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On the dangerous sickness of a minister. 1 O THOU, before whose gracious throne

We bow our suppliant spirits down! Thou know'st the anxious cares we feel,

And all our trembling lips would tell. 2 Thou only canst assuage our grief,

And give our sorrowing hearts relief;

mercy then thy servant spare, Nor turn aside thy people's pray’r. 3 Avert thy desolating stroke,

Nor smite the shepherd of the flock;
Restore him, sinking to the grave,

Stretch out thine arm, make haste to save ! 4 Bound to each soul by tender ties,

In ev'ry heart his image lies;
Thy pitying aid, O God! impart,

Nor rend him from each bleeding heart. 5 But if our supplications fail,

And pray’rs and tears cannot prevail,
Be thou his strength, be thou his stay:

Support him through the gloomy way. 6 Around him may thine angels stand,

Waiting the signal of thy hand,
To bid his happy spirit rise,
And bear him to their native skies.


Thanksgiving for national prosperity. I HOW rich thy gifts, Almighty King ! From thee our public blessings spring :

Th' extended trade, the fruitful skies, The treasures liberty bestows, Th' eternal joys the gospel shows,

All from thy boundless goodness rise. 2 Here commerce spreads the wealthy store, Which pours from every foreign shore;

Science and art their charms display; Religion teaches us to raise, Our voices to our Maker's praise,

As truth and conscience point the way. 3 With grateful hearts, with joyful tongues, To God we raise united songs;

His pow'r and mercy we proclaim, This land through ev'ry age shall own, That here the LORD has fix'd his throne,

And triumph in his mighty name. 4 Long as the moon her course shall run, Or man behold the circling sun,

O still may God amidst us reign; Crown our just counsels with success, With peace and joy our borders bless,

And all our sacred rights maintain.


Evening of the Lord's day. I FREQUENT the day of God returns,

To shed its quick’ning beams; And yet how slow devotion burns !

How languid are its flames !
2 Accept our faint attempts to love,

Our frailties, LORD! forgive;
We would be like thy saints above,

And praise thee while we live. 3 Increase, O LORD! our faith and hope,

And fit us to ascend
Where the assembly ne'er breaks up,

The Sabbath ne'er shall end. 4 Where we shall breathe in heav'nly air,

With heav'nly lustre shine; Before the throne of God appear,

And feast on love divine. 5 Where we, in high seraphic strains,

Shall all our pow'rs employ; Delighted range th’ ethereal plains,

With never ending joy.


N.B. The numbers refer to the Hymns.

Absence from God lamented, 275.

social worship, 586.
Account, the last, 629.

Acquiescence, see Submission.
Adversity, praise in, 406.

trust in, 410.
consolation in, 166.

God our portion in, 438.
Affliction, the use of, 415, 557.

the use of and support under, 413, 414, 558, 568.
support under implored, 567.
support and deliverance in, 561.
patience under, 416.
trust under, 418.
submission under, 417, 419, 420.
hope in, 294, 411, 568.

present, and future glory, 435.
Afflicted, compassion to the, 500.
Age, old, and preparation for death, 443.
Aged, hymns for the, 582, 583, 584, 585.
Anxiety, worldly, reproved, 384.
Ascension of Christ, 249.
Aspirations, devout, 296, 297.
after the christian temper, 300. See Prayer.

Baptism, a hymn for, 491.
Beauty unfading, 319. See Religion.

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