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Johnson, Dr., 179.
Joly, 143.
Jones, Inigo, 30.

Sir W., 43, 73.
Jonson, Ben, 31, 86, 322.
Jourdain, 143,
Julian, Emperor, 285.
KAY, James, 423.

Mr., 498.
Keats, John, 52.
Keimer, 153, 181.
Keith, Sir W., 153.
Kent, William, 40.
Kepler, 175, 310, 314, 463.
Kirby, J. J., 41.
Kish, M., 441.
Kitto, Dr., 210,
Klingenstierna, 467.
Lalande, 141, 477.
Lambert, J. H., 424.
Landor, Walter Savage, 363.
Langhorn, Major, 533.
Laurent, Auguste, 366.
Lavoisier, 338.
Lawrence, Sir T., 396.
Ledyard, John, 529.
Leibnitz, 16.
Le Maistre, 185.
Lessing, G. E., 439, 443.
Lillo, George, 130.
Linnæus, 31, 141, 403.
Lithgow, William, 527.
Lofft, Capel, 425, 432.
Lomonosoff, M., 31.
Longomontanus, 33.
Lorenzini, L., 185.
Lorraine, Claude, 141, 178, 386.
Lovelace, 188.
Lowry, Mr., 144.
Lowth, Bishop, 247.
Luther, 292.
Lyndhurst, Lord, 363.
Lyndsay, Sir D., 291.
MACCLESFIELD, Earl of, 342.
Maclaurin, 139.
Macquer, 338.
Maddox, Isaac, 33.
Maggi, Jerome, 185.
Magliabecchi, 236.
Mahomet Ali, 363, 539.
Maistre, Le, 185.
Mamolicus, 462.
Manutius, Aldus, 106.

Paul, 108.
Marmontel, 179.
Marr, John, 314.
Mary of Scotland, 187.
Mary-Lafon, M., 218.
Maskelyne, 476.
Matsys, Q., 39, 406.
Mendelsohn, 439.
Mengs, 382.
Metastasio, 29.
Metcalf, John, 205.
Middleton, Dr., 73.
Milner, Dr. Isaac, 33.

Joseph, 33.
Milton, 58, 203.

Mitchell, James, 210.
Mithridates, 59.
Molière, 45.
Montgolfier, J. and S., 12.
More, Sir Thomas, 82.
Morland, Sir Samuel, 481.
Morris, Dr. J., 376.
Moschini, 404,
Moyes, Dr. H., 200.
Mozart, 53.
Murray, Dr. A., 247.
Musculus, W., 175.
NAPIER, John, 308,
Napoleon I., 363.
Navarete, F., 189.
Newcomen, T., 485.
Newton, Sir Isaac, 2, 9, 50, 315, 353, 455, 464.
Nicholas IV., Pope, 450.
Nichols, John, 114.
Nicolai, 443.
Nollet, Abbé, 169, 172, 333.
North, Sir Dudley, 96.
OGILBY, John, 47.
Opie, 29.
Oporinus, 113.
Oswald, John, 90,
Otway, 52.
Ovid, 184.
PAGAN, Count de, 198.
Palaye, Sainte, 46.
Palissy, Bernard, 144.
Palitzch, George, 479.
Palmer, Samuel, 128.
Panckouckes, The, 127.
Papin, Denis, 482.
Pareus, David, 33.
Parini, 30.
Paris, William of, 458.
Parkes, Mr. S., 344.
Parr, Dr., 179.
Pascal, 11, 50, 354.
Pasino, 407.
Paterson, S., 128.
Paucton, 47.
Pendrell, Joseph, 246.
Pennington, Mr. 375.
Perrier, Francis, 178.
Perron, Anquetil du, 143.
Peter the Great, 295.
Phelps, Thomas, 478.
Pico, Giov., Prince of Mirandola, 54, 58.
Pitot, Henry, 46.
Plato, 307, 524.
Politian, A., 54.
Polybius, 78.
Porta, Baptista, 462.
Postellus, W., 176.
Prescott, W. H., 210.
Prideaux, Dean, 243.

Bishop, 30.
Priestley, 339.
Prince, 333.
Proclus, 319.
Protagoras, 24.
Protogenes, 28.
Prynne, William, 185.
Ptolemy, 462.
Publius Syrus, 23.
Purver, Anthony, 245.

