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A FIFTH time are we called upon to address to our Readers a few prefatory remarks. This reminds us that we have now been a considerable time on the field, and enables us, in soliciting the continued and increased support of the Christian public, to lay before them, in the abundance of our past labours, sufficient materials from which to estimate the claims we have on their countenance. To these we confidently appeal.

We proposed, at the outset, to supply our people with a cheap, religious serial, of a superior order, and, through the assistance of talented Contributors, we have succeeded in our object. THE SCOTTISH CHRISTIAN JOURNAL, we know, is esteemed wherever it is read. This is most gratifying and encouraging to its Conductors, yet it renders us only the more anxious that it should have a still wider circulation. Were this to take place, we would make no money by it. Its cheapness almost entirely precludes profits; and were a surplus to arise, it would be expended on the more liberal payment of Contributors and benevolent objects.

Let us then again call upon our Friends to reflect on the prodigious importance of the ends we seek to attain, and to assist in the attainment of these to the greatest possible extent. He who,' says Dr Wardlaw, either by the proclamation of mercy with the lips, by the dissemination of God's truth from the press, or by pecuniary or other aid to the one or to the other, contributes to save souls from death, and hide the multitude of sins, provides for himself a spring of joy that shall gladden his heart through eternity.'

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