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No. 49. Come Unto Me, Ye Weary.

“Come unto me, all ye that labor; and I will give you rest.”—Matt. 11: 28. FANNY J. CROSBY.



1. Come un - to Me, ye wea · ry, 2. Come un - to Me, ye wea - ry, 3. Come un - to Me, ye wea - ry, 4. Come un - to Me, ye wea - ry;

Sor-row-ing ones op - pressed ;
List to the voice so dear,
List to that voice a - gain,
Why will ye long - er roam ?

I am your ten - der Shep-herd, Wait-ing to give you rest.
Sweet-er than an - gel mu - sic, Fall - ing up - on the ear.
0 · ver the bar - ren mount-ain, O- ver the lone - ly plain.
Come to the arms of mer - cy, Come to a Fa- ther's home.


Come, come, come un - to

Me, Wea - ry and sore dis - tressed;


Come, come, come un - to Me, Come un - to Me and


No. 50.

Moment by Moment.

“I the Lord do keep it: I will water it every moment : lest any hurt it,

I will keep it night and day." -ISA. 27 : 3. D. W. WHITTLE.


1. Dy - ing with Je - sus, by death reck-oned mine; Liv - ing with 2. Nev - era tri - al that He is nou there, Nev - er a 3. Nev - er a heart-ache, and nev - er a groan, Nev - er a 4. Nev - er a weak - ness that He doth not feel, Nev - er a

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Je - sus, a new life di - vine; Look - ing to Je - sus 'till bur - den that He doth not bear, Nev - era sor - row that tear - drop and nev - era moan; Nev - era dan - ger but sick - ness that He can - not heal; Mo - ment by mo- ment, in

glo - ry doth shine, Moment by mo-ment, O Lord, I am Thine. He doth not share, Mo-ment by mo-ment I'm un- der His care. there on the throne, Mo-ment by mo-ment He thinks of His own. woe or in weal, Je - sus, my Sav-iour, a - bides with me still.


Mo - ment by mo- ment I'm kept in His love;

Mo- ment by

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glo - ry doth shine; Mo-ment by mo-ment, O Lord, I

am Thine.

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1. Up - on the gos - pel's sa - cred page The gathered beams of a - ges shine; 2. On mightier wing, in loft - ier flight, From year to year does knowledge soar; 3. More glorious, still, as cen-turies roll, New regions blest, new pow'rs unfurled, 4. Flow to re-store, but not de-stroy; As when the cloudless lamp of day

And, as it hast - ens, ev - ery age But makes its brightness more divine.
And, as it soars, the gos - pel light Becomes ef - ful-gent more and more.
Ex-panding with th' ex-pand-ing soul, Its radiance shall o'er-flow the world:
Pours out its floods of light and joy, And sweeps the ling-ring mists a-way.

No. 52.

Under His Wings.

“ Hide me under the shadow of thy wings.”—PA, 17: & Rev. W.O. CUSHING.



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1. Un - der His wings I am safe - lya - bid - ing; Tho' the night 2. Un - der His wings, what a ret - uge in sor - row! How the heart 3. Un- der His wings, O what precious en - joy-ment! There will I

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know He will keep me; He bas redeemed me, and I am His child. balm for my heal - ing, There I find com-fort, and there I am blest. e - vil can harm me; Rest-ing in Je-sus I'm sate ev-er more.




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Under His wings, under His wings, Who from His love can sev-er?

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Under His wings my soulshall abide, Safe-ly a - bide for- ev - er.

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No. 53.

Take Time to be Holy.

"Be ye holy: for I am the Lord your God.”—LEV. 20: 7. W. D. LONGSTAFF.


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A - bide in Him al - ways, And feed on His Word;
Spend much time in se - cret With Je · sus a - lone;
And run not be · fore Him, What - ev - er be - tide;
Each thought and each mo- tive Be - neath His con- trol;

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Make friends of God's chil - dren, Help those who are weak,
By look - ing

Je - sus, Like Him thou shalt be;

sor - row, Still fol - low thy Lord, Thus

is Spir - it To fount-ains of

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noth - ing His
con- duct His
Je - sus, Still
fit - ted For

bless-ing to
like- ness shall
trust in His
sery - ice a -

seek. see. Word. bove.

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