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But let me now ask some questions relative to this expected child: the prophecy in which this miraculous birth is said to be founded, occurs in the 12th chapter of the book of Revelations : Joanna gives herself out to be the woman clothed with the sun : I don't rightly apprehend how she can be said to be clothed with the sun.”—“ She is clothed with the sun of righteousness."-" Then, how has she the moon under her feet?"_" She has herself proved that the devil is in the moon ; and the devil is under her feet; therefore, the moon is under her feet."-" That indeed is a very strange account of the matter. If you had said, the moon is in the devil, and, therefore, since the devil is under her feet, the moon must be under her feet, it might stand for an ingenious answer, since the greater contains the less, and both might be figurative expressions : but the moon is up in the heavens; and if the devil be in the moon there, he cannot be under Joanna's feet."-" Joanna Southcott is the second Eve: sin came first from the first Eve; and, therefore, the good fruit must come through the second."“ You have here introduced a personage of whom, I must confess, I never heard any mention whatever in Scripture : on the contrary, it is written, that as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.'”-“Shiloh, the child to be born, is the Prince of Peace : our Saviour never was th Prince of Peace; he came not, as he says !:n self, to send peace, but a sword.”—“Y

that this child is not the Saviour ?"-" Yes.”— “ And you say that the Saviour is God?"-" Yes." -"And you say that this child is the person mentioned in the prophecy, as the Prince of Peace ?" -"Yes.”—“ Very well, then, Mrs. Munday ; you will recollect, that that same prophecy of Isaiah (ch. ix. yer. 6), which speaks of the Prince of Peace, calls the same person, whoever he is, the Mighty God. If Shiloh, then, be the Prince of Peace, he is the Mighty God. Is not this robbing the Saviour of his right ? Is not this blas. phemy*?"-" I cannot say, Sir. I find several contradictions in Scripture, which have very often perplexed my mind considerably more than that: it is said that no man hath seen God at any time; and yet it is elsewhere said, that Moses spake unto him face to face. It is said, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven, and yet both Enoch and Elijah were conveyed thither in the flesh."-" These are very vain cavils : God has no Face; and the obvious meaning of the former passage is, Moses communicated with God as intimately as a man speaking face to face with another man ; and, as to the second passage, you have cited two uncommon and miraculous exceptions against a general rule : I might as well say, that the passage, 'It is appointed unto all men

* That this assertion is that of Joanna herself, see the Fifth Book of Wonders, p. 41 and 53, where the child to be bora is thrice styled the Prince of Peace.




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once to die,' is perplexing, because it applied not to Enoch and Elijah!"-"How has our Saviour actually been the Prince of Peace ?”-“ Is he not the Prince of Peace by making peace between a sinner and his God? Is he not the Prince of Peace by conveying peace, in a sense of pardon through his blood, to the guilty and troubled mind? Is he not the Prince of Peace by reason of that mutual har. mony, in which those disciples must dwell, who fulfil his commandment, • Love one another?""

"Say what you will, Sir, I am unshaken in my belief in Joanna ; for I have myself had strange dreams and whisperings, and I will maintain, that · this Son, to be born, is the Comforter and the Spirit of Truth, whom our Saviour promised to send into the world : he can be none other ; for have his disciples ever yet experienced comfort ? I, for instance, do my best to serve God, and yet I have no comfort. Have the disciples ever yet been guided unto all truth? Look abroad to the numbers of religious errors, and tell me:"-" Our Saviour said to his Apostles, before he left the world, I will send my Comforter unto you: I will send you the Spirit of Truth, who shall guide you unto all truth:'this Spirit and this Comforter, then, must have been promised, and must have come, to the Apostles; he did so on the day of Pentecost: he has been the Comforter ever since, to you, and me, and all, by being the author of every thing, at all good, that we do ; and Joanna South


cott is, by consequence, a gross blasphemer, in con-' ferring this honour on another, and that other this predicted child. Besides, the disciples have been guided into all truth : it is their own fault that some have not followed the guide. Mrs. Munday, you are going upon most dangerous grounds, and so is Joanna Southcott, and so are all that believe in her ; we are fallible creatures, and, if her relation bè false, the consequences are most serious; and look to them: we have had an ample revelation of God's will in the Bible ; and you remember how it is written, that If any man • shall add unto these things, God shall add unto • him all the plagues that are written in this book.' And again, · For without are dogs, and sorcerers, .

and murderers, and whosoever loveth and maketh • a lie.'”_" But, Sir, we are told, that there is to be another revelation."-" And what title has Jom anna Southcott to pretend to it? We know that of the end of the world, of the day, and the hour, knoweth no man; no, not the angels, but the Father alone ; and yet here is a woman who pre. sumes to fix it.”_" She fixes neither a day, nor an hour, but the latter end of harvest."-" This is picking faults with words : a person who fixes a month, or a few weeks, may be affirmed to fix both the day and the hour, "-" But she fixes not the day of judgment : she only fixes the date of the millennium.”—“If she fixes the one, she fixes the other : for, as the millennium is to last a thou.

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sand years, to say it will begin in harvest, is to fix the day of judgment in a thousand harvests *."

I will freely confess, that in the course of this conversation, the sealed woman completely foiled me in three particulars ; and I was obliged, in all these cases, to have recourse to her own constant stratagem of answering with a fly-off and a flourish. These I shall now mention, subjoining what I consider as satisfactory answers, although I was, unfortunately, not prepared with them just at the time.

“ Our Saviour,” said she, " is the rod out of the stem of Jesse, mentioned in Isaiah, xi. 1 ; but we there read, that besides this rod, a branch shall go out of his roots."

To this I answer, that as a rod from a stem has itself no roots, the branch cannot be supposed to spring out of the rod, i. e, Shiloh from Christ. The expression is only a repetition of the first clause in different words; an exceedingly common figure in Scripture. The Hebrew word Sheresh signifies both a root, and a branch growing out of a root; a remark which throws light on verse 10th of the same chapter, where Christ is himself called the ROOT; and upon Isaiah, liii. 3 ; and Rev. xxii.

* I pass by several other points which were touched upon

How Joanna was to be fed 1260 days in the wilderness how her child, as soon as he was born, was to be caught up. unto God-how she was to receive two eagles wings; and how the dragon was to spout a flood of water after her.

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