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4 Ye sinners, come ! 'tis Mercy's voice;

T'he gracious call obey ;
Mercy invites to heav'nly joys-

And can you yet delay ?
-5 Freely approach, and welcome taste

The blessings of his love;
While hope attends the sweet repast

Of nobler joys above.


264. C. M.

The new creation by Christ.
1 FATHER of Jesus Christ, my Lord,

My Saviour and my head;
I trust in thee, whose pow'rful word

Hath rais'd him from the dead. 2 Eternal life to all mankind

Thou hast in Jesus giv’n;
And all who seek, thro' him, shall find

The happiness of heav'n.
3 Obedient faith that waits on thee,

Thou never wilt reprove;
But thou wilt form thy Son in me,

And perfect me in love.
4 To thee, the glory of thy pow'r

And faithfulness I give;
I shall in Christ at that glad hour,

And Christ in me shall live,


Christ's second appearing.
1 MY waken’d soul, extend thy wings

Beyond the verge of mortal things;
See this vain world in smoke decay,

And rocks and mountains melt away. 2 Behold the fi'ry deluge roll Through heav'n's wide arch from pole to

pole, Pale sun-no more thy lustre boast;

Tremble and fall, ye starry host. . 3 The wreck of nature all around,

The angel's shout, the trumpet's sound,
Loud the descending Judge proclaim,

And echo his tremendous name. 4 Children of Adam, all appear

With rev'rence round his awful bar;
For as his lips pronounce, ye go

To endless bliss or unknown woe.
5 Lord! to my eyes this scene display,

Frequent through each returning day;
And let thy grace my soul prepare
To find complete redemption there.

266. L. M. JERVIS.

The same subject.
I THAT solemn day will soon arrive,

Th’important, the decisive day,
When, from death's awful slumber rous'd,
God's dread command all must obey.

2 Deep thunders usher in the morn,

And through the heav'ns tremendous roll: The wide expanse is all on fire,

While lightnings blaze from pole to pole. 3 In glory, see! the Judge descends,

Array'd in majesty and might;
Attended by ten thousand saints,

And angels of celestial light.
4 The trumpet's loud and dreadful blast,

Sounds through the regions of the dead:
With terror some, and some with joy,

Rise from the dust, their lowly bed. 5 All-righteous and eternal Judge!

When summon'd at thy bar to stand;
May we, acquitted and approv'd,
Be crown'd with bliss at thy right hand.


The same subject. 1 LO! he comes from heav'n descending,

Sent to judge both quick and dead; 'Midst ten thousand saints and angels, See our great exalted head.

Hallelujah! Welcome, welcome, Son of God. 2 Full of awful expectation,

All before the Judge appear;
Truth and justice go before him;
Now the joyful sentence hear.

Welcome, welcome, Judge divine.

3 “Come, ye blessed of my father,

Enter into life and joy;
Banish all


fear and sorrow, Endless praise be your employ.

Hallelujah! Welcome, welcome, to the skies." 4 Now at once they rise to glory,

Jesus brings them to the King ;
There, with all the hosts of heav'n,
They eternal anthems siny.

Glory be to God on high.

T 2



268. C. M. CowPER,

Human frailty acknowledged. 1 WEAK and irresolute is man: 'The purpose

of to-day, Woven with pains into his plan,

To-morrow rends away.
2 Some foe to his upright intent

Finds out his weaker part;
Virtue engages his assent;

But pleasure wins his heart.
3 Life's voyage is of awful length,

Through dangers little known: A stranger to superior strength,

Man vainly trusts his own.
4 But oars alone can ne'er prevail

To reach the distant coast;
The breath of heav'n must swell the sail,

Or all the toil is lost.

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