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Prayer to the Trinity. 6 That all-comprising peace bestow

On me, through grace, forgiven ;
The joys of holiness below,
And then the joys of heaven.


HYMN 223. C.M.

Prayer to the Trinity.
JEROVAI, God the Father, bless,

And thy own work defend;
With mercy's outstretch'd arms embrace,

And keep us to the end.
2 Preserve the creatures of thy love;

By providential care,
Conducted to the realms above,

To sing thy goodness there. 3 Jehovah, God the Son, reveal

The brightness of thy face;
And all thy pardon'd people fill

With plenitude of grace.
4 Shine forth with all the Deity,

Which dwells in thee alone;
And raise us up thy face to see,

On thy eternal throne.
5 Jehovah, God the Spirit, shine,

Father and Son, to show: With bliss ineffable, divine,

Our raptured hearts o'erflow. 6 Sure earnest of that happiness,

Which human hope transcends; Be thou our everlasting peace,

When grace in glory ends.
7 We soon shall join the heavenly host,

And sing thy saints among,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The new, eternal song. C. WESLLY.

For Divine Guidance and Support.

HYMN 224. S.M.
Pressing into the Kingdom of God.
Ou! may thy powerful word

Inspire a feeble worm,
To rush in thy kingdom, Lord,

And take it as by storm. 2 Oh! may we all improve

The grace already given ;
To seize the crown of perfect love,
And scale the mount of beaven.



HYMN 225. P.M.
For Divine Guidance and Support.
GUIDE me, O thou great Jehovah !

Pilgrim through a barren land:
I am weak, but thou art mighty;
Hold me with tby powerful hand:

Bread of heaven,
Feed me now and evermore,
2 Open, Lord, the crystal fountain,

Whence the healing streams do flow;
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar
Lead me all my journey through:

Strong Deliverer,
Be thou still my strength and shield.
3 When I tread the verge of Jordan,

Bid my anxious feare subside;
Death of deaths and hell's destructio
Land me safe on Canaan's side:

Songs of praises
I will ever give to thee. OLIVER.

Prayer for Grace to knowo, fc.
HYMN 226. L.M.

The Good Part.
BESET with snares on every hand,
In life's uncertain path I stand:
Saviour divine, diffuse thy light,

To guide my doubtful footsteps right.
2 Engage this roving, treacherous heart,
Great God, to choose the better part;
To scorn the trifles of a day,

For joys that none can take away. 3 Then let the wildest storms arise ;

Let tempests mingle earth and skies;
No fatal shipwreck shall I fear,

But all my treasure with me bear. 4 If thou, O Jesus, still art nigh,

Cheerful I live, and cheerful die:
Secure, though mortal comforts flee;
E'en then my all is found in thee.

COWPER. - HYMN 227. C.M. Prayer for Grace to know and do the Will of

On! that the Lord would guide my ways,

To keep his statutes still!
Oh! that my God would grant me grace,

To know and do his will !
2 Oh! send thy Spirit down to write

Thy law upon my heart;
Nor set my tongue indulge deceit,

Nor act the liar's part.
3 From vanity turn off my eyes;

Let no corrupt design
Nor covetous desire arise

Within this soul of mine,
4 Order my footsteps by thy word,

And make my heart sincere;
Let sin have no dominion, Lord,
But keep my conscience clear.

Looking to Jesus. 6 Make me to walk in thy commands ;

"Tis a delightful road; Nor let my head, nor heart, nor hands, Offend against my God. WATTS.

HYMN 228. 8-7's & 6's.

Conformity to God.
MAKER, Saviour of mankind,

Who hast on me bestow'd
An immortal soul, designed

To be the house of God;
Come, and now reside in me,

Never, never to remove;
Make me just and good like thee,

And full of power and love.
2 Bid me in thy image rise

A saint, a creature new;
True, and merciful, and wise,

And pure and happy too:
This, thy primitive design,

That I should in thee be bless'd;
Should within thy arms divine

For ever, ever rest.
3 Let thy will in me be done ;

Fulfil my heart's desire;
Thee to know and love alone,

And rise in raptures higher;
Thee descending on a cloud,

When with ravish'd eyes I see;
Then I shall be fill'd with God
To all eternity.

Hymn 229. C.M.

Looking to Jesus.
JESUS, to thee I now can fly,

On whom my help was laid:
Oppress'd by sin I lift my eye,

And see the shadows fade.

Seeking to know the Fulness of Grace. 2 Soon as I find myself forsook,

The grace again is given :
A sigh can reach thy heart, a look
a Can bring thee down from heaven.
3 Believing on my Lord, I find

A sure and present aid:
On thee alone my constant mind

Be every moment stay'd.
4 Whate'er in me seems wise or good,

Or strong, I here disclaim;
I wash my garments in the blood

Of the atoning Lamb.
5 Jesus, my strength, my hope, my rest,

On thee will I depend,
Till summon'd to the marriage feast,
Where faith in sight shall end.

c. WESLEY. HYMN 230. 6-8's.

Divine Manifestation.
O God, my hope, my heavenly rest,

My all of happiness below,
Grant my importunate request;

To me, to me, thy goodness show: Thy beatific face display

The brightness of eternal day. 2 Before my faith's enlighten'd eyes

Make all thy gracious goodness pass : Thy goodness is the sight I prize :

Oh! may I see thy smiling face! Thy nature in my soul proclaim; Reveal thy love, thy glorious name.

C. WESLEY. HYMN 231. 6-8's. Seeking to know the Fulness of Gruce. To thee, great God of love, I bow;

And prostrate in thy sight adore ; By faith I see thee passing now:

I have, but still I ask for more: A glimpse of love cannot suffice; My soul for all thy presence cries.

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