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For the Prosperity of Zion.

6 Let us for this faith contend,

Sure salvation is its end;
Heaven already is begun,

Everlasting life is won.
7 Only let us persevere

Till we see our Lord appear;
Never from the Rock remove,
Saved by faith which works by love.


HYMN 376. L.M.

For the Prosperity of Zion.
O Thou, our Husband, Brother, Friend!

Behold a cloud of incense rise;
The prayers of saints to heaven ascend,

Grateful accepted sacrifice.
2 Regard our prayers for Zion's peace;

Shed in our hearts thy love abroad:
Thy gifts abundantly increase;

Enlarge and fill us all with God.
3 Before thy sheep, great Shepherd, go,

And guide into thy perfect will: Cause us thy hallow'd name to know;

The work of faith in us fulfil. 4 Help us to make our calling sure;

Oh! let us all be saints indeed; And pure as thou thyself art pure,

Conform’d in all things to our Head. 5 Take the dear purchase of thy blood;

Thy blood shall wash us white as snow: Present us sanctified to God,

And perfected in love below. 6 From all iniquity redeem:

Cleanse by the Spirit and the word, And free from every spot of blame; And make the servant as his Lord.


Divine Conformity. Hymn 377. 4-8's & 2-6's.

Communion of Saints
COME, wisdom, power, and grace divine,
Come, Jesus, in thy name to join

A happy, chosen band;
Who fain would prove thy utmost will,
And all thy righteous laws fulfil,

In love's benign command.
? If pure essential love thou art,
Thy nature into every heart,

Thy loving self, inspire:
Bid all our simple souls be one;
United in a bond unknown;

Baptized with heavenly fire.
3 Still may we to our Centre tend ;
To spread thy praise our common end,

To help each other on;
Companions through the wilderness;
To share a moment's pain, and seize

An everlasting crown.
4 Jesus, our tender'd souls prepare :
Infuse the softest, social care,

The warmest charity;
The bowels of our bleeding Lamb,
The virtues of thy wondrous name;

The heart that was in thee.
5 Supply what every member wants;
To found the fellowship of saints,

Thy Spirit, Lord, supply:
So shall we all thy love receive,
Together to thy glory live,

And to thy glory die. C. WESLEY.
Hymn 378. 4-8's & 2-6's.

Divine Conformity.
O SAVIOUR, cast a gracious smile;
Our gloomy guilt, and selfish guile,

The Indwelling Spirit.

And shy distrust, remove:
The true simplicity impart,
To fashion every passive heart,

And mould it into love. 2 Oh! that we now the power might feel, To do on earth thy blessed will,

As angels do above:
In thee the Life, the Truth, the Way,
To walk, and perfectly obey

Thy sweet constraining love.
3 Jesus, fulfil our one desire.
And spread the spark of living fire

Through every hallow'd breast:
Bless with divine conformity;
And give us now to find in thee

Our everlasting rest.
HYMN 379. 8-8's & 7's.

The Indwelling Spirit.
Come, thou all-inspiring Spirit,

Into every longing heart:
Bought for us by Jesu's merit,

Now thy blissful self impart:
Sign our uncontested pardon;

Wash us in the atoning blood;
Make our hearts a water'd garden;

Fill our happy souls with God.
2 As thou giv'st the enlarged desire,

Which for thee we ever feel;
Now our panting souls inspire,

Now our cancell'd sin reveal :
Claim us for thy habitation:

Dwell within our hallow'd breast :
Seal us heirs of full salvation,

Fitted for our heavenly rest.
3 Give us patiently to tarry,

Till for all thy glory meet;
Waiting, like attentive Mary,

Happy at the Saviour's fect:

Christian Fellowship.

Keep us from the world unspotted,

From all earthly passions free;
Wholly to thyself devoted;
Fix'd to live and die for thee.



HYMN 380. S.M.

Divine Preservation.
AND are we yet alive,

And see each other's face?
Glory and praise to Jesus give

For his redeeming grace.
Preserved by power divine,

To full salvation here;
Again in Jesu's praise we join,

And in his sight appear.
3 What troubles have we seen!

What conflicts have we past!
Fightings without, and fears within,

Since we assembled last.
But out of all, the Lord

Has brought us by his love;
And still he does his help afford,

And hides our life above. 5 Let us take up the cross,

Till we the crown obtain ; And gladly reckon all things loss, So we may Jesus gain. c. WESLEY. HYMN 381. 8-7's,

Christian Fellowship, GLORY be to God above,

God from whom all blessings flow: Make we mention of his love,

Publish we his praise below:

Social Praise.

Calld together by his grace,

We are met in Jesu's name:
See with joy each other's face,

Followers of the bleeding Lamb.
2 Let us then sweet counsel take,

How to make our calling sure:
Our election how to make

Past the reach of hell secure:
Build we each the other up:

Pray we for our faith's increase;
Solid comfort, settled hope,
Constant joy, and lasting peace.


Hymn 382. 10's & 11's.

Social Praise. All thanks to the Lamb, who gives us to meet!

His love we proclaim, his praises repeat: We own him our Jesus, continually near, To pardon and bless us, and perfect us here. 2 In him we have peace, in him we have power; Preserved by his grace throughout the dark

hour; In all our temptations he keeps us, to prove His utmost salvation, his fulness of love. 3 Through pride and desire, unhurt we have gone,

Through water and fire, in him we went on : The world and the devil thro' him we o'ercame; Our Jesus from evil, for ever the same. 4 When we would have spurn'd his mercy and

grace, To Egypt'return'd and fled from his face, He hinder'd our flying (his goodness to show), And stopp'd us by crying, Will ye also go? 5 Oh! what shall we do, our Saviour to love?

To make us anew, come, Lord, from above: The fruit of thy passion, thy holiness give; Give us the salvation of all that believe.

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