Pythagoras, 15, 525.
RALEIGH, Sir W., 186.
Ramsay, Allan, 419.
Ramsden, Jesse, 469.
Ramus, Peter, 31.
Rannequin (see Renkin).
Raphael, 53.
Réaumur, 47.
Renkin, Swalm, 233.
Rennie, John, 141.
Reynolds, Sir J., 385, 400.
Ricardo, D., 103.
Richardson, S., 114.
Riebau, 365.
Rittenhouse, 353.
Robison, Dr. John, 488.
Roebuck, Dr., 494.
Rogers, Samuel, 363.
Roland, Madame, 185.
Rosa, Salvator, 178, 354.
Rothscholtz, F., 127.
Ruddiman, T., 114.
Rugendas, 190.
Ruhnken, David, 22.
Rupert, Prince, 12, 342.
Sachs, Hans, 33.
Saci (see Maistre).
Salinas, F., 204.
Salisbury, John of, 445.
Saunders, Sir E., 31.
Saunderson, N., 189.
Savery, Captain, 483.
Scaliger, Jul. C., 28.

Jos. J., 28.
Scapinelli, 206.
Scapula, John, 110.
Schaeffer, 175.
Scheele, 338, 353.
Schiavone, 41.
Scipios, The, 78.
Selden, John, 82.
Senefelder, 128.
Shakespeare, 260.
Sharpe, William, 41.
Shelley, P. B., 52.
Sidney, Sir P., 52.
Siegen, Colonel, 12.
Simeon, Rev. C., 433.
Simpson, Thomas, 62, 422.
Sleigh, Dr., 437.
Smalley, Mr., 500.
Smart, Christopher, 184.
Smeaton, 333.
Smith, Dr., 378.
Solario, Antonio de, 404.
Solon, 95, 524.
Southey, Robert, 430.
Spagnoletto, Lo, 180.
Speed, 424.
Spence, Rev. J., 239, 429.
Spencer, Jarvis, 386.
Spina, Alexander de, 462.
Stanhope, Earl, 342.
Stanley, John, 204.
Stephens, H., 109.

Stephens, R., 108.
Stewart, John, 527.
Stone, Edmund, 68,

Jerome, 70.
Stowe, 424.
Stuart, James, 528.
Sully, Duke of, 81.
Surrey, Lord, 52.
Swedenborg, 310.
Sylvester II., Pope, 458.
Syrus, Publius, 23.
TAIT, D. G., 210.
Tassie, James, 142.
Tasso, 184.
Taylor, John, 418.
Telford, 231.
Terence, 23,
Thales, 282.
Theden, J. C., 33.
Thew, Robert, 41.
Thierry, Augustin, 214.

Madame, 216.
Thou, President de, 82.
Tieck, Ludwig, 363.
Tilloch, Dr. A., 343.
Toretto, 408.
Torricelli, 11, 50.
Towne, Francis, 41.
Trew, Dr., 403.
Tschirnhausen, 325.
Tytler, James, 181,
URQUHART, Sir Thomas, 317.
Vancouver, 94.
Vauban, Marshal, 342.
Vega, Lope de, 27.
Vernet, 141.
Villars, 143.
Voerda, N. de, 190.
Volta, 338, 356.
Vondel, J. Van den, 46, 162.
WALKER, Robert, 521.

ler, Edm., 57.
Walton, Izaak, 128.
Watt, Gregory, 354.

James, 480, 487.
Wayne, Mr., 376.
Wellington, Duke of, 363.
West, Benjamin, 371.
White, Dr. J., 33.

H. K., 430.
Wilberforce, Mr., 433.
Wild, Henry, 242.
Williams, Anna, 208.

Mr., 376.
Wilson, 384.
Winckelman, 25, 175.
Worcester, Marquis of, 342, 481.
Wright, R , 387.
Wyatt, Mr., 500.

Sir T., 52.
XIMENES, Cardinal, 177.
ZABAGLIA, N., 233.
Zeno, 24.



ingfellow's Poetical Works, complete, including The Wayside Inn. Tirenty-four page Engravings, by Birket Foster and others, and a new Portrait.

; or, without the illustrations. 38. 6d.

