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Shall not the children of thy grace

Attempt the theme divine?
5 Not all the feeble notes of time

Can show forth God's high praise ;
Nor all the noblest strains sublime

That earth or heav'n can raise. 6 Yet this shall be our best employ,

Thro' life's uncertain days;
And in the realms of boundless joy,

Eternal be thy praise.

64. L. M. Watts.

Desiring to praise God. 1 Be thou exalted, O my God!

Above the heav'ns where angels dwell : Thy pow'r on earth be known abroad,

And land to land thy wonders tell..
2 My heart is fix'd; my song shall raise

Immortal honours to thy name :
Awake, my tongue, to sound his praise,

My tongue, the glory of my frame ! 3 In thee, my God! are all the springs

Of boundless love, and grace unknown:
All the rich blessings nature brings,
Are gifts descending from thy throne.
4 High o'er the earth thy mercy reigns,

And reaches to the utmost sky :
Thy truth to endless years remains,
When lower worlds dissolve and die.

5 Be thou exalted, O my God!

Above the heav'ns where angels dwell: Thy pow'r on earth be known abroad, And land to land thy wonders tell.


Everlasting praise. 1 MY GOD! my King ! to thee I'll raise

My voice, and all my pow'rs:
Unwearied songs of sacred praise

Shall fill the circling hours. 2 Thy name shall dwell upon my tongue, While suns shall set and rise

i And tune my everlasting song,

When all creation dies.


The Works of God celebrated.

66. C. M. Watts.

The creation of the world.
1 LET heav'n arise, let earth appear!

Said the Almighty LORD;
The heav'ns arose, the earth appear’d

At his creating word.
2 Thick darkness brooded o'er the deep :

God said, Let there be light !
The light shone forth with smiling ray,

And scatter'd ancient night.
3 He bade the clouds ascend on high;

The clouds ascend, and bear A wat’ry treasure to the sky,

And float upon the air. 4 The liquid element below

Was gather'd by his hand; The rolling seas together flow,

And leave the solid land. 5 With herbs, and plants, and fruitful trees,

The new-form'd globe he crown'd, Ere there was rain to bless the soil, Or sun to warm the ground.

6 Then, high in heav'n's resplendent arch,

He plac'd those orbs of light;
He caus'd the sun to rule the day,

The moon to rule the night. 9 Next, from the deep, th’ Almighty King

Did vital beings frame; Fowls of the air of ev'ry wing,

And fish of ev'ry name. 8 To all the various brutal tribes

He gave their wondrous birth; At once the lion and the worm

Sprang from the teeming earth.
9 Then, chief, o'er all his works below

At last was Adam made;
His Maker's image bless'd his soul,

And glory crown'd his head.
10 Fair in th’ Almighty Maker's eye

The whole creation stood;
He view'd the fabric he had rais'd;

His word pronounc'd it good.

67. C. M. Dopsley's Poems.

God the Creator of mankind. 1 GOD of our lives, whose bounteous care

First gave us pow'r to move!
How shall our thankful hearts declare

The wonders of thy love? 2 While void of thought and sense we lay,

Dust of our parent earth,

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Thy breath inform'd the sleeping clay,

And call'd us into birth.
3 Thine eye beheld in perfect view

The yet unfinish'd plan;
Th’ imperfect lines thy pencil drew,

And form'd the future man.
4 0 may this frame, which rising grew

Beneath thy forming hands,
Be studious ever to pursue

Whate'er thy will commands.

68. C. M. GROVE.

God the Creator,
1 0 LORD, how excellent thy name!

How glorious to behold!
Engraven fair on all thy works

In characters of gold !
2 On heav'n's unmeasurable face,

In lines immensely great;
In small, on ev'ry leaf and flow'r,

CREATOR-GOD is writ.
3 Though reason be not giv'n to all,

Nor voice to thee, O sun !
Their Maker all proclaim, and here

Their language is but one.
4 From land to land, from world to world,

Thy fame is echo'd round;
And ages, as they pass, transmit

The never-dying sound

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