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The Woman of Canaan.

The fulness of thy promise prove,

The seal of thy eternal love?
2 A poor blind child I wander here,

If haply I may feel thee near:
Oh, dark! dark ! dark! I still must say,

Amidst the blaze of gospel-day.
3 Thee, only thee, I fain would find,

And cast the world and flesh behind:
Thou, only thou, to me be given,

Of all thou hast in earth or heaven.
4 When from the arm of flesh set free,
Jesus, my soul shall fly to thee:
Jesus, when I have lost my all,

I shall upon thy bosom fall.
5 Ah! wherefore did I ever doubt?

Thou wilt in no-wise cast me out,
A helpless soul that comes to thee,

With only sin and misery.
6 Lord, I am sick,-my sickness cure :

I want,--do thou enrich the poor:
Under thy mighty hand I stoop;

Oh, lift the abject sinner up!
7 Lord, I am blind,-be thou my sight;

Lord. I am weak,-be thou my might:
A helper of the helpless be,
And let me find my all in thee.


HYMN 460. 8-7's & 6's.

The Woman of Canaan.
LORD, regard my earnest cry,

A potsherd of the earth!
A poor guilty worm am I,

A Canaanite by birth:
Save me from this tyranny;

From all the power of Satal bare:
Mercy, mercy upon me,

Thou Son of David, have.

Seeking Salvation.

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To the sheep of Israel's fold,

Thou in thy flesh wast sent;
Yet the Gentiles now behold

In thee their covenant:
See me, then, with pity, sce,

A sinner whom thou cam'st to save:
Mercy, mercy upon me,

Thou Son of David, have.
Still I cannot part with thee;

I will not let thee go:
Mercy, mercy upon me,

Thou Son of David, show:
Vilest of the sinful race,

On thee importunate I call:
Help me, Jesus: show thy grace:

Thy grace is free for all.
Nothing am I in thy sight;

Nothing have I to plead :
Unto dogs it is not right

To cast the children's bread:
Yet the dogs the crumbs may eat,

That from their Master's table fall:
Let the fragments be my meat!

Thy grace is free for all.
As thy grace for all is free,

Thy call now let me hear;
Show this token unto me,

And bring salvation near ;
Now the gracious word repeat,

The word of healing to my soul:
“Canaanite, thy faith is great ;
Thy faith has made thee whole."


HYMN 461. L.M.

Seeking Salvation. My God, if I may call thee mine,

From heaven and thee removed so far: Draw nigh, thy pitying ear incline,

And cast not out my languid prayer.

Pleading the Blood of Christ.

2 Gently the weak thou loy'st to lead :

Thou lov'st to prop the feeble kuee: Oh, break not then a bruised reed,

Nor quench the smoking flax in me. 8 Buried in sin, thy voice I hear,

And burst the barriers of my tomb; In all the marks of death appear;

Forth at thy call, though bound, I come 4 Give me, oh, give me fully, Lord,

Thy resurrection's power to know; Free me indeed, repeat the word,

And loose my bands, and let me go. 5 Fain would I go to thee, my God;

Thy mercies and my wants to tell:
To feel my pardon seal'd in blood;

Saviour, thy love I wait to feel.
6 Freed from the power of cancell'd sin,

When shall my soul triumphant prove?
Why breaks not out the fire within,
In flames of joy, and praise, and love?

HYMN 462. 4-7's.

Pieading the Blood of Christ.
GRACIOUS God, thou seest in me
Only sin and misery;
Look on thy beloved Son,

See what he for me has done.
2 Turn from me thy glorious eyes,

To that spotless sacrifice ;
To that full atonement made,

To that utmost ransom paid;
3 To the blood that speaks above,
Calls for thy forgiving love:
To the tokens of his death,
Here exhibited beneath.
4 Hear his blood's availing cry;
Let thy bowels then reply;
Then through him the sinner see;
Then in Jesus look on me. C. WESLEY.

Only sin and beloved as done.

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HYMN 463. L.M.

Unfaithfulness confessed.
SAVIOUR, I now with shame confess
My thirst for creature happiness :
By base desires I wrong'd thy love,

And forced thy mercy to remove.
2 Yet would I not regard thy stroke,

But when thou didst thy grace revoke:
And when thou didst thy face conceal,

Thy absence I refused to feel.
3 I knew not that the Lord was gone;

In my own froward will went on:
I lived to the desires of men,

And thou hast all my wanderings seen. 4 Yet, oh, the riches of thy grace!

Thou who hast seen my evil ways,
Wilt freely my hackslidings heal,

And pardon on my conscience seal. 6 For this I at thy footstool wait,

Till thou my peace again create;
Fruit of thy gracious lips, restore
My peace, and bid me sin no more.

HYMN 464. S.M.

Seeking Peace with God.
AND wilt thou yet be found?

And may I still draw near?
Then listen to the plaintive sound

Of a poor sinner's prayer.
Jesus, thy aid afford,

If still the same thou art:
To thee I look, to thee, my Lord !

Lift up my helpless heart.

The Lord turned and looked on l'eter.

2 Thou seest my troubled breast,

The struggles of my will,
The foes that interrupt my rest,

The agonies I feel:
The daily death I prove,

Saviour, to thee is known:
"Tis worse than death my God to love,

And not my God alone. 3 O my offended Lord,

Restore my inward peace :
I know thou canst pronounce the word,

And bid the tempest cease.
I long to see thy face;

Thy Spirit I implore;
The living water of thy grace,
That I may thirst no more.


HYMN 465. 8-7's & 6's. The Lord turned and looked on Peter.

JESUS, let thy pitying eye

Call back a wandering sheep;
False to thee, like Peter, I

Would fain like Peter weep;
Let me be by grace restored;
On me be all long-suffering shown;
Turn, and look upon me, Lord,

And break my heart of stone.
Saviour, Prince, enthron'd above,

Repentance to impart,
Give me, through thy dying love,

The humble contrite heart:
Give what I have long implored,
A portion of thy grief unknown;
Turn, and look upon me, Lord,

And break my heart of stone.
See me, Saviour, from above,

Nor suffer me to die;.
Life, and happiness, and love,

Drop from thy gracious eye:


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