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deemed the soul of this thy servant from eternal death, and made him partaker of the everlasting life, which is through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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A Thanksgiving for the Beginning of a Recovery. | REAT and mighty God, who bringest down

to the grave, and bringest up again; we bless thy wonderful goodness, for having turned our heaviness into joy and our mourning into gladness, by restoring this our brother to some degree i of his former health. Blessed be thy name that thou didst not forsake him in his sickness; but didst visit him with comforts from above; didst support him in patience and submission to thy will; and, at last, didst send him seasonable relief. Perfect, we beseech thee, this thy mercy toward him; and prosper the means which shall be made use of for his cure: that being restored to health of body, vigour of mind, and cheerfulness of spirit, he may be able to go to thine house, to offer thee an oblation with great gladness; and to bless thy holy name for all thy goodness toward him, through Jesus Christ our Saviour: to whom with thee and the Holy Spirit, be all honour and glory world without end. Amen.

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THE FLOATING CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOUR FOR SEAMEN, now permanently moored at the wharf at the foot of Pike street, NewYork, on the East River, of which an engraving is here presented, was finished and consecrated to the service of Almighty God, on the 19th of Feb’y, 1844. It was constructed by Mr. Charles M Simonson, for the Young Men's Church Missionary Society of the City of New-York. The interior was painted by Messrs. H. & O Ficht, 352 Pearl street, in the same city. It is 70 feet long, and 30 ft. wide, and will comfortably seat 500 persons, and contain 600. It has an end gallery in which is an Organ. A beautiful Baptismal Font of white marble, in the exact shape of the capstan of a ship, surmounted by a shell of exquisite workmanship, chisselled from the same block with the shaft—the gift of St. Mark's Church in the Bowery, N. Y.-stands at the front of the Chancel rail. The top of the Communion Table is a marble slab, and the Ten Commandments are placed on the panels on each side in the recess over it. An Anchor in gold, painted on the back ground between these panels, rests upon the Bible and Prayer Book where the rays of the Rising Sun, an emblem of the Sun of Righteousness, illumines the device. The roof, at the apex, 18 * 26 feet high, and 11 feet at the eaves. The edifice is built on a broad deck 76 by 36, covering two boats of 80 tons each, placed 10 ft. apart, to prevent careening when the congregation might happen to be unequally distributed on either side. The spire contains a bell, and the top of the flag staff is about 70 feet from the deck Divine service is regularly performed on Sundays, commencing in the morning at } past 10, and in the afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Both of the boats on which the edifice rests are well coppered. They are protected from injury from adjacent vessels, by booms placed round them. The motion of the waters is scarcely felt, inore than in an edifice on land, the location being in the midst of the shipping on South street, but out of the reach of winds, ice, and tides. A large steamboat or easterly storm may sometimes create a little undulation during divine service, but not such as to cause inconvenience. Tracts and books, as means are supplied by the friends of Seamen to the Chaplain, are judiciously distri. buted, and especially to Seamen about to sail on long voyages Prayers are offered regularly for preservation from the dangers of the deep, for persons bound to sea desiring it, and thanksgiving is returned by the grateful worshipper present and the congregation, for the safe arrival of persons, whom GOD's merciful providence has brought again to land. The seats are free to all Seamen—as the house, by the munificence of the merchants, ladies and citizens has been built expressly for their benefit.


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