Prose Works, complete. Sixteen page Engravings by kirket Foster and others. arryat's Masterman Ready; or, The Wreck of the Pacific. 93 Engravings.

Mission; or, Seenes in Africa. (Written for Young People.) Illustrated by Gilbert and Dalziel.

Pirate and Three Cutters. New Edition, with a Memoir of the Author. With 20 Steel Engravings, from Drawings by Clarkson Stansfield, R.A.

Privateer's-Man One Hundred Years Ago. Eight Engravings on Steel, after Stothard.

Settlers in Canada. New Edition. Ten fine Engravings by Gilbert and Dalziel. axwell's Victories of Wellington and the British Armies. Illustrations on Steel. ichael Angelo and Raphael, their Lives and Works. By DUPPA and QUATREMERE DE QUINCY.

With 13 highlyfinished Engravings on Steel. iller's History of the Anglo-Saxons. Written in a popular style, on the basis of Sharon Turner. Portrait of Alfred, Map of Saxon Britain, and 12 elaborate Engravings on Steel. ilton's Poetical Works.

With a Memoir by JAMES MONTGOMERY, TODD's Verbal Index to all the Poems, and Explanatory Notes.

With 120 Engravings by Thompson and others, from Drawings by W. Harvey. 2 vols. Vol. 1. Paradise Lost, complete, with

Memoir, Notes, and Index.
Vol. 2. Paradise Regained, and other

Poems, with Verbal Index to all the

Poems. [udie's British Birds. Revised by W.C. L. MARTIN. Fifty-two Figures and 7 Plates of Eggs. In 2 vols.

; or, with the plates coloured. 78. 6d. per vol. laval and Military Heroes of Great Britain; or, Calendar of Victory. Being a Record of British Valour and Conquest by Sea and Land, on every day in the year, from the time of William the Conqueror to the Battle of Inkermann. By Major Johns, R.M., and Lieutenant P. H. NICOLAS, R.M. Twenty-four Portraits. 68.

Nicolini's History of the Jesuits :

their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and Designs. Fine Portraits of Loyola, Lainès, Xavier, Borgia, Acquaviva, Père la Chaise,

and Pope Ganganelli. Norway and its Scenery. Compris

ing Price's Journal, with large Additions, and a Road-Book. Edited by T. FORESTER.

Twenty-two Illustrations.
Paris and its Environs, including

Versailles, St. Cloud, and Excursions into
the Champagne Districts. An illustrated
Handbook for Travellers. Edited by T.
FORESTER. Twenty-eight beautiful En-

gravings. Petrarch's Sonnets, and other Poems.

Translated into English Verse. By various hands. With a Life of the Poet, by

THOMAS CAMPBELL. With 16 Engravings. Pickering's History of the Races of

Man, with an Analytical Synopsis of the
Natural History of Man. By Dr. HALL.
Illustrated by numerous Portraits.

-; or, with the plates coloured.
78. 6d
** An excellent Edition of a work ori-
ginally published at 31. 38. by the

American Government.
Pictorial Handbook of London, Com-

prising its Antiquities, Architecture, Arts,
Manufactures, Trade, Institutions, Ex-
hibitions, Suburbs, &c. Two hundred
and five Engravings, and a large Map, by
This volume contains above 900 pages,

and is undoubtedly the cheapest five

shilling volume ever produced. Pictorial Handbook of Modern Geo

graphy, on a Popular Plan. Illustrated by 150 Engravings and 51 Maps. 68.

or, with the maps coloured, 78. 6d. Two large Editions of this volume have

been sold. The present New Edition is corrected and improved; and, besides introducing the recent Censuses of England and other countries, records the changes which have taken place

in Italy and America. Pope's Poetical Works. Edited by

ROBERT CARRUTHERS. Numerous Ene gravings. 2 vols.

Homer's Iliad. With Introduction and Notes by J. S. Watson, M.A. Illustrated by the entire Series of Flaxman's Designs, beautifully engraved by Moses (in the full 8vo. size).

Homer's Odyssey, Hymns, &c., by other translators, including Chapman, and Introduction and Notes by J.S. WATSON, M.A. Flasman's Designs, beau tifully engraved by Moses.


