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Thanksgiving for spiritual Blessings.

Hymn 368. C.M.
The Authority and Design of the Lord's

JESUS, at whose supreme command,

We thus approach to God;
Before us in thy vesture stand,

Thy vesture dipp'd in blood. 2 Obedient to thy gracious word,

We break the hallow'd bread; Commemorate thee, our dying Lord,

And trust on thee to feed.
3 Now, Saviour, now thyself reveal,

And make thy nature known;
Affix thy sacramental seal,

And stamp us for thy own. 4 The tokens of thy dying ove,

Oh! let us all receive!
And feel the quick’ning Spirit move,
And sensibly believe.


HYMN 369 C.M. Thanksgiving for spiritual Blessings in

GLORY to him who freely spent

His blood that we might live;
And through this choicest instrument

Does all his blessings give.
2 Here all thy blessings we receive;

Here all thy gifts are given,
To those who would in thee believe

Pardon, and grace, and heaven.
3 Thus may we still in thee be blest,

Till all from earth remove, And share with thee the marriage feast, And drink the wine above.


The spiritual Desires of Communicants

HYMN 370. S.M.
Submission to Christ's Command.

OUR Saviour spake the word,
His will our reason is,
“Do this in memory of thy Lord;"

Jesus has said, “Do this !”
2 He bids us eat the bread,

He bids us drink the wine;
No other motive, Lord, we need,

No other word than thine.
3 We cheerfully comply

With what our Lord does say:
Let others ask a reason why,

Our glory is t' obey.
4 Because he says, Do this,

This we shall always do;
Till Jesus comes in glorious bliss,
We thus his death will show.

HYMN 371. L.M.
The spiritual Desires of Communicants.
To Jesus, our exalted Lord
(The name by heaven and earth adored),
Fain would our hearts and voices raise

A cheerful song of grateful praise.
2 But all the notes that mortals know

Are weak, and languishing, and low.
Far, far above our humble songs,

The theme demands immortal tongues. 3 Yet while around his board we meet,

And humbly worship at his feet;
Oh, let our warm affections move,

In glad returns of grateful love, 4 Let faith our feeble senses aid,

To see thy wondrous love displayed;
Thy broken flesh, thy bleeding veins,
Thy dreadful agonizing pains.

An Exhortation to glorify God.

5 Let humble, penitential woe,

With painful, pleasing anguish flow;
And thy forgiving smiles impart
Life, hope, and joy, to every heart. STEELE.

HYMN 372. C.M.

Remembering Christ.
ACCORDING to thy gracious word,

In meek humility,
This will I do, my dying Lord,

I will remember Thee.
2 Thy body, broken for my sake,

My bread from heaven shall be:
Thy testamental cup I take,

And thus remember Thee. 3 Gethsemane, can I forget,

Or there thy conflict see-
Thy agony and bloody sweat,

And not remember Thee?
4 When to the cross I turn my eyes

And rest on Calvary,
O Lamb of God, my sacrifice,

I must remember Thee.
5 Remember Thee, and all thy pains,

And all thy love to me;
Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains,

Will I remember Thee.
6 And when these failing lips grow dumb,

And mind and memory flee;
When thou shalt in thy kingdom come,

Jesus, remember me. MONTGOMERY.



HYMN 373. 8-7's.
An Exhortation to glorify God.
COME, and let us sweetly join,
Christ to praise in hymns divine:

The Presence of Jesus implored.

Give we all, with one accord,
Glory to our common Lord :
Hands, and hearts, and voices raise ;
Sing as in the ancient days;
Antedate the joys above;
Celebrate the feast of love.

2 Strive we, in affection strive,

Let the purer iame revive;
Such as in the martyrs glow'd,
Dying champions for their God:
We, like them, may live and love;
Call'd we are their joys to prove;
Saved with them from future wrath ;

Partners of like precious faith.
3 Sing we then in Jesu's name,
Now as yesterday the same;
One in every time and place;
Full for all of truth and grace;
We for Christ our Master stand,
Lights in a benighted land:
We our dying Lord confess :

We are Jesu's witnesses.
4 Witnesses that Christ has died;

We with him are crucified ;
Christ has burst the bands of death;
We his quickening Spirit breathe :
Christ is now gone up on high,
Thither all our wishes fly:
Sits at God's right hand above :
There with him we reign in love.


Hymn 374. 8-7's. The Presence of Jesus implored. Come, thou high and lofty Lord! Lowly, meek, incarnate Word, Humbly stoop to earth again; Come and visit abject man:

Building up yourselves, fc.

Jesus, dear expected Guest,
Thou art bidden to the feast;
For thyself our hearts prepare;

Come, and sit, and banquet here.
2 Jesus, we thy promise claim,
We are met in thy great name;
In the midst do thou appear,
Manifest thy presence here;
Sanctify, O Lord, and bless;
Breathe thy Spirit, give thy peace:
Thou thyself within us move;
Make our feast a feast of love.

C. WESLEY. HYMN 375. 4-7's. Building up yourselves in your most holy

Let us join ('tis God con mands),
Let us join our hearts and hands;
Help to gain our calling's hope,

Build we each the other up.
2 God his blessing shall dispense:
God shall crown this ordinance;
Meet in his appointed ways,

Nourish us with heavenly grace.
? Let us then as brethren love;

Faithfully his gifts improve :
Carry on the earnest strire;
Walk in holiness of life.

4 Plead we thus for faith alone,

Faith which by our works is shown;
God it is who justifies :

Only faith the grace supplies. 5 Active faith that lives within,

Conquers earth, and hell, and sin;
Sanctifics and makes us whole,
Forms the Saviour in the soul.

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