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Christ and Christianity.

206. S. M. WATTS.

The excellency of the gospel. 1 BEHOLD! the morning sun

Begins his glorious way;
His beams through all the nations run,

And life and light convey.
2 But where the gospel comes,

It spreads diviner light,
It calls dead sinners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their sight.

How perfect is thy word !

And all thy judgments just :
For ever sure thy promise, LORD!

And men securely trust. 4

My gracious God! how plain

Are thy directions giv'n! O may I'never read in vain,

But find the path to heav'n! 5

While with my heart and tongue

I spread thy praise abroad, Accept the worship and the song, My Father and my Gop.

207. P. M. WATTS.

The same subject. 1 I LOVE the volumes of thy word: What light and joy those leaves afford

To souls benighted and distrest! Thy precepts guide my doubtful way; Thy fear forbids my feet to stray ;

Thy promise leads my heart to rest.
2 From the discov'ries of thy law,
The perfect rules of life I draw;

These are my study and delight:
Not honey so invites the taste,
Nor gold that hath the furnace past,

Appears so pleasing to the sight. 3 Thy threat'nings wake my slumb’ring eyes, And warn me where my danger lies;

But 'tis thy blessed gospel, LORD! That makes my guilty conscience clean, Converts my soul, subdues my sin,

And gives a free but large reward. 4 Who knows the errors of his thoughts ? My God! forgive my secret faults,

And from presumptuous sins restrain; Accept my poor attempts of praise, That I have read thy book of grace,

And book of nature not in vain.

208. L. M. Watts. The excellency of the christian religion. i GREAT GOD ! how well thy truths agree!

How wise and holy thy commands !
Thy promises, how sure they be!

How firm our hope and comfort stands ! 2 Though we should trace the globe around,

And ev'ry diff'rent system scan,
There will be no religion found

So just to God, so safe to man.
3 The various forms that men devise,
To shake my faith with treach'rous art,
I scorn as vanity and lies,
And bind the gospel to my heart.

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209. C. M. WATTS.

Praise for the gospel.
1 TO our Almighty Maker, God,

New honours be addrest!
His great salvation shines abroad,

And makes the nations blest.
2 He spake the word to Abrah’m first;
His truth fulfils the

grace The Gentiles make his name their trust,

And learn his righteousness.
3 Let the whole earth his love proclaim,

With all her diff'rent tongues ;
And spread the honours of his name,

In melody and songs.

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Praise to the God of our salvation. 1 HAIL the God of our salvation !

Triumph in redeeming love;
Let us with glad exultation

Imitate the blest above.
2 Light of those whose dreary dwelling

Border'd on the shades of death,
He hath, by his grace revealing,

Scatter'd all the clouds beneath. 3 Father ! thou art all compassion,

Pure, unbounded love thou art;
Hail the God of our salvation !

Praise him ev'ry thankful heart. 4 Joyfully on earth adore him,

Till in heav'n we take our place;
There enraptur'd fall before him,
Lost in wonder, love and praise.

211. L. M. DODDRIDGE. The christian scheme of salvation worthy of

1 IMMORTAL GOD! on thee we call,

The Great Original of all;
From thee we are, to thee we tend ;

Our sure support, our glorious end. 2 We praise that wise, that wondrous grace

That pitied our revolted race,

And Jesus, our victorious head,

The captain of salvation made. 3 He, thine eternal love decreed,

Should many sons to glory lead;
And sinful worms to him are giv'n

A colony to people heav'n.
4 Jesus for us (O gracious name)

Encounter'd agony and shame;
Jesus, the glorious and the great,

Was by his suff'rings made complete. 5 A scene of wonders here we see,

Worthy thy son, and worthy thee;
And while this theme employs our tongues,
All heav'n unites its sweetest songs.

212. C. M. Watts.

The blessings of the gospel. 1 BLEST are the souls that hear and know

The gospel's joyful sound;
Peace shall attend the path they go,

And light their steps surround.
2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up,

Through God's eternal name ; His promises exalt their hope;

And who shall dare condemn ? 3 The LORD, our glory and defence,

Strength and salvation gives :
Isr’el, thy King for ever reigns,

Thy God for ever lives.

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