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No. 14.

All for




1. I have heard Thy voice, Lord Je-sus, Say-ing in Thy grace di - vine, 2. I have nothing worth Thy taking, Thou, whom heav'nly hosts a-dore ! 3. For the words that now Thy children Whisper up-ward falt'ring - ly,

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"Fear thou not, I have redeem'd thee; I have call’d thee, thou art Mine.”

But my heart is long-ing, yearning, To be Thine for ev - er - more.
Soon shall be their shout of tri-umph, Echoing far from sea to sea.

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All for Je - - - - sus! All for Je.sus All for
Je - sus! All for Je - sus!

Je-sus! All for Je-sus!


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morn - ing light, And talk of all Thy truth at night. tune be found, Like Da - vid's harp, of sol - emn sound. bright they shine! How deep His coun - sels, how di - vine!

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No. 16.

Just for To-Day.

“As thy days, so sball thy strength be.”—DEUT. 33: 25. EBEN E. REXFORD.


1. My Fa-ther, this I ask of Thee; Knowing that Thou wilt grant the plea, -2. I do not ask a lift - ed load, Nor for a smooth and thornless road; 3. Strength for the present hourand need—This giv-en, then I'm blest in-deed, 4. Strength for to-day, that I may make Some sad souls glad, for Je-sus' sake;

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Strength for each tri-al and each task, What more, my Fa-ther, should I ask ?


Just as I need it, day by day, Strength for my weakness, -this I pray.

: bordben

No Night There

No. 17.

u For there shall be no night there."-REV. 21 : 25. JOHN R. CLEMENTS.

(Solo or Semi Chorus.)

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1. In the land of fade-less day Lies “the city four-square,” It shall
2. All the gates of pearl are made, In "the city four-square,” All the
3. And the gates shall nev-er close To "the city four-square,” There life's
4. There they need no sunshine bright, In “that city four-square," For the

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And they count not time by years, For there is “nonight there."
And they count not time by years, by years, For there is no night there."

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No. 18.

The Blessed Rock.

“And that Rock was Christ.”—1 Cor. 10: 4.



1. ’Mid the wild and fear-ful blast, I have reached the Rock at last; 2. Wrecked by sin and tempest tossed, Compass, chart and an-chor lost, 3. Rock, that hides my trembling soul From the storms that darkly roll; 4. When be - yond the vale of night, I shall soar to realms of light;

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Help-less, weak and sore dis-mayed, To the cross I'll cling for aid.
He whose power a - lone can save, Lulls the wind and stills the wave.
While be- neath, the sur-ges dash, Thunders roar, and lightnings flash.
When mine eyes be-hold the King, Heart and soul and tongue shall sing.

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