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2 So, when the transient storm is past,

The sudden gloom, and driving show'r;
The sweetest sunshine is the last,
The loveliest, is the ev'ning hour.

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543. C.M.

The same subject.
1 SOON will our fleeting hours be past ;

And as the setting sun
Now leaves the clouds in yonder west,

Our parting beams be gone.
2 May he, from whom all blessings flow, -

Our sacred rites attend;
Unite our hearts in wisdom's ways,

Till life's short journey end :
3 And as the rapid sands run down,

Our virtue still improve;
Till each receives the glorious crown

Of never-fading love.

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The Christian farewell.
1 THY presence, everlasting God!

Wide thro' all nature spreads abroad:
Thy watchful eyes, which never sleep,

In ev'ry place thy children keep.
2 While near each other we remain,

Thou dost our lives and pow'rs sustain ;
When sep'rate, we rejoice to share
Thy counsels, and thy gracious care.

3 To thee we now commit our ways,

And still implore thy heav'nly grace; Still cause thy face on us to shine,

And guard and guide us still as thine. 4 Give us, in thy beloved house,

Again to pay our grateful vows;
Or, if that joy no more be known,
Give us to meet around thy throne.


Domestic and Private Worship.

Of It will readily occur to the intelligent reader, that

many of the hymns classed under this head are not exclusively confined either to domestic or private worship, but

may with great propriety be used in public assemblies of Christians.



Family religion. 1 FATHER of men ! thy care we bless, Which crowns our families with

peace From thee they sprung, and by thy hand

Their root and branches are sustain'd. 2 To God, most worthy to be prais’d,

Be our domestic altars rais'd;
Tho' LORD of heav'n, he deigns to dwell

With saints in their obscurest celi. 3 To thee let each united house,

Morning and night, present its vows :
Our servants there, and rising race,

Be taught thy precepts and thy grace. 4 O may each future age proclaim

The honours of thy glorious name;

While pleas'd, and thankful, we remove
To join the family above.

546. L. M. Miss SCOTT.

Family religion. 1 WHERE’ER the LORD shall build my

An altar to his name I 'll raise ;
There, morn and ev’ning, shall ascend

The sacrifice of pray’r and praise.
2 With duteous mind, the social band

Shall search the records of thy law;
There learn thy will, and humbly bow

With filial reverence and awe.
3 If num'rous blessings of the earth

Indulgent providence afford,
With warm united hearts we 'll pay

Our grateful tribute to the LORD. 4 Here may he fix his sacred seat,

And spread the banner of his love ;
Till, ripen'd for a happier state,
We meet th' assembled church above.


The same subject. 1 GREAT GOD! where'er we pitch our tent,

Let us an altar raise ;
And there, with humble frame, present

Our sacrifice of praise.

2 To thee we give our health and strength,

While health and strength shall last; For future mercies humbly trust,

Nor e'er forget the past.

548. S. M. WATTS.

Domestic peace and harmony. 1 LO, what a pleasing sight

Are brethren that agree!
How blest are all whose hearts unite

In bands of piety!
2 From those celestial springs,

Such streams of comfort flow,
As no increase of riches brings,

Nor honours can bestow. 3 All in their stations move,

And each performs his part,
In all the cares of life and love,

With sympathizing heart : 4 Form’d for the purest joys,

By one desire possest;
One aim the zeal of all employs,

To make each other blest. 5 No bliss can equal theirs,

Where such affections meet :
While praise devout, and mingled pray'rs,

Make their communion sweet.

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