Pope's Life. Including many of his Stuart and Revett's Antiquities a

Letters. By ROBERT CARRUTHERS. New Athens, and other Monuments of Greece Edition, revised and enlarged. Nlustra- Tlustrated in 71 Steel Plates, and a tions.

merous Woodcuts. The preceding 5 vols. make a complete Tales of the Genii; or, the Delightful and elegant edition of Pope's Poetical

Lessons of Horam. Numerous Woodcuts Works and Translations for 258.

and 8 Steel Engravings, after Stothard. Pottery and Porcelain, and other ob- Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. Trans.

jects of Vertu (a Guide to the Knowledge lated into English Spenserian Verse, with of). To which is added an Engraved List a Life of the Author. By J. H. WIFFEN of all the known Marks and Monograms. Eight Engravings on sieel, and 24 a By HENRY G. Bohn. Numerous Engrav- Wood, by Thurston, ings.

Walker's Manly Exercises. Cop.; or, coloured. 10s. 6d.

taining Skating, Riding, Driving, Hunting, Prout's (Father) Reliques. New Shooting, Sailing, Rowing, Swimming, &e.

New Edition, Edition, revised and largely augmented.

revised by “ CRAVEN." Twenty-one spirited Etchings by Maclise.

Forty-four Steel Plates, and numerous

Two volumes in one. 78. 6d.
Recreations in Shooting

Walton's Complete Angler. Edited

To which is CRAVEN. Sixty-two Engravings on Wood,

added an Account of Fishing Stations, &c, after Harvey, and 9 Engravings on Steel,

by H. G. BOHN. chiefly after A. Cooper, R.A.

Upwards of 203 Es

gravings. Redding's History and Descriptions

or, with 26 additional page of Wines, Ancient and Modern, Twenty Illustrations on Steel. 78. 6d.

beautiful Woodcuts. Robinson Crusoe.

Wellington, Life of. By An OLD With Illustrations

SOLDIER, from the materials of Maxwel. by STOTHARD and HARVEY. Twelve beau

Eighteen Engravings. tiful Engravings on Steel, and 74 on Wood.

White's Natural History of Sel

borne. With Notes by Sir WILLIAM JAR; or, without the Steel illustra

DINE and EDWARD JESSE, Esq. Ilustrated tions. 38. 6d.

by 40 highly-finished Engravings. The prettiest Edition extant.

; or, with the plates coloured. Rome in the Nineteenth Century.

78. 6d. New Edition. Revised by the Author. Young, The, Lady's Book. A MaIllustrated by 34 fine Steel Engravings. nual

of Elegant Recreations, Arts, Sciences, 2 vols.

and Accomplishments; including Geologs, Southey's Life of Nelson. With Mineralogy, Conchology, Botany, Ento

Additional Notes. Illustrated with 64 mology. Ornithology, Costume, EmbroiEngravings.

dery, the Escritoire, Archery, Riding,

Music (instrumental and vocal), Dancing, Starling's (Miss) Noble Deeds of

Exercises, Painting, Photography, &c. &c. Women; or, Examples of Female Courage, Edited by distinguished Professors. Twelve Fortitude, and Virtue. Fourteen beautiful Hundred Woodcut Illustrations, and seveIllustrations.

ral fine Engravings on Steel. 78. 6d.


Bohn's Classical Library.



(EXCEPTING THOSE MARKED OTHERWISE). Æschylus. Literally Translated into Ammianus Marcellinus. History of English Prose by an Oxonian.

Rome from Constantius to Valens. Trans 6d.

lated by C. D. YONGE, B.A. Appendix to. Containing volume, 78. 6d. the New Readings given in Hermann's

** This is a very circumstantial and posthumous Edition of Æschylus. By

amusing history. Gibbon expressed GEORGE BURGES, M.A. 38. 6d.

himself largely indebted to it.


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Apuleius, the Golden Ass; Death of Cicero's Academics, De Finibus, and

Socrates; Florida; and Discourse on Magic. Tusculan Questions. By C. D. YONGE,
To wbich is added a Metrical Version of B.A. With Sketch of the Greek Philo-
Cupid and Psyche ; and Mrs. Tighe's sophy.
Psyche. Frontispiece.

