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The Mysteries of Providence.

4 He knows the pains his servants feel ;

He hears his children cry;
And, their best wishes to fulfil,

His grace is ever nigh.
5 His mercy never shall remove

From men of heart sincere:
He saves the soul whose humble love

Is join'd with holy fear.
6 His stubborn foes his sword shall slay,

And pierce their hearts with pain;
But none that serve the Lord shall say

They sought his aid in vain.
7 My lips shall dwell upon his praise,

And spread his name abroad:
Let all the sons of Adam raise

The honours of their God.


HYMN 36. C.M. The Mysteries of Providence founded in Wis

dom and Goodness.

God moves in a mysterious way,

His wonders to perform ;
He plants his footsteps in the sea,

And rides upon the storm. 2 Deep in unfathomable mines

Of never-failing skill,
He treasures up his bright designs,

And works his sovereign will.
3 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;

The clouds ye so much dread,
Are big with mercy, and shall break

In blessings on your head.
4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,

But trust him for his grace: Behind a frowning providence,

He hides a smiling face.

God our Portion in Adversity.

5 His purposes will ripen fast,

Unfolding ev'ry hour:
The bud may have a bitter taste,

But sweet will be the fiower. 6 Blind unbelief is sure to err,

And scan his work in vain : God is his own interpreter,

And he will make it plain.

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God our Portion in Adversity.
SHOULD famine o'er the mournful field

Extend her desolating reign;
Nor spring her blooming beauties yield,

Nor autumn swell the fruitful grain : 2 Should lowing herds and bleating sheep

Arowid their famish'd master die;
And hope itself, despairing, weep,

While life deplores its last supply: 3 Amid the dark, the dreadful scene,

If I car: say, The Lord is mine!
The joy shall triumph o'er the pain,

And glory dawn, though life dccline. 4 The God of my salvation lives;

My nobler life he will sustain:
His word immortal vigour gives;

Nor shall my glorious hope be vain.
5 Thy presence, Lord, can cheer my heart,

Though every earthly comfort die;
Thy smile can bid my pains depart,

And raise my sacred pleasures high. 6 Oh, let me hear thy blissful voice,

Inspiring life and joys divine;
The barren desert shall rejoice:
'Tis paradise, if thou art mine.


The Birth of Christ.


HYMN 38. 8-7's.

The Birth of Christ. Hark! the herald angels sing, “ Glory to the new-born King! " Peace on earth, and mercy mild, God to sinners reconciled." Joyful all ye nations rise, Join the triumphs of the skies : With the angelic host proclaim,

“Christ is born in Bethlehem.”
2 Christ, by highest heaven adored;

Christ, the everlasting Lord;
Late in time behold him come,
Offspring of a virgin's womb !
Veil'd in flesh, the Godhead see;
Hail th' incarnate Deity!
Pleased as man with men t'appear,

Jesus, our Immanuel here.
3 Hail the heaven-born Prince of Peace !

Hail the Sun of Righteousness!
Light and li's to all he brings;
Risen with healing in his wings.
Mild he lays his glory by,
Born, that man no more may die :
Born, to raise the souls of earth;

Born, to give immortal birth.
4 Come, Desire of nations, come!

Fix in us thy humble home:
Rise, the woman's conquering secd:
Bruise in us the serpent's head.
Adam's likenuss now efface;
Stamp thy image in its place:
Second Adarn from above,
Reinstatu wa in thy love.

Paraphrase on Isaiah ix. 6.

Hymy 39. C.M.

The Advent of Christ. Hark! the glad sound, the Saviour comes,

The Saviour promised long; Let every heart prepare a throne,

And every voice a song.
2 On him the Spirit, largely pour'd,

Exerts his sacred fire;
Wisdom and might, and zeal and love,

His holy breast inspire.
3 He comes, the prisoners to release,

In Satan's bondage held :
The gates of brass before him burst,

The iron fetters yield.
4 He comes from thickest films of vice,

To clear the mental ray;
And on the eyes oppressid with night,

To pour celestial day.
5 He comes the broken heart to bind,

The bleeding soul to cure;
And with the treasures of his grace,

T'enrich the humble poor.
6 Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,

Thy welcome shall proclaim; And heaven's eternal arches ring With thy beloved name. DODDRIDGE.

HYMN 40. 4-7's.

Paraphrase on Isaiah ix 6.
BRIGUT and joyful is the morn,
For to us a child is born :
From the highest realms of heaven

Unto us a Son is given.
2 On his shoulder he shall bear

Power and majesty, and wear
On his vesture and his thigh,
Names most awful and most high.

The Truth of Christ's Mision.

3 Wonderful in counsel, He,

The incarnate Deity:
Sire of ages ne'er to cease ;

King of kings, and Prince of Peace. . 4 Come and worship at his feet,

Yield to Christ the homage meet,
From his manger to his throne,
Homage due to God alone. MONTGOMERY.

HYMN 41. 4-7 8.

The Nativity of Christ. Come, ye saints, this morn behold! Israel's Saviour-long foretold : Christ is born-Messiah comes !

Bear the tidings to your homes. 2 Born on earth, a babe of years,

Lo ! the Son of God appears!
Angel-minds revolve the plan,
Where Jehovah stoops to man.
3 Salem, hear the glorious news,

Your Messiah comes, ve Jews!
Heralds, to the Gentiles cry-

“Your salvation draweth nigh.”
4 Now o'er distant land and main,
Swiftly flies the glorious strain :
Hark ! hosannas daily rise,

From the ransom'd to the skies.
5 Jesus! be thy name adored:
God the Saviour--Christ the Lord !
Lord, on earth thy will be done:
Give the kingdoms to thy Son.

HYMN 42. L.M.
The Truth of Christ's Mission divinely

Behold, the blind their sight receive !
Behold the dead awake and live!
The dumb speak wonders, and the lame
Leap like the hart, and bless his name.

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