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Mangnall's Historical and Miscellaneous Ques

tions. (Wright and Guy's Standard Edition.) British and General Biography, etc. By RICHMAL MANGNALL. Adapted for the use of Schools by Rev. G. N. WRIGH'r and JOSEPH Guy. With Numerous Illustrations by Sir John GILBERT

and others. 12mo, half-bound, 4s. 6d. Le Petit Précepteur; or, First Steps to French

Conversation. By F. GRANDINEAU, formerly French Master to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Author of “Conversations Familières,” etc. Fisty Woodcuts. Fifty-fourth Edition, un

abridged. Cloth, is. 6d. Le Petit Grammairien ; or, The Young Begin

ner's First Steps to French Reading. A Sequel to “Le Petit Précepteur." By T. PAGLIARDINI. Fifth Edition.

Cloth, 3s. Der Kleine Lehrer; or, First Steps to German

Conversation. On the plan of “Le Petit Précepteur.”

Sixth and Cheaper Edition. Cloth, 2s. Il Piccolo Precettore; or, First Steps to Italian Conversation. Being a Translation from “ Le Petit Précep

By F. GRANDINEAU. With Additional Exercises. Cloth, 3s. First Lessons for Beginners 1. First Lessons in Geography. In Question and Answer.

Three Hundred and Thirty-third Thousand. Sewed wrapper, Is. 2. First Lessons in the History of England. In Question

and Answer. Twenty-fourth Edition. Sewed wrapper, is. 3. First Lessons in Astronomy. In Question and Answer.

Ninth Edition. Sewed wrapper, is.
Histoires pour les Enfants. Par MLLE. DE CHA-

BAUD LATOUR, Institutrice des Filles de M. Guizot. Second
Edition. Cloth, 2s. 6d.


[graphic][subsumed][merged small]

New Edition, thoroughly Revised and Enlarged.


Principles and Exercises, with a copious selection of Extracts in Prose and Poetry, adapted for Reading and Recitation. By D. C. BELL and ALEX. MELVILLE BELL, F.E.I.S. 126th Thousand. Price 35. 6d. With Frontispiece and Diagrams, pp. 544.

“A well-known and standard book, a manual at once of instruction in elocution and of selections of the widest possible variety. The instructions are very full and scientific, giving exercise in pronunciation, emphasis, moderation, gestûre, attitude, motion, etc. An extraordinary collection of many hundreds of pieces from the whole range of English literature."--School Board Chronicle.

“The chapters on the principles of elocution are extremely able, and the extracts for reading and recitation are so comprehensive and varied that no necessity exists for any further work of the kind.”Dundee Advertiser.

“Few works of its class have obtained a wider or more deserved popularity. The selection of extracts for reading and recitation has been enlarged, and the authors have wrought into their preliminary essay on the principles of elocution the results of their most recent experiences and researches."-Scotsman.

“ Apart from its value as containing, one of the best and most extensive collections of pieces suitable for recitation, the lessons on elocution are most valuable, as a diligent study of them will enable all who have anything to say in public to say it in such a way that it shall be understanded of the people.' Oxford University Herald.

“ The authors of this book have devoted a great deal of attention to the art of elocution, and have had great experience in giving instruction in it. This volume is the fruit of many years of labour, and is intended as a kind of text. book for the use of schools and colleges, as well as for private study. It seems to be skilfully adapted for its purpose."-Literary Worla.

“Pupil teachers and others will find an abundance of excellent pieces suitable for recitation.”—Practical Teacher.

“This well-known manual of elocution has passed into a new edition, which will enable it to hold its old position as facile princeps of such works.”Glasgow Herald.

“All who appreciate sound and wholesome literature combined with sensible and practical advice upon the art of elocution will welcome the new edition. The familiar volume has received a number of additions since the last issue, and fully maintains its reputation as the best book of its kind before the public."Society.

“It seems to us that the extracts are about as numerous and generally well selected as they can be. The book is a small mine of wealth for reciters and elocutionists. We know of nothing that rivals it in its variety and range. Christian World.

“ It is the best manual for assisting the student to read and recite aloud which has yet appeared, and deserves its long popularity.”Bradford Observer.

“One of the very best text books upon an art too much neglected by members of our local parliaments.”Debater.

"A standard work. Edition has succeeded edition, and enlargement has followed enlargement, till now, in this the latest revised and enlarged edition before us, we have quite a bulky volume containing the cream of English and American prose and poetical selections."— Reporters' Magazine.


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