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HYMN 1. L.M.

God is a name my soul adores,
Th' almighty Three, th' eternal One!
Nature and grace, with all their powers,

Confess the Infinite Unknown.
2 Thy voice produced the seas and spheres,

Bade the waves roar, the planets shine;
But nothing like thyself appears

Through all these spacious works of thine. 3 Still restless nature dies and grows,

From change to change the creatures run:
Thy being no succession knows,
And all thy vast designs are one.
4 How shall astonish'd mortals dare

To sing thy glory or thy grace ?
Beneath thy feet we lie so far,

And see but shadows of thy face.
6 Who can behold the blazing light?

Who can approach consuming flame?
None but thy wisdom knows thy might;
None but thy word can speak thy name.



God revealed in his Works.

HYMN 2. L.M.

God revealed in his Works.
My God, I love and I adore !
But souls that love would know thee more:
Wilt thou for ever hide and stand

Behind the labours of thy hand ?
2 The starry arch proclaims thy power,

Thy pencil glows in every flower;
Thy hand, unseen, sustains the poles
On which this huge creation rolls.
3 Thy painted wonders, to our eyes,

In thousand shapes and colours rise ;
While beasts and birds, with lab'ring throats,

Teach us a God in thousand notes.
4 Where sense can reach, or fancy rove,

From hill to hill, from field to grove;
The meanest pin in nature's frame
Marks out some letter of thy name.
5 There's not a spot, or deep or high,

Across the waves, around the sky,
Where the Creator has not trod,

And left the footstep of a God.
6 Fain would I trace th' immortal way,

That leads to courts of endless day;
Where the Creator stands confess'd,

In his own fairest glories dress'd.
7 Bless'd Jesus ! meet me on the road;

Fit me to dwell in heaven with God:
Clothe me with vestures yet unknown,
And place me near thy Father's throne.

HYMN 3. L.M.

The same.
THE spacious firmament on high,
With all the blue ethereal sky,

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