Offices, Old Age, Friendship, Aristophanes' Comedies. Literally Scipio's Dream. Paradoxes, &c. Literally

Translated, with Notes and Extracts from Translated, by R. EDMONDS. 38. 6d. Frere's and other Metrical Versions, by Demosthenes' Orations. Translated, W. J. HICKIE. 2 vols.

with Notes, by C. RANN KENNEDY. In 5 Vol. 1. Acharnians, Knights, Clouds, volumes. Wasps, Peace, and Birds.

Vol. 1. The Olynthiac, Philippic, and Vol. 2. Lysistrata, Thesmopboriazusæ,

other Public Orations. 38. 6d. Frogs, Ecclesiazusæ, and Plutus.

Vol. 2. On the Crown and on the EmAristotle's Ethics. Literally Trans

bassy. lated by Archdeacon BROWNE, late Classical Vol. 3. Against Leptines. Midias, AnProfessor of King's College.

drotion, and Aristocrates. Politics and Economics. Vol. 4. Private and other Orations. Translated by E. WALFORD, M.A.

Vol. 5. Miscellaneous Orations. Metaphysics. Literally Trans- Dictionary of Latin Quotations. Inlated, with Notes, Analysis, Examination cluding Proverbs, Maxims, Mottoes, Law Questions, and Index, by the Rev. JOHN

Terms and Phrases; and a Collection of H. M.Mahon, M A., and Gold Medallist in above 500 Greek Quotations. With all the Metaphysics, T.C.D.

quantities marked, & English Translations. History of Animals. In Ten

with Index Verborum. 6s. Books. Translated, with Notes and Index,

Index Verborum only. 18. by RICHARD CRESSWELL, M.A. Organon; or, Logical Treat

Diogenes Laertius.

Lives and Opinises. With Notes, &c. By O.F.OWEN, M.A.

ions of the Ancient Philosophers. Trans2 vols., 38. 6d. each.

lated, with Notes, by C. D. YONGE. Rhetoric and Poetics. Lite

Euripides. Literally Translated. 2 vols. rally Translated, with Examination Ques

Vol. 1. Hecuba, Orestes, Medea, Hippotions and Notes, by an Oxonian.

lytus, Alcestis, Bacchæ, Heraclidæ,

Iphigenia in Aulide, and Iphigenia in Athenæus. The Deipnosophists; or, Tauris. the Banquet of the Learned. Translated

Vol. 2. Hercules Furens, Troades, Ion, by C. D. YONGE, B.A. 3 vols.

Andromache, Suppliants, Helen, Cæsar. Complete, with the Alexan

Electra, Cyclops, Rhesus. drian, African, and Spanish Wars. Lite

Greek Anthology. Literaily Transrally Translated, with Notes.

lated. With Metrical Versions by various Catullus, Tibullus, and the Vigil of Authors.

Venus. A Literal Prose Translation. To Greek Romances of Heliodorus, wbich are added Metrical Versions by

Longus, and Achilles Tatius. LAMB, GRAINGER, and others. Frontis

Herodotus. piece.

A New and Literal

Translation, by HENRY Cary, M.A., of Cicero's Orations. Literally Trans- Worcester College, Oxford. lated by C. D. YONGE, B.A. In 4 vols.

Hesiod, Callimachus, and Theognis.
Vol. 1. Contains the Orations against
Verres, &c. Portrait.

Literally Translated, with Notes, by J.

Vol. 2. Catiline, Archias, Agrarian
Law, Rabirius, Murena, Sylla, &c.

Homer's Iliad. Literally Translated,
Vol. 3. Orations for his House, Plancius,

by an OXONIAN. Sextius, Cælius, Milo, Ligarius, &c.

Odyssey, Hymns, &c. Lite Vol. 4. Miscellaneous Orations, and rally Translated, by an OXONIAN.

Rhetorical Works; with General In- Horace. Literally . Translated, by dex to the four volumes.

SMART. Carefully revised by an OXONIAN. on Oratory and Orators. By Justin, Cornelius Nepos, and EutroJ.S. WATSON, M.A.

pius. Literally Translated, with Notes on the Nature of the Gods, and Index, by J. S. Watson, M.A. Divination, Fate, Laws, a Republic, &c. Juvenal, Persius, Sulpicia, and Lu. Translated by C. D. YONGE, B.A., and cilius, By L. Evans, M.A. With the F. BARHAM.

Metrical Version by Gifford. Frontispiece.

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