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PRAISE to God. immortal praife,
For the love that crowns our days;
Bounteous fource os ev'ry joy,
Let thy praife our tongues employ!

For the blessings of the field,
Forrhp stores the gardens yield,
For the vines exalted juice,
For the gen'rous olive's use:

Flocks that whiten al] the plain,
Yellow sheaves of ripen'd grain •
Clouds that drop their fatt'ning dews,
Suns tfaat temp'rate warmth disfuse;

All that spring with bounteous hand
Scatters o'er the smiling land;
A(l that lib'ral autumn pours
From her rich o'erflowing stores:

These to thee, -our,'God, we owe,
Source whence all our .blessings flow;
And for these our fouls shall r^ise
Gratesul vows and folemn praife.

Yet should rising whirlwinds tear ..
FrQm itsstem the ripening ear; '-'

Should the fig-trees blasted shoot, •''
Drop her green untimely fruit -t. . - -

- Should the vine put sorth no more,
Nor the olive yield In r store; \

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[7. Shout to the Lo Rp, ye furging seas,
In your eternal roar;
Let wave to wave refound his praife,
And shore reply to shore.
8. While monsters spotting on the flood,
In sealy filver shine,
Speak terribly their maker, God,
And lash the foaming brine.]
[9. But gentler things shall tune his name
To fofter notes than these;
Young zephyrs breathing o'er the stream,
Or whisp'ring thro' the trees.]

[10. Wave your tall heads, ye lofty pines,
To Him that bids you grow;
Sweet clusters, bend the fruitful vines,
On ev'ry thankful bough ]

[i 1. Let the shrill birds his honor raise,
And climb the morning sky;
While grov'ling beasts attempt his praife
In hoarser harmony.]

iz. Thus while the meaner creatures fing,
Ye mortals, take the found,
Echo the glories of your Ki 5 G
Thro' all the nations round.

$• CCLXXI. The blessed Society in Heaven

I- "D AISE thee, fny foul, fly up, and run
XV Thro' ev'ry heav'nly street 5
Ard fay, M There's nought below the fun,
That's worthy of thy seet."

[z. Thus will we mount on facred wings,
And tread the courts above;
Nor earth, nor all her mightiest things,
Shall tempt our meanest love.]
3. There, on a high majestic throne
• Th' Almighty Father reigns;

And sheds his glorious goodness down,
On all the blifsful plains.

4. Bright, like a fun, the Saviour fits,
And spreads eternal noon;
No ev'nings there, nor gloomy nights,
To want the seeble moon.

5. Amidst those ever-Ihining skies,

Behold the facred Dove;
While banish'd fin and forrow flies
From all the realms of love.

6. The glorious tenants of the place

Stand bending round the throne;
And faints and seraphs fing and praife
The infinite Three-one.

[7. But Oh what beams of heav'nly grace
Transport them all the while!
Ten thoufand smiles from Jesu's face,
And love in ev'ry smile !]
8. Jesus, and when shall that dear day,
That joyful hour appear i
When I shall leave this house of clay,
To dwell ambngst them there? -

CCLXXII. The Sinner sound wanting.
I "O AISE, thoughtless finner, raife thine
IX eye I

Behold the balance lifted high!
There shall Gob's justice be difplav'd.
And there thy hope and weigh'd.

2. See in one scale His persect law .
Mark with what force its precepts draw;
Wculd'st thou the awesul test fustain,
Thy works how light, thy thoughts how vain.'

3. Behold the hand of God appears
To trace these dreadful characters;
*' Tekel, thy foul is wanting found,
"And wrath shall smite thee to the ground"

• 4. Let

11 I M IN a A l\ L) bi A
, ''-

4. Let sudden sear thy nerves unbrace,
Confufion wild, o'erfpread thy face j
Thro' all thy thoughts let anguish .roll,
And deep' repentance melt thy foul!

;. One only hope may yet prevail; .
Ch Sist in thy favor turns the scale;
Siiil doth the goiptl publifh pence,
And thew a Sa V 1 o v R's righteousness.

6. J E s u s exert Thy pow'r to fave,
Deep on the heart Thy truth engrave!
GreatGoD, the load of guilt remove,
That trembling lip may fing Thy love I

* CCLXX1If. Chiift's Commsston.

t' 'T? AISE your triumphant fongs
- IV To'an immortal tune;
Let the wide'earth resound the deeds'
Celestial graice has done!

2- Sing how eternal love
Its chies beidved chose;
Not to condemn, but raise our race
From an abyss of woes.
3. ,/Tvvas mercy fill'd the throne,
And wrath stood filent by;
WhenCH Rist was sent with pardon'; down
To rebels doem'd to die.

4- Now, finners, dry your tears,
Let hopeless forrow cease;

Bow to the sceptre of His love,
And take the osser'd peace.

5- Lord, we obey Thy call,
We lay an humble claim

To the falvation Thou has wrought,.
And love and praife Thy name.t


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* CCLXX1V. The Redemption os Man 1' fry os Angth.

1. O E D E M P T I O N \ 'Tis a glorjouv 1\ scheme t

DweH, O my foul, on this blest theme;
A theme enqu'ring angels view
With growing zeal and raptures new.

2 Tho' once they sli w a flaming sword,
'Gaicst man, the rebel to their Lo Rd;
Yet man they love, and fing the grace
DefignVl by heav'n'for Adam's race.

