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Do all to the Glory of God
HYMN 617. C.M.

The same.
SUMMON'd my labour to renew,

And glad to act my part,
Lord, in thy name my work I do,

And with a single heart.
2 End of my every action, thou,

In all things may I see; Accept my hallow'd labour now

I do it unto thee. 3 Whate'er the Father views as thine,

He views with gracious eyes : Jesus, this mean oblation join

To thy great sacrifice. 4 Stamp'd with an infinite desert,

My work he then shall own : Well pleased with me, when mine thou art, And I his favour'd son, C. WESLEY,

HYMN 618. S.M.

Do all to the Glory of God.
God of almighty love,

By whose sufficient grace,
I lift my heart to things above,
• And humbly seek thy face;
Through Jesus Christ the just,

My faint desires receive;
And let me in thy goodness trust,

And to thy glory live. 2 Whate'er I say or do,

Thy glory be my aim;
My offerings all be offer'd through
1. The ever-blessed name :
Jesus, my single eye

Be fix'd on thee alone;
Thy name be praised on earth, on high:
Thy will by all be done.

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Spirit of faith, inspire

My consecrated heart;
Fill me with pure celestial fire,

With all thou hast and art:
My feeble mind transform,

And perfectly renew'd,
Into a saint exalt a worm,

And raise me up to God. C. WESLEY.

HYMN 619. 8-7's & 6's. “ Not slothful in business, fervent in spirit,

serving the Lord."
Lo! I come with joy, to do

The Master's blessed will:
Him in outward works pursue,

And serve his pleasure still:
Faithful to my Lord's commands,
I still would choose the better part-
Serve with careful Martha's hands

And loving Mary's heart.
2 Careful without care I am,

Nor feel my happy toil :
Kept in peace in Jesu's name,

Supported by his smile:
Joyful thus my faith to show,
I find his service my reward;
Every work I do below,

I do it to the Lord.
Thou, O Lord, in tender love,

Dost all my burdens bear;
Lift my heart to things above,

And fix it ever there :
Calm on tumult's wheel I sit,
'Midst busy multitudes alone;
Sweetly waiting at thy feet,

Till all thy will be done.
Oh, that all the art may know

Of living thus to thee;
Find their heaven begun below,

And here thy glory see:

The Christian Mariner.

Walk in all the works prepared
By thee to exercise their grace;
Till they gain their full reward,
And see thy glorious face. C. WESLEY.
Hymn 620. 6-8's.

Divine Guidance.
CAPTAIN of Israel's host, and guide

Of all who seek the land above,
Beneath thy shadow we abide,

The cloud of thy protecting love:
Our strength thy grace, our rule thy word,

Our end the glory of the Lord. 2 By thy unerring Spirit led,

We shall not in the desert stray;
We shall not full direction need,

Nor miss our providential way;
As far from danger as from fear,
While Love, Almighty Love, is near.




Hymn 621. 4-6's & 2-8's.

The Christian Mariner.
JESUS, at thy command,

I launch into the deep;
And leave my native land,

Where sin lulls all asleep:
For thee I fain would all resign,
And sail to heaven with thee and thine,
What though the seas are broad;

What though the waves are strong;
What though temptations loud

Distress me all along!
Yet what are seas and stormy wind,
Compared with Christ, the sinner's Friend?

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The Wonders of the Lord in the Deep.

3 Christ is my pilot wise:

My compass is his word:
My soul each storm defies,

While I have such a Lord:
" I trust his faithfulness and power,

To save me in the trying hour. 4 By faith I see the land,

The haven of endless rest;
My soul, thy wings expand,

And fly to Jesu's breast!
Oh, may I reach the heavenly shore,

Where winds and seas distress no more! 6 Come, heavenly Wind, and blow

A prosperous gale of grace,
To waft from all below,

To heaven, my destined place;
Then, in full sail, my port I'll find,
And leave the world and sin behind.


HYMN 622. C.M.
The Wonders of the Lord in the Deep
The northern pole, and southern, rest

On God's supporting hand :
Darkness and day, from east to west,

Move round at his command. 2 He bids the liquid waters flow,

To their appointed deep :
The flowing seas their limits know,

And their own station keep.
3 Thy words the raging winds control,

And rule the boisterous deep;
Thou makest the sleeping billows roll,

The rolling billows sleep.
4 Rejoice, ye seamen, in the Lord :

This work belongs to you;
Sing ot his name, his ways, his word,

How holy, just, and true.

Whilenis endine storm proans

Early Piety.
HYMN 623. C.M.

Christ a Refuge.
A SHIPWRECK'D world bestrews the shores

Of vast eternity;
While Sinai's thundering tempest roars

Man's endless destiny. 2 Wreck'd in the storm which sin has raised,

The whole creation groans;
While fiery hills their lightnings blaze

'Mid nature's dying moans. 3 But grace—what wondrous grace has done!

Sinners, be not afraid;
God loved the world, and gave his Son,

And Christ the storm allay'd.
4 Here's refuge from the furious blast :

To Christ let sinners steer:
On him be my soul's anchor cast;

Millions have harbour'd here.


PHYMN 624. C.M.

Early Piety. RELIGION is the chief concern

sern Of mortals here below: May I its great importance learn;

Its sovereign virtue know, 2 Religion should our thoughts engage

Amidst our youthful bloom : "Twill fit us for declining age,

And for the awful tomb.
8 Oh, may my heart, by grace renew'd,

Be my Redeemer's throne;
And be my stubborn will subdued,

His government to own.

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