

My quiv'ring lips should fing, "Where is thy boasted vict'ry, grate? "And where the monster's sting ?,'

3. If fin be pardon'd, I'm secure,

Death hath no fling befide; The law gives fin its damning pow'r ;' ButCHRisT, my ranfom, dy'd.

4. Now to the God of victory

Immortal thanks be piid; Who makes us conqu'rors while we die, Thro' Christ, our living head!

CCXLVII A Sight os Heaven in Sickness.

.FT have I fat in secret fighs,
To seel my flesh decay;
Then groan'd aloud with frighted eyes,
To view the tott'ring clay.,

it. But I forbid my forrows now,
Nor dares the slesli complain t -
Diseases bring their profit too;
The joy o'ercomes the pain.

3. My chearful foul now all the day

Sits waiting here, and fings; Looks thro' the ruins of her clay, And practifes her wings.

4. Faith almost changes into fight, .

While from afar she spies Her sair inheritance in light, Above created skies.

5. Had but the prifon-walls been strong,

And firm, -without a flaw;
In darkless she had dwelt too long,
And less of glory faw,

6. But now the everlasting hills
Thro' ev'ry chink appear;
And something of the joy she seels
While she's a piis'ner here.

: [7. The shines of heav'n rush sweetly in
At all the gaping flaws;
Visions of endlels Mils are seen;
And native air she draw?.]
SO may these walls stand tott'ring still,
The breaches never close;
If I must here in darkness dwell,
And all this glory lose!

9 Or rather let this flesh decay,
The ruins wider grow;
Till, glad to see th' enlarged way,
I stretch my pinions thro'.

CCXLVIII. Brotherly Love.

i (~\ God, our father and our king,

\J Of all we have or hope the spring;
Send down thy ^irit from above,
And warm our hearts with holy love ,t

2. May we from ev'ry act abstain,
That hurts or gives our neighbour pain;
And ev'ry secret wish luppress.
That Would abridge his happiness.'

5. Still may we seel our hearts inclin'd
To act the friend to all our kind;
Still seek their fasety, health and eafe,
Virtue, eternal lise and peace.

4 With pity let our breast o'erflow,
When we behold a wretch in woe;
And bear a fympathizing part
With all that are of heavy heart.

5- Let love in all our conduct shine,
An image fair, thq' faint, of thfne:

Thusmavwe Christ's disciples prove,

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GOOD Lord,

iViy complaint vouchfase

Who came to manifest Thy love. i CCXL1X. A'Ptnitent begging Forgiveness.

incline thine ear, "to hear; Sore diitrest with guilt am I, Give me Christ, or else I die.

2. Wealth and honor 1 disdain. Earthly comsorts all are vain; They can never satissy:

Give me Ch Hist, or else I die.

3. Lo Rd, deny me what thou wilt,
Only take away my guilt,
Mourning at thy seet I lie;
Give me Ch R I S T, or else I dis.

4 All unholy, all unclean,
Nothing am I else but sin;
I to Thee sor mercy fly,
Give me Christ, or else I die.

5. Thou dost freely fave the lost,
In thy grace alone I trust;
Unto Thee lift, up my cry,
Give me Christ, or else I die.

6. O my God, what shall iVay?
Take, O take my sins away!
Je s u's blcod to me apply,
Give me Christ, or else I die.

7. Does the F A T H E R seem to frown?
I take shelter in the S o N: \
Jesus, to thine arms I sty;

Save me Lord, or else I die. '* CCL. ?be Christian's covenant J1y. i. r^\ HAPPY day, that six'd my choice \J On Thee, my Saviour, and my

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Well may the glowing heart rejoice,
And tell its raptures all abroad.

3. O happy bond, that f-als our vows,'
To slim who meri s all our love!
Let cheaTfiil anthems sill His house,
While to that facred shrine we move!

3.'Tis.done; the great tranfaction's done:
I an* the Lor D's, and He is mine;
He drew we, and I sollow'd on,,
Charm'd to consess the voice divine.'

4. Now rest my long divided heart,
Fix'd on the blifsful centre, rest!
With ashes who could grudge lo part.
When call'd on angel's bread to seast?

5. High heav'n, that heard the solemn vow,
That vow renew'd stiall daily hear;
'Till in lise's latest hour we bow,

And bless in death a bond so dear.

