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Lend a Helping Hand.—Concluded.


Lend a help - ing hand, my brother, This shall have its own re-ward,

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1. Am I a sol - dier of the cross- A foll'wer of the Lamb? 2. Must I be car - ried to the skies On flow'ry beds of ease. 3. Are there no foes for me to face? Must I not stem the flood ? 4. Since I must fight if I would reign, In-crease my cour-age, Lord;


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And shall I fear to own His cause, Or blush to speak His name?
While oth-ers fought to win the prize, And sailed thro’ bloody seas?
Is this vile world a friend to grace, To help me on to God?
I'll bear the toil, en - dure the pain, Sup - port - ed by Thy word.

No. 40.

Press On, Press On!



1. Press on, press on, with ea - ger joy, The Chris-tian race to run; 2. Let ev - ’ry weight be cast a - side, And each be - set - ting sin, 3. Press on, like those who, safe - ly now, A - mong the host a - bove: 4. Press on, press on, O glorious hope, The time will not be long,

Be strong in Him whose name you bear, The Lord's a-noint - ed Son. With stead - fast faith and firm re- solve, Press on the prize to win. Have reached the goal for which they sought, And won their crowns of love. When you shall join the ransomed host, And sing their vic - tor song.



Press bold - ly on at His command, Whose word can nev - er

fail ;


Since He, the world has

0 - ver-come, Thro' Him you shall pre-vail.

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1. Send the Light, O send it quick-ly, Fara - cross the heav-ing main ; 2. Send the Light, where souls are dy-ing In their darkness, gloom and night; 3. Send the Light; the Lord commands it ; To His Ho - ly Word at - tend;


Speed the news of full Sal - va - tion Through a dear Redeemer's name. Haste, 0 haste! the days are feet -ing, And the hours—how swift their flight! 'Go ye forth and preach my gos - pel; Lo, I'm with you to the end.'



Send the light, O send it quick -ly, To the isles beyond the

Let them hear the wondrous sto - ry-Love is boundless, grace is



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1. True-heart-ed, whole-heart-ed, faith - ful and loy - al, King of our 2. True-heart-ed, whole-heart-ed, full - est al - le - giance Yield-ing hence 3. True-heart-ed, whole-heart-ed, Say - iour all glo-rious! Take Thy great

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alt - ed and roy - al, Strong in Thy strength we will bat-tle for Thee. lov - ing o-be-dience, Free - ly and joy - ous - ly now would we bring. fec - tions vic - to-rious, Free - ly sur-rendered and whol - ly Thine own.

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re - joic-ing and free;

Peal out the watchword!


True-Hearted, Whole-Hearted. —Eoncluded.

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hon - or Thee, Help while we sing; Now may the clouds of night maj - es - ty, Au - thor of Praise; Hear Thou our ear - nest call, might-y hills, All power is Thine; Boundless Thy reign shall be, earth and sea, Thee we pro-claim; Love, thro' Thine on - ly Son,

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Break in - to splendor bright, Je-sus, our life and light, Our Lord and King! While at Thy feet we fall, Je - sus,our all in all, Our Lord and King! Wondrous Thy victory, Earth shall be filled with Thee, Our Lord and King! Thy work of grace hath done; O blessed Three in One, Our Lord and King!

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