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Particular Occasions.

631. L. M. DABNEY'S COLLECTION. Jesus Christ the image of the unseen God. 1 THOU, LORD, by mortal eyes unseen,

And by thine offspring here unknown,
To manifest thyself to men,

Hast set thine image in thy Son.
2 As the bright sun's meridian blaze

O'erwhelms and pains our feeble sight, But cheers us with his softer rays,

When shining with reflected light; 3 So in thy Son, thy pow'r divine,

Thy wisdom, justice, truth, and love,
With mild and pleasing lustre shine,

Reflected from thy throne above. 4 Though they who granted not his claim

Contemptuous turn'd away their face;
Yet those who trusted in his name,

Beheld in him thy truth and grace. 5 O thou ! at whose almighty word,

Fair light at first from darkness shone,
Teach us to know our glorious Lord,
And trace the Father in the Son.

6 While we thine image there display'd,

With love and admiration view,
Form us in likeness to our Head,
That we may bear thine image too.

632. L. M. EXETER COLLECTION. Contemplation of the character of Jesus. 1 WITH warm delight and grateful joy

Let all our best affections move,
When we on Christ our thoughts employ,

On him whom though unseen we love. 2 How bright a pattern, and how pure,

Hath he in all things kindly giv'n
To make our path of duty sure,

And guide our wand'ring steps to heav'n! 3 In all he did, with joy we view

The lofty purpose of his soul;
Man's earth-born passions to subdue,

And all the pow'r of sin control. 4 Father of all ! his God and ours !

Accept the humble, fervent praise,
Which, with our souls' united pow'rs,
For thy rich grace through him, we raise.


6. See how he loved !1 " SEE how he lov'd !” exclaim'd the Jews,

When Jesus over Laz'rus wept;
My grateful heart the words shall use,
While on his life my eye is kept.

2 See how he lov'd, who travellid on

Teaching the doctrine from the skies;
Who bade disease and pain be gone,

And called the sleeping dead to rise. 3 See how he lov'd, who never shrank

From toil or danger, pain or death;
But all the cup of sorrow drank,

And meekly yielded up his breath. 4 And shall such love meet no return ?

Nor wake the passions of the breast?
Shall not our grateful bosoms burn,

To prove our love by every test? 5 Yes, we will love thee, Saviour, Guide

For thou hast lov'd us-0 how well !
More than all earthly friends beside,
More than our feeble lips can tell !


Reflections on the death of Jesus. 1 WITH warm affection let us view,

With pious grief improve,
The solemn and impressive scene

Of Jesus' dying love.
2 Not all the malice of his foes,

His pity could subdue: “ Father forgive," he meekly pray'd,

“ They know not what they do.” 3 () what a love was here display'd

Beyond our utmost thought!

How pure the lessons, how sublime,

In life and death he taught!
4 Let not his sacred truths, by us

Be lost or misapply’d;
Nor let our thoughtless hearts forget

That 'twas for us he died.

635. L. M. DRUMMOND.

The memory of Jesus.
1 YES, long as mem'ry to my brain

Recalls a feature of the past,
There shall my Saviour's image reign,

And of its treasures be the last. 2 O holy feast! for grosser sense

Ordain'd not, --sweet refreshment give; And that pure nutriment dispense,

On which my faith and hope may live. 3 This bread, as manna from the sky,

O may it feed my hungry soul,
And health and strength and speed supply,

To run to virtue's heav'nly goal ! 4 And may this emblem of his blood,

The cheering fruitage of the vine, Send to my heart a thrilling flood

Of love, of joy, and grace divine ! 5 And may this heart ne'er cease to glow

With rapt devotion, God! to thee;And all the gratitude I owe

To him who gave his life for me!

6 If I forget thee, blessed Lord!

O may my hand forget her skill,
Nor longer may my voice accord

To be the herald of my will,
7 But may each pow'r its task forego, -

Be all my bosom's chords unstrung,
Extinct my spirit's vivid glow,

And bound in frozen sleep my tongue!


A communion hymn. 10 GOD! accept the sacred hour

Which we to thee have giv'n;
And let this hallow'd scene have pow'r

To raise our souls to heav'n.
2 Still let us hold, till life departs,

The precepts of thy Son;
Nor let our thoughtless, thankless hearts

Forget what he has done.
3 His true disciples may we live,

From all corruption free;
And humbly learn, like him, to give

Our pow'rs, our wills to thee.
4 And oft, along life's dang’rous way,

To smooth our passage through,
Wilt thou, on this thy holy day,

For us this scene renew.

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