* CCLL. she Blessings of a Gospel Church. 7s

I. /~\ HOW over-joy'd was I,

V^/ When the solemn hour drew nigh;
Summon'd to the hbuse of pray'r,
Flew my soul to worship there.

1. Come, my chearsul brethren faid,
Let us go with holy speed;
Let us haste with one accord;
To the temple of our Lord!

3. Running at His kind coirmand.
There our ready seet shall stand;
S'ill within the facred gate

Will we sor His mercy wait.

4. Love the channels of His grace;
Reverence the hallow'd .place,
Where our Lord records his namt,
S:sy we in Jerusalem.

5. God hath built His church below,
And, his art divine to shew,
Each with each the parts agree,
Fram'd in persect symmetry.

6. There the chosen tribes go up,
Testify their Gospel hope;
Praife and bless th' incarnate Word,
Shout the name of Ch Rist, their Lord

7. Pray, my friends, and never cease,
Wrestle on sor.Sion's peace .
Make her still your pious care,
On your heart sor ever bear.

8 Hail the venerable name,
Lovely, dear Jerusalem I
Thee who bless, shall blessed be,
Prosper sor their love to Thee.

9 Dwell within Thy ramparts peace,-
Plenty deck Thy palaces,
Jesus send Thee from above,
All the treafures of His love!

i0. For my friends and brethrens fake,
. Thee my dearest charge I make;
Longing here Thy peace to see,
Glad to live and die sor Thee.

+/ CCLII. Repentance at the Cross *

i. f~\ IF my soul was sorm'd sor woe,

\~/ How would 1 vent my Gghs!

Repentance should like rivers flow

From both my streaming eyes.

3. 'Twas sor my sins, my dearest Lord
Hung on the cursed tree s
And groan'd away a dying lise,
For Thee, my soul, sor Thee.

3. O how I hate those lusts of mine,

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. ThoS

He gives to breathe the vital air,
And seet's us at His board;

Has made our cup with grace o'evftS*,
And with His riches stor'd.

Those sins that pierc'd and nail'd Hisstesh %, Fast to the fatal wood!

4 Yes, my Redeemer, They shall die,

My heart has so decreed;

Nor will I spare the guilty things, 3

That made my Saviour bleed.

5 Whilst with a melting broken heart,

My n-.urder'd Lord I view; 111 raife revenge against my sins, A

And Any the murd'rers too.

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CCLIII. Admiring Christ's Love.
'Twice 2—Bs and 6.

l-(~\ LOVE divine how sweet Thou art!
\_J When shall I sind my longing heart

All taken up with Thee j• 1 thirst, and faint, and die to prove The greatness of rt deeming Icrje; The love of CHRIST to me. 2. Stronger his Love than death or hell; Its riches are unsearchable;

The sirst-born sons of light Desire in v^in its depth to see; They cannot reach the mysterv, ,

The length, and breadth, and height. 3 0 that I could sor ever sit, ".

With Mary, at the Master's seet!

Be this my happy choice!
My only care, delight and blifs,
My joy, my heav'n on earth be this,
To hear the Bridegroom's voice ,t


CCLIV. On a new-born Child.

1 f^H may our ever gratesul hearts \J Their chearsul tribute l-tirg To the great sov reign of the skies, 2.

And of his mercy sing s

As out of dat knef; into light

Of old all nature sprung;
So into lise and hopes os blifs,

The offspring of the womb. t

But as the blushing blooming rose,

And all the flow'ry tribes;
So fades the human race divine, .

And like a river glides.
May we with caution theresore take

The-transitory joy;
And meekly yield it to our God,

To fave or to destroy!
Not hope to grasp the empty wind,

Or stop the whirling fun ,
Or that the fading blifs secure

Thro' wealth and peace should run. In virtue's paths, and that straight ro ad

Which leads to realms_ above; The only solid joys await

The child its parents love..
Grant, gracious Lo Rd, Thy constant aid

To sorm the youthful heart;
And may the blessings of Thy grace

Ne'er srom this child dtpart!

CCLV- A Morning Song.

ONCE more, my soul, the rising day
Salutes thy waking eyes;
Once more, my voice, thy tribute pay

To Him that, rules the skies.
Night unto night His name repeats,.
The day renews tat sound;

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