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only of base metal. Yet, worthless as it is, it has probably deceived many, and passed through several hands without detection. So in this Christian country of ours, how many boys, and men too, are called Chris. tians, and pass current in the world as such ; but a day is coming, my lads, when many will be discovered to be only counterfeits : the searching eye of God will examine them, and detect their worthlessness. Oh how important it is that we should ex. amine ourselves before God calls us to account, and see to it that we have not only the profession and appearance of Christians, but the faith and love of Christians also. We must be renewed in our hearts by the Spirit of God, sprinkled with the precious blood of Christ that taketh away all sin, and then, at the last day, we shall be mercifully received into that happy world where the mere pretender and hypocrite shall never enter."

8. W. P.

The year, the month,
The week, the day,
In time's swift round
Soon pass away ;
Nor can we stop,
Nor call them back,

Nor make them stay :
Then waste not time,
But spend it well,
That ev'ry day
For good may tell :
And most of all
That day of rest,
That day, of all
The week the best ;

that day The Lord hath blest,

Be blest to us—to Him be spent!

When death shall come,
And call us home,
Our time is fled,
The grave our bed;
We speak, we think,
We act no more,
Our day is o'er ;
Our lot is cast,
To change no more.
Make time your friend,
To seek for good
That ne'er will end.

Spend it to Him who gave it!
Oh then, though young,
I now would come
To Him, whose call
Speaks to us all,
Both great and small;

Bids us to rise
From death and sin,
And a new way
Of life walk in,
And trust in Him

As He has taught us.
Then, through the Lord
Who died to save,
A home of joy
Our souls will have ;
Nor go to that
Sad place of woe,
Where all that will
Not seek Him go.
O teach us, Lord,
While young we are,
To know and own
Thy love and care.
Grant us thy grace
In our first days,
To live in peace,

and praise ;
And take us to
Thy place of rest,
To be with thee
For ever blest.

The glory thine for evermore!

J. Hill, Printer, Black Horse Court, Fleet Street,

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