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Hymn When gloomy thoughts and boding fears, 327 I can read my title clear,

434 in the light of things divine,

429 Isr'el through the desert pass’d, 191 Isr'el's tribes on Gibeon pour'd, 507 o'er the trodden paths of life, 564 overwhelm'd with grief,

291 rising from the bed of death,

574 sickness shakes the languid frame, 572

storms hang o'er the christian's head, 331 Where love and all the graces reign,

356 Where'er the Lord shall build my house, 546 Wherefore should man, frail child of clay, 381 Wherewith shall I approach the Lord, 11 While beauty clothes the fertile vale,

84 God my Father's near,

154 some in folly's pleasures roll,

329 sounds of war are heard around, 530 thee I seek, protecting Pow'r! 285 thoughtless sinners choose,

286 to the grave our friends are borne, 519 with ceaseless course, the sun,

643 remorse and woe opprest,

281 Who, gracious Father! can complain,

139 shall ascend thy heav'nly place, 334

not tremble, mighty God! 527 Why do we mourn departing friends, 521 does the will of heav'n ordain,

415 is my heart with grief opprest?

418 should I thus perplex,

384 this earth delight us so ?

474 sinks my weak desponding mind,


339 will you waste, on triffing cares, With ecstacy of joy,


Hymn With eye impartial, heav'n's high King,

138 God my friend, the radiant sun,

422 my whole heart I ’ve sought thy face, 315 one consent let all the earth,

44 sacred joy we lift our eyes,

17 songs and honours sounding loud, 79 transport, Lord! we view the page, 478 warm affection let us view,

634 delight and grateful joy,

632 Would you behold the works of God, 590

Ye foll’wers of the prince of peace,

glitt'ring toys of earth! adieu,
golden lamps of heav'n! farewell,
humble souls, complain no more,

that seek the Lord,
mourning sculs whose streaming tears,
nations, hear! ye sons of earth,
righteous ! in your King rejoice,
servants of th' almighty King,

the Lord,
sons of men, in sacred lays,

with joy record,
subjects of the Lord, proclaim,
that obey th' immortal King,
tribes of Adam, join,
weak inhabitants of clay,

works of God, on him alone,
Yes, long as mem’ry to my brain,

to the last command,

497 318 486 477 245 518 461 528 102 457 101 117 135 22 57 105

51 635 639






Christian Worship, and the Lord's Day.

1. C. M. WATTS.
The privilege of public worship.
1 THE LORD in Zion plac'd his name,

His ark was settled there;
To Zion the whole nation came

To worship thrice a year.
2 But we have no such lengths to go,

Nor wander far abroad: Wherever we assemble now,

There is a house for God. 3 Here, mighty God! accept our vows;

dere let thy praise be spread; Bless the provisions of thy house, And fill thy poor with bread.


4 Here let the Son of David reign;

Let God's anointed shine;. Justice and truth his court maintain,

With love and pow'r divine.


The house of prayer. 1 GREAT Father of mankind!

We bless that wondrous grace,
Which could for Gentiles find
Within thy courts a place.

How kind the care
Our God displays,
For us to raise

A house of pray’r!
2 To thee ourselves we join,

And love thy sacred name;
No more our own but thine,
We triumph in thy claim.

Our Father-King!
Thy cov'nant-grace
Our souls embrace,

Thy titles sing
3 Here, in thy house, we feast

On dainties all divine;
And while such sweets we taste,
With joy our faces shine;

Incense shall rise
From flames of love,

And God approve

The sacrifice.
4 May all the nations throng

To worship in thy house;
And thou attend the song,
And smile upon their vows;

Indulgent still,
Till earth conspire,
To join the choir,
On Zion's hill.

[blocks in formation]

Delight in public worship.
I LORD of the worlds above!
How pleasant and how fair,
The dwellings of thy love,
Thine earthly temples are !

To thine abode
My heart aspires,
With warm desires

To see my God.
2 0 happy souls that pray

Where God appoints to hear!
O happy men that pay
Their constant service there !

They praise thee still;
And happy they
Who love the way

To Zion's hill. 3 They go from strength to strength, Through this dark vale of tears,

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