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No. 29.

Heart Queries.




1. Are you liv-ing for the Sav-iour? Do you trust Him all the way?
2. Is your heart at leis - ure ev - er in His ser - vice to en-gage ?
3. Is your mot - to "Ev - ef On-ward,” in the race we have to run ?
4. If these questions you have answered to yourselves and Christ a-lone,

Are you walk-ing with en-joy- ment in His sun-shine day by day ?
Do you read with joy His mes - sage from the Scripture’s sa- cred page ?
Are you look-ing un - to Je - sus till the vic - to - ry is won ?
And your hearts have not condemned you when you look to-ward His throne,


Do you mag - ni - fy His goodness? Do you thank Him for His love?
Have you made the full sur-ren - der of the life that He has blest,
Does the joy of His sal - va- tion cause your trusting heart to sing-
Then His love thro' all your jour-ney like a gen - tle stream will run,

Do you seek His constant guidance to the Home of Rest a - bove?
Since you heard His voice of kind-ness whisper, “Come to Me and rest ?”
“I have rich-es to in- her - it, from my Fa-ther, Sav-iour, King?"
Till the Sav-iour hath per- fect - ed what in grace He hath be - gun.

No. 30. y Will Sing of Thy Redemption.



1. 0 Thou Rock of my sal - va-tion, Hope and ref - uge of my soul, 2. Thou who didst so kind-ly watch me, Ere my heart to Thee I gave, 3. Thou who art my staff and com-fort, While this fleet-ing life shall last,


Thou wilt hide me when the tempest, And the storm - y billows roll.
Thou whose love has paid my ransom, Can I doubt Thy pow'r to save.
I will trust Thee for the fu-ture, And a - dore Thee for the past.

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all is dark be - fore me, And earth - ly com- fort dies; need the con-stant wit - ness, Of Thy pro-tect - ing power; need Thy Ho - ly Spir - it, To guide my steps a - right;

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I need Thy grace to help me. The tempt-er's pow'r to brave.
From e - vil to de - liv - er, And make it more like Thine.
A per- fect con - se - cra - tion To Thy di- vine con - trol.



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43.boos ransomed that watch from the sky, Send back the answer, your triumph is nigh.

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Wake, wake the song with a tuneful voice, Vic-to - ry
Hark, how the anthems of joy re-sound, Vic-to - jy
Sing and proclaim in the dark-est hour Vic-to- ry
Praise ye the Lord for His love un - told, Vic-to - ry

is won thro’ Christ. is won thro’ Christ. is won thro’ Christ. is won thro’ Christ.

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Wash'd in the blood that makes us free Heirs of His grace thro' faith are we;
0 - ver the tomb where Je-sus lay Shin-eth the light of end-less day.
Glo - ry to Him who died for men, Glo - ry to Him who lives a - gain,
Sing till the wea - ry night is o’er, Sing when we reach the heav'nly shore,

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Ev - er in this our boast shall be Vic - to-ry is won thro’ Christ. O, ye redeem'd, be glad and say Vic - to - ry is won thro’ Christ. Her-ald a far the sweet re - frain Vic - to - ry is won thro’ Christ. Sing with the mill-ions gone be - fore, Vic

is won thro’ Christ.

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