3. When but one finner quits the road
That leads to death, and turns to God;
Joyous they hear the news, and fing
1 h' incteafiiig glories of their king.

4. Well pleas'd they see heav'ns new-born heir
Committed to their tender care;
And (wist they siy from worlds above.
On errands full of beav'nly love,

CCLXXV. On the Resurreaitn. .
4—6s- and \-,—4s. or 2—8s. ,

1. TDEJOICE, the Lord is king I

•* v Your Lo R D and King adore;

Mortals, give thanks, arid fing,
And triumph evermore.
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again l fay, rejoice!

2. Jesus, the Sa Viou R, reigns,
The God of truth and love,

When He had purg'd our stains,
He took his seat above:
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice,
Rejoice^ again I fay, rejoice!

}. His kingdom cannot fail,

He rules o'er earth and heav'n;

K 3 **'

The keys of death and hell
Are to our Jesus giv'n:
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I fay, rejoices

4. He sits at GoD'; right-hand,

'Till ail his foes tubmit.
And bow to his command,

And fall beneath his seet:
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I fay, rejoice!

5. He all his foes shall kill,

Shall all our fins destroy.
And ev'ry bofom rill

With pure seraphic joy:
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I fay, rejoice!

6. Rejoice in glorious hope,

Jesus the judge shall come, And take his servants up To their eternal home: We foon shall hear th' archangel's voice, The trump of God shall found, Rejoice!

X CCLXXVI. Saints Jbould aspire of ter God

and Bliss. "Henbury, 7 and 6 repeted.

j. Y"> ISF, my foul, and stretch thy wings, I\ Thy better portion trace; Rise from tranfitory things

Tow'rds heav'n, r y nntive place: Sun and mcon and stars decay,

Time shall foon this earth remove; Rise, my foul, and haste away

To seats prepar'd above.

2- R?vers to ]he ocean run,

Nor stay in all their course; Fir. asc ing seeks the fun, both speed them to their source:

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$ CCLXXVII. God's Eternity.

I S E, rise our fouls, 'and leave the

Stretch all your thoughts abroad;
And rouze up ev'ry tuneful found
To praife th' eternal God.

3. Long e'er the lofty Aks were spread,

Jehovah fill'd his throne;
Or Adam form'd, or angels' made,
The Maker liv'd alone.

3 His boundless years can ne'er decrease,
But still maintain their prime;
infinitude's his dwelling place,
And Ever is his time.

4. While like a nde our minute's Bow,

The present and the past ,•
He fills his own immortal NOW,
And sees our ages waste.

5. The earth and sea must shrink away,

And flame melt down the skies; But God shall live an endless day, When this creation dies.

CCLXXVIU. CCLXXVIII. Submisfion and Deliverance.

J. PAINTS, at your Fathe R's heav'nly
O word,

Give up your comsorts to the Lo R D;
He shall restore what you resign,
Or grant you blessings more divine.

2, So Jbr'am, with obedient hand,

Led sorth his son, at God's command $ The wood, the sire, and knise he took; His arm prepar'd the dreadful stroke.

3." Abr'am, sorbear, the angel cry'd,
"Thy faith is known, Thy love is try'd;
"Thy son shall live, and in thy seed
"Shall the whole earth be bless'd indeed."

4 Just in the last distressing hour
The Lord difplays deijv'ring pow'r;
The mount of danger is the place,
Where, we shall see furprizing grace-

* CCLXXIX. Salvation.

i. QALVATION! O the joyful sound s
O 'Tis pleafure to our ears;
A fov'reign balm sor ev'ry wound,
A cordial sor our sears

i.Bury'd in sorrow and in sin,
At hell's dark door we lay-$
But we arife by grace divine,
To see a heav'nly day.

3. Salvation! let the echo fly

The spacious earth around.;

While ail the armies of the iky

Conspire to raife the sound.

CCLXXX. J national Thanksgiving. 6-8,

2 PAY should we search the globe around, O Where can fuch happiness be found As dwells in Britain's isle?

Here plenty reigns; here freedom sheds
Her choicest blessings on our heads, .
And bids our bleakest mountains senile.

2. Here commerce spreads the wealthy store. Which comes from ev'ry soreign shore.

Science and art their charms difplay; Religion teacheth us to raise Our voices in our maker's praise, 1 As truth and conscience point the way.

3. These are thy gifts, almighty king » _
From thee our matchless blessings spring;

Th' extended trade, the fruitful skies,
The raptures liberty bestows,
Th' eternal joys the gospel lhows

All from thy boundless goodness rise.

4. With gratesul hearts, with chearsul tongues To God we raise united songs;

His pow'rand mercy we proclaim;
Britons, thro' ev'ry age, shall own,
Jehovah here hath six'd his throne;

And triumph in his mighty name.

5. Long as the moon her course shall run
Or man behold the circling fun,

O still may God in Britain reign;
Still crown her counsels with fuccess.
With peace and joy her borders bless.

And all her facred rights maintain!

CCLXXXI. Boldness in the GJpel.

i. PHALL I, sor sear of seeble man, O Thy Spirit's course in me restrain I Or undifmay'd, in deed and word,

Be a true witness of my Lo Rd?

2. Aw'd by a mortal's frown, shall I Conceal the word of God most high? How then besore Thee shall I care

To stand, or how Thy anger bear > y

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