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offspring before the 12th of next January, and

son created by the power of the Father, which proceedeth from the Holy Ghost, to establish my kingdom (the Spirit speaks) in the end. It is I the Lord must give him power to go on conquering and to conquer, till the heathens fall before bim; and thus I shall do in men, and by men who receive bim, they will see the power given from on high, before the child is old enough to be any conqueror at all; because my power and my 'working, my ways and my decrees, which I shall bring round, will soon follow after his birth.” P. 55, 56.

The Spirit has, in February last, ordered the making of the marriage clothes (Second Book of Wonders). The bridegroom, however, has not yet come forward, a clergyman in the West of England having been courted, and fought shy. As the nuptials are ordered to be celebrated by bauns, and the computed period of delivery is the second week in October, the approaching few weeks from this period (3d of September) are big with important events.

Since the beginning of August nine medical men have in. spected this woman, six of whom entertain no doubts as to the fact of her pregnancy. Dr. Sims, and Dr. Adams, of the Small-pox Hospital, are, however, not satisfied; but Dr. Reece has expressed his full conviction. It is certain that Tozer's pulpit declaration of his willingness to take a sacramental oath, that no man had seen or spoken to Joanna from October 1813 to August 1814, aifords no proof of the pretended miracle. Cromwell extorted a promise from a royalist, whom he sent to the continent, that he would not see the King. The ambassador met his Majesty in the dark.

After all, Dr. Reece should beware how he misleads the public. I myself believe not one word respecting the prega nancy; and though not medical, and even refused, as I have been, the favour of an interview (wbich, indeed, I solicited on other accounts), I am entitled to say, that while the slightest doubt remained (and very strong reasons, it appears, have

thus confound the whole host of her adversaries and gainsayers *.”

determined the judgment of Dr. Sims the opposite way), it was giving too powerful a sanction to this wide-spreading im posture, to deliver the positive opinion which Dr. R. has recorded.

* See Morning Chron. Aug. 6, 1814.

As I have presented the reader with an example of the taste in writing, evinced by one of Mrs. Southcott's oppo. pents, it may not be amiss to subjoin a few displays of the beau idéal of composition, conceived in the imagination of the other, Mr. Hann chiefly directed his attack against the main fortress; but Mr. S. Lane has no less ably been engaged in pouring a furious cannonade upon one of the strongest outworks.

To be plain, I have already stated that the Reverend Hoadly Ash, D. D. has unfortunately lent his name to the Southcottian delusion. Against this Goliah, Mr. S. Lane, V. D. M. (which dark characters I pretend not to decypher, unless perhaps they are designed to signify Velut David Minor), steps boldly forth, “ with the naked sword of unerring truth, a bag, a sling, and a few smooth stones from the brook.” But let us listen to his own impassioned and eloquent threatenings.

I shall draw the broad-sword of irresistible truth, and wil. jogly meet my adversary, come from what quarter he may ; and should my opponent prove an ash, as tall as a cedar, and as sturdy as an oak, with a double D on every bough; yet will I not fear his height, nor be alarmed at his stubbornness, but boldly lay the axe at the root thereof; when I have no doubt but every stroke will make the beholders acknowledge the two D's to signify, double destruction; death and damnation to the double deceived, who embrace the diabolical delusion of the infernal witch of an author of "Strange Effects of

Faith.' Therefore, if I am replied to by a Dr. Ash, or Joanna Southcott, or the devil himself (who is the father of - The doctrines of Joanna Southcott are of so inconsistent and contradictory a nature, that to

both), 'tis' of no consequence to me; as I am willing to face a whole herd of them, be they as numerous as the locusts which infested the land of Egypt."

While Mr. Lane, V. D. M. was inditing his book, he reseived the following epistle, bearing the Crewkerne post-mark, and dated 10th Dec. 1811, “ Mr. S. Lane, V. D. M. . “ I recommend to you to read attentively the 160, 161, and 168 pages of the • True Explanation of the Bible, published

by Joanna Southcott,' and then read with a wish for a knowledge of the truth, the 18, 19, 20, 21 verses of the fifth chapter of the Prophet Isaiah ; and then I am fully persuaded that you will see the pit that Satan hath dug for thee, thou Vain Deluded Man. .Dost thou remember thy driving of pigs at Crediton ?

“ Verax.** - Mr. S. Lahe having submitted this monitory and reproache ful composition to the inspection of a privy council of his friends, they were unanimously of opinion, that the handwriting was none other than that of Dr. H. Ash himself. In his reply, he accordingly takes this fact for granted. His observations in point of doctrine, however, we shall pass by for the present: in order to direct attention to his vein of sore invective, in parrying that home thrust conveyed in the sting of the epigram. : Dost thou remember thy driving of pigs at Crediton ? “ I answer, no, Verax, I do not indeed ; as I was never farther west than Axminster, with a fishing party : and as to driving pigs, I never understood that employ, except of such wallowing swine as wash themselves in the mire of Joanna's doctrines. But I well remember in Mark, v. 13, of the devils, by divine permission, entering and driving a whole herd of swine into the sea; where they were all choked; and

ascertain them will be no easy task. If we receive the testimony of one well acquainted with her writings, they may be arranged under the following heads :

Ist, She is come to warn the world of the near approach of the millennium: and 2dly, To seal the people for the enjoyment of this period, to the amount of one hundred and forty-four thousand, according to the Scripture.

3dly, She claims the promise that the seed of the woman shall bruise the serpent's head.

Ath, She is to hand the good fruit over to man,

with God's assistance, I will drive Joanna, with her mad doce tors, the learned Verax, and all their deluded confederates, who will make a noble herd of Satan's swine, from every lurking hole they may seek for refuge, until Jehovah commissions Satan to drive them headlong into the sea of perdition, to be choked in the smoke of their own torments, and pressed down under the wrath of Heaven for ever and ever. When this learned Crewkerne writer had ended his epistle of wholesome advice, being ashamed of his name, and for reasons secretly known to himself, and with a view, no doubt, to display his learning and to conceal his wickedness, he signs Verax; but, alas for poor Verax! he forgot how truly this. word unfolded his pedigree, that he was descended from a witch or a wise woman.”.

The force of this etymological remark of Mr. Lane's, I must leave it to the learned reader to discover. It is but justice, however, to the V. D. M. to add, that he deprecates all comments on his style and language, professing himself to be “ no academian," as he has it; “ but'a man who counts all buman acquirements to be only dross and dung."



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as Eve formerly imparted to him the evil fruit; thereby becoming a second Eye, as Christ was a second Adam.

5th, The woman and her seed (Joanna and Shiloh) are, at the commencement of the millennium, to chain down Satan for a thousand years. . To reply to these doctrines in systematic order, were to allow to blasphemy, or insanity, far more weight than they deserve.

That this world will one day come to an end, is certain; that many learned and wise men have believed in a millennium, we have already shown: if these events be in futurity, therefore, they must needs come one day to pass ; and if pretended prophets continue to arise from time to time, some one will assuredly, in the end, guess right. Further, I could, without difficulty, deliver my mind from any prejudice against God's employing an obscure individual a's the chief instrument in effecting this great revolution of the world. It is not more unlikely, than that the son of a low attorney, in a petty town of Corsica, should come to hold in terror all the nations of the earth, connect himself with ancient royalty, overthrow long-established thrones and dynasties, and appoint his three brothers kings of Spain, Westphalia, and Holland. And as to the extraction of an infant from the womb of a female who has attained her sixty-fifth year, I am not profane enough to deny, that this is

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