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Death and Eternity.
HYMN 127. Š.M.

Death and Eternity.
And am I born to die !

To lay this body down?
And must my trembling 8
R. Into a world unknown ?

A land of deepest shade,
Unpierced by human thought;
The dreary regions of the dead,
Where all things are forgot.
Soon as from earth I go,
What will become of me?

Eternal happiness or woe
Must then my portion be:
Waked by the trumpet's sound

I from my grave shall rise,
And see the Judge with glory cr

And see the Haming skies.
How shall I leave my tomb?

With triumph or regret ?
A fearful or a joyful doom,

A curse or blessing meet?
Will angel-bands convey

Their brother to the bar?
Or devils drag my soul away,

To meet its sentence there?
Who can resolve the doubt,

That rends my anxious breast?
Shall I be with the damn'd cast out,

Or number'd with the bless'd ?
I must from God be driven,

Or with my Saviour dwell;
Must come at his command to heaven,

Or else-depart to hell.
O thou, that wouldst not have

One wretched sinner die,
Who diedst thyself my soul to save
* A From endless misery!

Death and Eternity.

Show me the way to shun

Thy dreadful wrath severe :
That when thou comest on thy throne,

I may with joy appear.
6 Thou art thyself the way:

Thyself in me reveal :
So shall I spend my life's short day,

Obedient to thy will:
So shall I love my God,

Because he first loved me ;
And praise thee in thy bright abode,
To all eternity.


HYMN 128. 4.6's & 2-8's.

The same. And am I only born to die? And must I suddenly comply

With nature's stern decree? What after death for me remains ? Celestial joys or hellish pains,

To all eternity?
2 How then ought I on earth to live,
While God prolongs the kind reprieve,

And props the house of clay?
My sole concern, my single care,
To watch, and tremble, and prepare

Against that fatal day.
3 No room for mirth o: trifling here,
For worldly hope, er worldly fear,

If life so soon is gone;
If now the Judge is at the door,
And all mankind must stand before

Th’ inexorable throne.
4 No matter which my thoughts employ,
A moment's misery or joy;

But oh! when both shall end, Where shall I find my destined place? Shall I my everlasting days

With fiends or angels spend?

Prayer for Comfort in Death.

5 Nothing is worth a thought beneath,
But how I may escape the death

That never, never dies :
How make my own election sure,
And when I fail on earth, secure

A mansion in the skies.
6 Jesus, vouchsafe a pitying ray:
Be thou my guide, be thou my way

To glorious happiness;
Ah! write the pardon on my heart;
And wbensoe'er I hence depart,
Let me depart in peace.


HYMN 129. L.M.

Prayer for Comfort in Death.
SHRINKING from the cold hand of death.

I too shall gather up my feet,
Shall soon resign my fleeting breath,

And die, my fathers' God to meet, 2 Number'd among thy people, I

Expect with joy thy face to see : Because thou didst for sinners die,

Jesus, in death remember me. 3 O that without a lingering groan,

I may the welcome word receive! My body with my charge lay down,

And cease at once to work and live. 4 Walk with me through the dreadful shade,

And certify that thou art mine; My spirit, calm and undismay'd,

I shall into thy hands resign. 5 No anxious doubt, no guilty gloom,

Shall darnp whom Jesu's presence chcers : My light, my life, my God is eome, And glory' in his face appears.



The Shortness of T'ime.
HYMN 130. L.M.

The Frailty of Life.
Tøe morning flowers display their sweets,

And gay their silken leaves unfold,
As careless of the noontide heats

As fearless of the evening cold. I
Nipp'd by the wind's unkindly blast,

Parch'd by the sun's directer ray,
The momentary glories waste,

The short-lived beauties die away. 3 So blooms the human face divine. .

When youth its pride of beauty shows; Fairer than spring the colours shine,

And sweeter than the virgin rose. 4 Or worn by slowly rolling years,

Or broke by sickness in a day, The fading glory disappears,

The short-lived beauties die away, *** 5 Yet these new rising from the tomb.

With lustre brighter far shall shine Revive with ever-during bloom,

Sare from diseases and decline.
6 Let sickness blast, let death devour,

If heaven must recompense our pains;
Perish the grass, and sade the flower,
If firm the word of God remains.

HYUN 131. L.M.

The Shortness of Time.
ALMIGHTY Maker of my frame,

Teach me the measure of my days;
Teach me to know how frail I am,

And spend the remnant to thy praise. 2 My days are shorter than a span;

A little point my life appears;
How frail at best is dying man !

How vain are all his hopes and fears

Christ saves from the Fear of Death


3 Vain his ambition, noise, and show;

Vain are the cares which rack his mind; Ile heaps up treasures mix'd with woe,

And dies and leaves them all behind. 4 O be a nobler portion mine!

My God! I bow before thy throne: Earth's fleeting treasures I resign, And fix my hopes on thee alone.

Hymn 132. C.M.

The Death of the Righteous.
LORD, when we see a saint of thine

Lie gasping out his breath,
With longing eyes and looks divine

Sniling, and pleased in death, 2 We could be e'en content to lay

Our limbs upon that bed, And ask thy envoy to convey

Our spirits in his stead. 3 Jesus, then purge my crimes away; i

'Tis guilt creates my fears ; 'Tis guilt gives death his fierce array,

And all the harm he bears.
4 01 if my threat’ning sins were gone, .

And death had lost his sting;
I would invite the angel on,

And chide his lazy wing.
5 Joyful I'd lay this body down,

And leave this lifeless clay : Without a sigh, without a groan,

And stretch and soar away. WATTS.

HYMN 133. C.M.
Christ sares from the Fear of Death.
WHEN death appears before my sight,

In all his dire array,
Unequal to the dreadful fight,

My courage dies away.

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