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In consideration of the importance of sacred music, and aware that in this delightful manner the heavenly host express their adoration to the author of their existence,—that in the infancy of creation, "the morning stars sang together," and on the birth of Immanuel they hailed the recovery of a fallen world with "Glory to God in the highest, peace upon earth and good-will toward men," reverting to these circumstances and looking forward to the melody which shall, in the fulness of times, ascend to the throne of Jehovah from a redeemed universe, we deem every attempt praise-worthy which has a tendency to elevate the soul to God, and give a sacred impulse to our devotions. Hence in this selection a suitable variety of metre, as well as expression, has been attended to. The greater part of the Hymns are original productions, being the devout aspirations of Brethren both in America and Britain.

Prudence dictates the propriety of a small selection under present circumstances. Our intercourse with the American churches has but recently commenced.—These churches are blessed with many useful and highly gifted members, and their periodical publications abound with poetic effusions. The cause of love and truth is also escaping, in this favoured land, from the rubbish of system, and the mire of prejudice; and we have recently received acquisitions of poeticre talent It consequently follows, that in a few years a second edition may be published, with additional compositions, possessing additional merit.

Proper attention has been paid to the type, that it might be suitable to those advanced in years; the young, therefore, in sympathy to the aged, will consider this as an apology for the 12mo size of the book.

That this volume may become eminently useful, under the auspices of "the Great God our Saviour," in exhilirating the heart, and spiritualizing the affections, of those who believe and obey the truth, is the sincere prayer of The Compiler,

W. W.

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God's infinite & immutable Love.

I. HYMN.-6 lines, 8's.

1 ALMIGHTY, O amazing Love!
Thy all creating power divine,
Hath made all worlds and things that move,
However bright their glories shine;
And man, as lord, of power possess❜d,
Was set to rúle above the rest.

2 O thou most injur'd goodness! why
When man thy image had defac'd
By sin, and was condemn'd to die,
Why was he spar'd? or why embrac'd?
O matchless mercy, who can tell
What kept the guilty out of hell?

3 What was it else, but love alone? Infinite Love that could do thus?


Jesus descended to atone,
He gave himself to die for us;
And lo! how full and free this grace,
It still appears to all our race.

4 Salvation over sin and death,

Shall in the end to all be given, His praise therefore with every breath, By all that dwell in earth and heaven, Be jointly sung in highest, strains, Who over all triumphant reigns.

II. HYMN.-8 lines, 8's & 7's.


1 GOD of universal nature,

God of Angels, God of men,
God of every living creature,
Listen our adoring strain.
We would praise thy love unbounded,
To our wretched fallen race,
While we lay, by woe surrounded,
Thou redeemed us by thy grace.

2 From the mouth of hell thou saved us, Ransomed by thy precious blood, From the load of guilt relieved us, From perdition's sweeping flood.

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Sons of God thou now hast made us,
Heirs of everlasting joy;
Wondrous love! that Heaven should raise
Worms of earth, to dwell on high.

3 Endless praises, King of Zion,

We ascribe in transport's glow,
Jesus, whom our souls rely on,

Source from whence our comforts flow.
O may every power within us,
Swell the anthem of thy love,
Till with joy at length thou bring us
To the paradise above.

J. R. Berry.

III. HYMN.-6 lines, 8's & 6's 2 8's.

1 ALMIGHTY God! how wondrous great?
How glorious is thy name?
Thine attributes are all complete,
And works likewise the same;
Thy word immutable doth stand,
In ev'ry promise and command.

2 Of old, all things shewed forth thy grace,
Thy fame and great renown,
Superior love to Adam's race,
Could never be made known,

Above what usher'd in so bright,
A day of glorious gospel light.

3 Stupendous grace! O stand and view,
His love is not grown cold,

But is to sinners still as new,
As in the days of old;

Nor can it change, nor know decay,
Though heaven and earth both pass away.

4. Our pow'rs shall therefore thee proclaim, In one eternal song,

And glorify thy honour'd name,

The blood bought race among;
And hence devote ourselves to thee,
And reverence thy august decree.


IV. HYMN.-8 lines, 8's & 7's.

1 PRAISE the Lord, ye heav'ns adore him,
Praise him Angels in the height,
Sun and moon rejoice before him,

Praise him all ye stars of light;
Praise the Lord, for he has spoken,

Worlds his mighty voice obey'd,
Laws which never can be broken,

For their guidance he hath made.

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