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This book is a benchmark in the history of Christian interpretation. Being the first known book to fully systematize a preterist view of the Bible, Townley established himself as a pioneering theologians. Unfortunately, the "Full Preterism" which was set forth in this work caused him a great deal of grief, and he ultimately left the view for Universalism shortly after this book's publication. It may be that the system itself is a pathway into the view of Unlimited Atonement... or perhaps it is one and the same. The American Universalists of the early part of the 19th century were nearly full preterists... and had they not looked forward to an ultimate "last day at the end of the world," they would have been the pioneers of this view. Regardless, the modern full preterist movement has followed in Townley's footsteps, and seem to be very much agreeable to the Universalism of Ballou and the other Americans. 30-50% of all full preterists embrace Universalism, according to the official preterist statistician. At any rate, Townely is fine fellow, and ultimately left both full preterism and Universalism for a form of Idealism. Having moved from Liverpool to America in 1845, Townley became a full-fledged Yankee by the time the civil war broke out. In his last known public speech, he beseeched his Southern brothers to respect the union won on the blood of so many patriots. This book remains his more ambitious publishing project, and is a fine enough book upon which to hang one's legacy. 

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