Laokoon, oder Über die Grenzen der Mahlerei und Poesie


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Página 203 - I, that am curtail'd of this fair proportion, Cheated of feature by dissembling Nature, Deform'd, unfinish'd, sent before my time Into this breathing world, scarce half made up, And that so lamely and unfashionable, That dogs bark at me as I halt by them...
Página 31 - Where never human foot had mark'd the shore, These ruffians left me. — Yet believe me, Areas, Such is the rooted love we bear mankind, All ruffians as they were, I never heard A sound so dismal as their parting oars.
Página 300 - tis, to caft one's eyes fo low ! The crows and choughs, that wing the midway air. Shew fcarce fo grofs as beetles. Half way down Hangs one, that gathers Samphire ; dreadful trade ! Methinks, he feems no bigger than his head. The fifhermen, that walk upon the beach, Appear like mice ; and yond tall anchoring bark, Diminifh'd to her cock ; her cock, a buoy Almoft too fmall for fight.
Página 52 - ... illi agmine certo Laocoonta petunt ; et primum parva duorum corpora natorum serpens amplexus uterque implicat, et miseros morsu depascitur artus ; 215 post ipsum, auxilio subeuntem ac tela ferentem, corripiunt, spirisque ligant ingentibus ; et jam bis medium amplexi, bis collo squamea circum terga dati, superant capite et cervicibus altis.
Página 268 - God faw the light was good : And light from darknefs by the hemifphere Divided : light the day, and darknefs night He nam'd. Thus was the Firft Day ev'n and morn! Nor paft un-celebrated , nor...
Página 216 - TQUASsouw and KNONMQUAIHA, when the Kraals were furprifed with the appearance of a moft extraordinary perfonage, that came from the favage people who...
Página 57 - Laocoon & [es fils dans le tems même qu'il facrifioit à Neptune fur le bord de la mer, comme le marque Virgile dans le fécond livre de fon Enéide. Cependant...
Página 204 - Unlefs to fpy my shadow in the fun, And defcant on mine own deformity. And therefore, fince I cannot prove a Lover, To entertain thefe fair well - fpoken days, I am determined, to prove a Villain? fo i)6re (ф einen teufet/ unb felje einen fei; in einer ©eflalt, bit ber Seufel allein (ja* ben foüte.

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