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Parting to meet in Heaven.

HYMN 409. C.M.

The same.
God of all consolation, take

The glory of thy grace;
Thy gifts to thee we render back,

In ceaseless songs of praise.
2 Through thee we now together came,

In singleness of heart;
We met, o Jesus, in thy name,

And in thy name we part.
3 We part in body, not in mind-

Our minds continue one;
And each to each in Jesus join'd,

We hand in hand go on.
Subsists, as in us all, one soul,

No power can make us twain:
And mountains rise, and oceans roll

To sever us, in vain.
5 Present we still in spirit are,

And intimately nigh; While on the wings of faith and prayer,

We to each other fly.
6 Our life is hid with Christ in God:

Our Life shall soon appear,
And shed his glory all abroad,

On all his members here.
7 Our souls are in his mighty hand,

And he shall keep them still,
And you and I shall surely stand

With him on Zion's hill.
8 Him eye to eye we there shall see;

Our face like his shall shine: Oh, what a glorious company,

When saints and angels join!
9 Oh, what a joyful meeting there!

In robes of white array'd,
Palms in our hands we all shall bear,

Aud crowns upon our head!

Mutual Benediction.

10 Then let us hasten to the day

When all shall be brought home:
Come, O Redeemer, come away!
o Jesus, quickly come! c. WESLEY.
HYMN 410. 8-7's.

Unity and Love.
JESUS, dear harmonious name,

Every faithful heart's desire;
See thy followers, Holy Lamb,

All at once to thee aspire :
Drawn by thy uniting grace,

After thee we swiftly run:
Hand in hand we seek thy face;

Come and perfect us in one.
2 Mollify our stubborn will:

Each to each our tempers suit,
By thy modulating skill,

Heart to heart, as lute to lute:
Sweetly on our spirits move :

Gently toucb the trembling strings :
Make the harmony of love,

Music for the Kings of kings. 3 Jesu's praise be all our song:

While we Jesu's praise repeat,
Glide our happy hours along,

Glide with down upon their feet:
Far from sorrow, sin, and fear,

Till we take our seats above,
Live we all as angels here,
Sweetly sing, and praise, and love.


Far from soake our ss here, and love. ET.

HYMN 411. C.M.

Mutual Benediction.
Lift up your hearts to things above,

Ye followers of the Lamb ;
And join with us to praise his love,

And glorify his name:

Mutual Benediction.

To Jesu's name give thanks and sing,

Whose mercies never end : Rejoice, rejoice, the Lord is King:

The King is now our friend. 2 We for his sake count all things loss;

On earthly good look down; And joyfully sustain the cross,

Till we receive the crown:
Oh, let us stir each other up,

Our faith by works t approve,
By holy, purifying hope,

"And the sweet task of love.
3 Love us, though far in flesh disjoin'd,

Ye followers of the Lamb;
And ever bear us on your mind,

Who think and speak the same:
You on our minds we ever hear,

Whoe'er to Jesus bow :
Stretch out the arms of faith and prayer,

And lo! we rcach you now.
4 The blessings all on you be shed,

Which God in Christ imparts;
We pray the Spirit of our Head,

Into your faithful hearts:
Mercy and peace your portion be,

To carnal minds unknown :
The hidden manna, and the tree

Of life, and the white stone.
5 Let all who for the promise wait,

The Holy Ghost receive ;
And raised to our unsinning state,

With God in Eden live :
Live till the Lord in glory come;

And wait his heaven to share:
He now is fitting up your home;

Go on, we'll meet you there.

An Exhortation to Repentance.






HYMN 412. C.M.
An Exhortation to Repentance.
REPENT, the voice celestial cries,

Nor longer dare delay :
The wretch that scorns the mandate, dics,

And meets a fiery day.
2 No more the sovereign eye of God

O'erlooks the crimes of men; His heralds are despatch'd abroad,

To warn the world of sin. 3 Together in his presence bow,

And all your guilt confess : Embrace the blessed Saviour now,

Nor trifle with his grace.
4 Bow, ere the awful trumpet sound,

And call you to his bar;
For mercy knows the appointed bound,

And turns to judgment there. 5 Amazing love that yet will call,

And yet prolong our days:
Our hearts subdued by goodness, fall,
And weep, and love, and praise.


Grace may be rejected..
HYMN 413. L.M.

The Sinner awakenud.
Wita melting heart, and weeping eyes,
My guilty soul for mercy cries :
What shall I do, or whither flee,

To escape the vengeance due to mé ? 2 Till now I saw no danger nigh :

I lived at ease, nor fear'd to die:
Wrapp'd up in self-deceit and pride,

I shall have peace at last, I cried.
3 But when, great God! thy light divine
Had shone on this dark soul of mine;
Then I beheld, with trembling awe,

The terrors of thy holy law.
4 How dreadful, now, my guilt appears,

In childhood, youth, and riper years :
Before thy pure discerning eye,

Lord, what a guilty wretch am I! 5 Should vengeance still my soul pursue,

Death and destruction are my due:
Yet mercy can my guilt forgive,

And bid a dying sininer live.
6 Does not thy sacred word proclaim,

Salvation free, in Jesu's name?
To him I look, and humbly cry,
Oh, save a wretch condemn'd to die !


HYMN 414. S.M.

Grace may be rejected.
COME, sound his praise abroad,

And hymns of glory sing;
Jehovah is the sov'reign Lord,

The universal King.
2 (He form'd the deeps unknown,

And gave the seas their bound:
The watery worlds are all his own,

And all the solid ground.]

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