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4 Ho! ye that pant for living streams,

And pine away and die,
Here you may quench your raging thirst

With springs that never dry.
5 Rivers of love and mercy here,

In a rich ocean join;
Salvation in abundance flows,

Like floods of milk and wine.
6 Great God! the treasures of thy love

Are everlasting mines;
Deep as our helpless miseries are,

And boundless as our sins.
7 The happy gates of Gospel grace

Stand open night and day,
And here we come to seek supplies

O drive our wants away!

Man's Duty.
1 GOD is goodness, wisdom, power,

Love him, praise him evermore ;
Let us strive, and never cease,

Him in every thing to please.
2 Born for this intent we are,

Our Creator to declare;
God to love, and serve, and praise,

God to honour all our days.
3 Lift we then our hearts to God,

Like the Church above employ'd;
Day and night the angels sing

Praises to their Heavenly King. 4 Him that sitteth on the throne

Him that died for man t'atone-
God and the triumphant Lamb

They eternally proclaim.
5 Let us then to God aspire,

Rivals of the heavenly'choir ;
Cherubim our faces wear,

Let us their enjoyments share. 6 Holy, holy, holy. Lord,

Live by heaven and earth adored !
Filld with Thee, let all things cry
Glory be to God most High.

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New Creation.
The beginning of the Creation of God, the author and finisher of

our faith.
1 ATTEND while God's exalted Son,

Doth his own glories shew;
Behold I sit upon my throne,

Creating all things new.
2 Nature and sin are passed away,

And the old Adam dies;
My hands a new foundation lay,

See the new world arise !
3 I'll be a Sun of Righteousness,

To the new heavens I make;
None, but the new-born heirs of grace,

My glories shall partake.
4 Mighty Redeemer ! set me free,

From my old state of sin;
O make my soul alive to thee,

Create new powers within.
5 Renew mine eyes, and form mine ears,

And mould my heart afresh ;
Give me new passions, joys, and fears,

And turn the stone to flesh.
6 Far from the regions of the dead,

From sin, and earth, and hell ;
In the new world that grace has made,
I would for ever dwell.



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The Sun of Righteousness.
1 TO thee, O God, we homage pay,

Source of the light that rules the day;
Who, while he gilds all nature's frame,

Reflects thy rays, and speaks thy name,
2 In louder strains we sing that grace

Which gives the Sun of Righteousness ;
Whose noble light salvation brings,

And scatters healing from his wings.
3 Still on our hearts may Jesus shine, ,

With beams of light, and love divine:
Quicken'd by Him our souls shall live,

And cheer'd by Him, shall grow and tbrire.
4 Oh, may his glories stand confess'd,

From north to south, from east to west ;
Successful may his Gospel run,

Wide as the circuit of the sun.
5 Then shall that blissful scene arise,

When fix'd on high in purer skies,
Christ all his lustre shall display,

On all his saints through endless day. 244.

Preserved in Jesus Christ.
1 WHEN the first parents of our race

Rebelld and lost their God,
And the infection of their sin

Had tainted all our blood,
2 Infinite pity touch'd the heart

Of the eternal Son;
Descending from the heavenly court,

He left his Father's throne.
3 Aside the Prince of Glory threw

His most diyine array,
And wrapt his Godhead in a veil

Of our inferior clay.
4 His living power, and dying love,

Redeem'd unhappy men ;
And raised the ruins of our race,
To life and God again.

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5 To thee, O Lord, our flesh and soul

We joyfully resign;
Blest Jesus, take us for thine own,

For we are doubly thine.
6 Thine honour shall for ever be

The business of our days;
For ever shall our thankful tongues

Speak thy deserved praise.


Offices of Christthe WORD.
V. 1, 2, 3, 5, 9. Or 1,4,6,7, 11. Or 1,8-ll.
1 JOIN all the names of love and power,

That ever men or angels bore ;
All are too mean to speak his worth,

Or set Immanuel's glory forth.
2 But 0, what condescending ways
He takes to teach his heavenly grace;
My eyes with joy and wonder see
What forms of love he bears for me.
3 The Angel of the covenant stands,

With his commission in his hands,
Sent from his Father's milder throne,

To make the great salvation known.
4 Great Prophet, let me bless thy name,

By thee the joyful tidings came,
Of wrath appeased, of sins forgiven,

Of hell subdued, and peace with heaven.
5 My bright example, and my guide,

I would be walking near thy side ;
O let me never run astray,

Nor follow the forbidden way.
6 I love my Shepherd, he shall keep

My wandering soul among his sheep ;
He feeds his fock, he calls their names,

And in his bosom bears the lambs.
7 My Surety undertakes my cause,

Answering his Father's broken laws;
Behold my

soul at freedom set,
My Surety paid the dreadful debt.



8 Jesus, my great High Priest has died,

I seek no sacrifice beside ;
His blood did once for all atone,

And now it pleads before the throne.
9 My Advocate appears on high,

My Father lays his thunder by!
Not all that earth or hell can say

Shall turn my Father's heart away.
10 My Lord, my Conqueror, and my King,

Thy sceptre and thy sword I sing';

Thine is the victory, and I sit

A joyful subject at thy feet.
11 Aspire, my soul, to glorious deeds,

The captain of salvation leads,
March on, nor fear to win the day,
Though death and hell obstruct the way.

246. The Presence of Christ with his Church ,
1 THOU, Lord, art every where the same,

Thy Church's living Vine;
Upon whose all-supporting stem,

Her feeble scions twine.
2 Quicken'd by thee, and kept alive,

They flourish and bear fruit ;
As branches all their sap derive,

And vigour from the root.
3 They can do nothing without thee,

Their strength is wholly thine ;
Wither'd and barren must they be,

If sever'd from the vine.
4 To aid their powers, if thriving found,

Each feels thy purging hand;
The harren twigs in bundles bound,

Ready for burning stand.
5 Upon their leaf, when parch'd with heat,

Refreshing dew shall drop;
The plant which thy right hand hath set
Shall ne'er be rooted up.

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