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work themselves into any degree of Credit or Countenance; tho? were this Matter rightly confider'd, and many Heads and Hands employ'd to digeft the Substance of Christianity under Texts of Scripture wisely chofen, rationally handled, and practically applied, I would hope to see a purer and more useful Body of Divinity in such a Collection of Sermons, than we are like to find in all the German Systems, which some are so fond of : Now since a private Hand may convey a very acceptable Gift to the Corban, I am willing to believe the Sermons here offer'd to the Publick, may in fome proportion advance an Une dertaking of this kind, the Author of them having (within his narrow Sphere) maintain'd the just Reputation of a good risi

: Divine,

Divine, and a very useful Preacher, o d ilisi i inne

But whither these Papers will fubfift upon their own Merit or not, there is one Plea behind (that of Charity) which has already done much, and may by Gods Blessing do more in their Favour; the private. Character of the Author, and the Distrefses of some who were Dear to him whilst he liv’d, has occasiond the Printing of them by Subscription; and fince so many good and valuable Persons have agreed to assist the Birth of these Discourses, 'tis hop'd there will not be wanting others of the same Principle to encourage their Growth and Advancement.

Upon the whole, every Man is left (upon the perufal of them)

to his native Right of Judging for himself, and if they do not answer the Character of the Author, and the design of their Publication, thio' I shall think the little Pains I have taken ill beftowida yet I shall not be much Mortified for a Miscarriage, which wiser Men have incurr'd before, and I daresay, will be Guilty of after

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