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Before Sermon.

HYMN 341. 6-7's.

The same.
LAMB of God, who bear'st away

All the sins of all mankind,
Bow a nation to thy sway,

While we may acceptance find;
Let us thankfully embrace

The last offers of thy grace.
2 Thoú thy messengers hast sent,

Joyful tidings to proclaim,
Willing we should all repent,

Know salvation in thy name,
Feel our sins by grace forgiven,

Find in thee the way to heaven. 3 Let thy dying love constrain

Those who disregard thy frown:
Sink the mountain to a plain :

Bring the pride of sinners down ;
Soften the obdurate crowd;
Melt the rebels with thy blood.


HYMN 342. P.M.

The same.
COME, thou soul-transporting Spirit,

Bless the sower and the seed;
Let each heart thy grace inherit:
Raise the weak, the hungry feed :

From the gospel,
Now supply our every need.
2 Oh! may all enjoy the blessing,

Which thy word's design'd to give:
Let us all, thy love possessing,
Joyfully the truth receive;

And for ever
to thy praise and glory live.

Before Sermon.
Hymn 343. 6-8's.

The same.
The presence, gracious Lord, afford:
Prepare us to receive thy word:
Now let thy voice engage our ear,
And faith be mix'd with what we hear;
Thus, Lord, thy waiting servants bless,

And crown thy gospel with success.
2 Distracting thoughts and cares remove,

And fix our hearts on things above :
With food divine let us be fed,
And satisfied with daily bread :

Thus, Lord, &c.
3 To us thy sacred word apply
With saving power and energy;
And may we, in thy faith and fear,
Reduce to practice what we hear :

Thus, Lord, &c.
4 Father, in us thy Son reveal;

Teach us to know and do thy will:
Thy gracious power and love display,
And guide us to the realms of day:
Thus, Lord, &c.

HYMN 344. S.M.

The same.
HUNGRY, and faint, and poor,

Behold us, Lord, again
Assembled at thy mercy's door,

Thy bounty to obtain.
2 Thy word invites us nigh,

Or we must starve indeed;
For we no money have to buy,

No righteousness to plead.
3 The food our spirits want,

Thy hand alone can give;
Oh! hear the prayer of faith, and grant

That we may eat and live! NEWTON

Before Sermon.
HYMN 345. C.M.

The same.
Now may the Spirit's holy f

Descending from above,
His present family inspire

With joy, and peace, and love.
2 Touch with a living coal the lip

That shall proclaim thy worii;
And bid each hearer wait, and keep
Attention to the Lord.
HYMN 346. L.M.

The same,
And will the great, the eternal God,

Whose potent hand the thunder forms, Descend to this polluted clod,

And converse hold with sinful worms? 2 Yes-'tis his word that cheers our souls,

His mighty word the promise gives, His word, which shakes the starry poles,

His sacred word, which ever lives. 3 From his own lips the promise came;

When of his saints but two or three
Assemble in their Saviour's name,
There will the King of glory be.
HYMN 347. P.M.

The saine.
COME, ye sinners, come to Jesus,

Think upon your gracious Lord;
He has pitied your condition,
He has sent his gospel-word; :

Mercy calls you,
Mercy flows through Jesu's blood.
2 Gracious Saviour, help thy servant

To proclaim thy wondrous love:
Pour thy grace upon this people,
That thy truth they may approve:

Bless, oh! bless them,
From thy shining courts above!

After Sermon.

3 Now thy gracious word invites them

To partake the gospel feast;
Let thy Spirit sweetly draw them:
Every soul be Jesu's guest:

Oh! receive us,
Let us find the promised rest.

HYMN 348. C.M.

Aster Sermon.
Now, Lord, the heavenly seed is sown,

Be it thy servant's care
Thy heavenly blessing to bring down

By humble, fervent prayer.
2 In vain we plant, without thy aid,

And water too in vain :
Lord of the harvest! God of grace!

Send down thy heavenly rain. 3 Then shall our cheerful hearts and tongues

Begin this song divineThou, Lord, hast given the rich increase,

And be the glory thine.

HYMN 349. P.M.

The same.
LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing;

Fill our hearts with joy and peace;
Let us each, thy love possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace:

Oh! refresh us!
Travelling through this wilderness.
2 Thanks we give, and adoration

For thy gospel's joyful sound:
May the fruits of thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound:

May thy presence
With us everniore be found.

Family Devotion.

3 So, whene'er the signal's given

Us from earth to call away,
Borne on angels' wings to heaven,
Glad we leave our cumbrous clay:

May we, ready,
Rise and reign in endless day.
HYMN 350. L.M.

The same.
Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord :
Help us to feed upon thy word ;
What thou hast seen amiss, forgive,

And let thy truth within us live.
2 Though we are guilty, thou art good:

Wash all our souls in Jesu's blood:
Give every fetter'd soul release,
And bid us all depart in peace. HART.



HYMN 351. L.M.

Family Devotion. FATHER of men! thy care we bless, Which crowns our families with peace: From thee they spring, and by thy hand

Their root and branches are sustain'd. 2 To God, most worthy to be praised,

Be our domestic altars raised;
Though Lord of heaven, he deigns to dwell
With saints in their obscurest cell.
3 To thee let each united house,
Morning and night present its vows :
Our servants here, and rising race,
Be taught thy precepts and thy grace.
4 Oh! may each future age proclaim

The honours of thy glorious name:
While pleased and thankful we remove,
To join thy family above. DODDRIDGE

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