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A saved Sinner proclaiming Mercy.

2 Jesus, full of truth and love,

We thy kindest word obey;
Faithful let thy mercies prove:

Take our load of guilt away:
Fain we would on thee rely,

Cast on thee our sin and care:
To thy arms of mercy fiy,
Find our lasting quiet there. C. WESLEY.

HYMN 432. 6-8's.
A saved Sinner proclaiming Mercy to o! kers.
WHERE shall my wandering soul begin?

Hw shall I all to heaven aspire?
A slave redeem'd from death and sin,

A brand pluck'd from eternal fire:
How shall I equal triuinphs raise,

Or sing my great Deliverer's praise?
2 Oh, how shall I the goodness tell,
• Father, which thou to me hast show'd ?
That I, a child of wrath and hell,

I should be call'd a child of God:
Should know, should feel my sins forgiven,

Bless'd with this antepast of heaven. 3 And shall I slight my Father's love?

Or basely fear his gifts to own? Unmindful of his favours prove?

Shall I, the hallow'd cross to shun, Refuse his righteousness to impart,

By hiding it within my heart? 4 Outcasts of men, on you I call,

Harlots, and publicans, and thieves: He spreads his arms to embrace you all ;

Sinners alone his grace receive: No need of him the righteous have;

He came the lost to seek and save. 5 Come, O my guilty brethren, come,

Groaning beneath your load of sin; His bleeding heart shall make you roon,

His open side shall take you in : He calls you now, invites you home; Come, O my guilty brethren, come!

Formality lamented.

6 for you the purple current flow'd

In pardons from his wounded side; Languish'd for you, the Son of God;

For you the Prince of glory died: Believe, and all your sin's forgiven:. Only believe, and yours is heaven.

C. WESLEY, 1: HYMN 423. 6-8 s.

Behold the Lamb of God. SEE, sinners, in the gospel glass,

The Friend and Saviour of mankind; Not one of all the apostate race,

But may in him salvation find; His thoughts, and words, and actions prove,

His life and death-that God is love. 2 Behold the Lamb of God, who bears

The sins of all the world away!
A servant's form he meekly wears;

He sojourns in a house of clay:
His glory is no longer seen,

But God with God, is man with men. 3 See where the God incarnate stands,

And calls his wandering creatures home: He all day long spreads out his hands;

Come, weary souls, to Jesus come: Ye all may hide you in his breast; Believe, and he will give you rest. C. WESLEY.



HYMN 424. C.M.

Formality lamented.
Long have I seem'd to serve thee, Lord,

With unavailing pain :
Fasted, and pray'd, and read thy word,

And heard it preach'd in vain.

2 Oft did I with the assembly join,

And near thy altar drew :
A form of godliness was mine,

The power I never knew,
3 I rested in the outward law;

Nor knew its deep design;
The length and breadth I never saw,

And height of love divine.
4 To please thee thus, at length I see,

Vainly I hoped and strove;
For what are outward things to thee

Unless they spring from love? 5 I see thy perfect law requires

Truth in the inward parts;
Our full consent, our whole desires,

Our undivided hearts.
6 But I of means have made my boast,

Of means an idol made;
The spirit in the letter lost,

The substance in the shade.
7 Where am I now, or what my hope?

What can my weakness do?
Jesus, to thee my soul looks up!
'Tis thou must make it new. C. WESLEY.
HYMN 425. 6-8's.

FATHER of lights, from whom proceeds
Whate'er thy every creature needs;
Whose goodness, providently nigh,
Feeds the young ravens when they cry!
To thee I look, my heart prepare;

Suggest and hearken to my prayer.
2 Since by thy light myself I see,
Naked, and poor, and void of thee;
Thy eyes must all my thoughts survey,
Directing what my lips should say:
Thou seest my wants, for help they call,
And ere I speak, thou know'st them all.

Praying for Penitence.

3 Thou know'st the baseness of my mind,
Wayward, and impotent, and blind;
Thou know'st how unsubdued my will,
Averse to good, and prone to ill;
Thou know'st how wide my passions rove,

Nor check'd by fear, nor charm’d by love. 4 Fain would I know as known by thee,

And feel the indigence I see:
Fain would I all my vileness own,
And deep beneath the burden groan;
Abhor the pride that lurks within ;

Detest, and loathe myself and sin.
5 Ah! give me, Lord, myself to feel;

And all my misery reveal :
Ah! give me, Lord (I still would say),
A heart to mourn, a heart to pray :
My business this, my only care,
My life, my every breath be prayer.

HYMN 426. 6-7's.

Praying for Penitence.
SAVIOUR, Prince of Israel's race,

See me from thy lofty throne:
Give the sweet relenting grace,

Soften this obdurate stone:
Stone to flesh, O God! convert;

Cast a look and break my heart.
2 Jesus, seek thy wandering sheep,

Make me restless to return;
Bid me look on thee and weep,

Bitterly as Peter mourn;
Till I say, by grace restored,

Now thou know'st I love thee, Lord.
I Might I in thy sight appear;

As the Publican distress'd;
Stand, not daring to draw near;

Smite on my unworthy breast;
Groan the sinner's only plea-

God be merciful to me!

Praying for Penitence.'

4 Oh, remember me for good,

Passing through the mortal vale; Show me the atoning blood,

When my strength and spi its fail :
Give my gasping soul to see
Jesus crucified for me. c. WESLEY.
HYMN 427 S.M.

The same.
Ou, that I could repent!
With all my idols part;
A id to thy gracious eye present

An humble, contrite heart:
A heart with grief oppress'd,

For having grieved my God;
A roubled heart, that cannot rest,

Till sprinkled with thy blood. 2 Jesus, on me bestow

The penitent desire;
With true sincerity of woe,

My aching breast inspire;
With softening pity look,

And melt my hardness down;
Strike, with thy love's resistless stroke,
And break this heart of stone.

HYMN 428. S.M.

The same.
Ou, that I could revere,

My much-offended God;
Oi, that I could but stand in fear

Of thy afflicting rod :
If mercy cannot draw,

Thou by thy threat'nings move,
Ad keep an abject soul in awe,

That will not yield to love. 2

Show me the naked sword,

Impending o'er my head : 0.1, let me tremble at thy word,

And to my ways take heed;

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