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Cole's Accounts: Their Construction and Interpretation

Hall's Writing an Advertisement

Harris's Practical Banking

Lyon's Corporation Finance

Lyon's The Principles of Taxation

Münsterberg's Psychology and Industrial Efficiency

Raymond's American and Foreign Investment Bonds Thompson's The Theory and Practice of Scientific Manage ment


Calkins's Substitutes for the Saloon

Cleveland and Schafer's Democracy in Reconstruction

Dealey's The Family in Its Sociological Aspects

Foster's The Social Emergency

Hollander's The Abolition of Poverty

Kirkpatrick's Fundamentals of Sociology

Shotwell's The Religious Revolution of To-day


Bleyer's Newspaper Writing and Editing

Bleyer's Types of News Writing

Bleyer's How to Write Special Feature Articles

Lee's History of Journalism


Bassett's Handbook of Oral Expression

Foster's Argumentation and Debating

Russell's Vocal Culture


McHale's Spanish Taught in Spanish




The Riverside History of the United States. Four volumes (1) Becker's Beginnings of the American People — (2) Johnson's Union and Democracy —(3) Dodd's Expansion and Conflict-(4) Paxson's The New Nation.

Harris's Intervention and Colonization in Africa

Jeffery's The New Europe, 1789-1889

Johnson's Readings in American Constitutional History Landon's The Constitutional History and Government of the United States

Lowell's The Eve of the French Revolution

Murdock's The Reconstruction of Europe

Perkins's France in the American Revolution

Perkins's France under the Regency

Perkins's France under Louis XV, Two Volumes

Ploetz's Epitome of Ancient, Mediæval, and Modern History
Ropes's The First Napoleon

Schapiro's Modern and Contemporary European History
Semple's American History and Its Geographic Conditions
Slater's The Making of Modern England

Stanwood's History of the Presidency

Taylor's The Origin and Growth of the American Constitution Taylor's The Origin and Growth of the English Constitution Taswell-Langmead's English Constitutional History Thorndike's The History of Medieval Europe

Usher's Industrial History of England

Weir's Introduction to the History of Modern Europe


Johnson's Readings in American Constitutional History

Leacock's The Elements of Political Science

Stowell's International Cases. Vol. I. Peace. Vol. II. Wat and Neutrality.



Riverside Literature Series

For the Grades

ALDRICH'S Marjorie Daw and Other Stories. No. 265.
ANTIN'S At School in the Promised Land. No. 245.
AUSTIN'S Standish of Standish, Dramatized. No. 217.
BURROUGHS'S The Wit of a Duck, and Other Papers. No. 259.
IRVING'S Tales from the Alhambra. Adapted by Josephine Brower.
No. 260.

Kipling Stories and Poems Every Child should Know. Part I,
No. 257. Part II, No. 258.

MUIR'S The Boyhood of a Naturalist. No. 247.

SHARP'S Ways of the Woods. No. 266.

WIGGIN'S Birds' Christmas Carol.

No. 232.

WIGGIN'S Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. No. 264.

Selections for Reading and Memorizing. Grades I-VIII. Seven volumes, Nos. FF-MM inclusive.

For High Schools

ARNOLD'S Essay on Wordsworth and Selected Lyrics by Wordsworth. No. 269.

BOSWELL'S The Life of Johnson. Abridged. No. 248.

CLARKE'S A Treasury of War Poetry. No. 262.

KELLER'S The Story of My Life. No. 253.

Liberty, Peace, and Justice. (Documents and Addresses, 17761918.) No. 261.

PALMER'S Self-Cultivation in English. No. 249.

PEABODY'S The Piper. No. 263.

RICHARDS'S High Tide. An Anthology. No. 256.

For Colleges]

DRINKWATER'S Abraham Lincoln. A Play. No. 268.

HOWELLS'S A Modern Instance. No. 252.

LOCKWOOD'S English Sonnets. No. 244.

No. 267.

RITTENHOUSE'S The Little Book of American Poets. No. 255.
RITTENHOUSE'S The Little Book of Modern Verse. No. 254.
RITTENHOUSE'S Second Book of Modern Verse.
SHEPARD'S Shakespeare Questions. No. 246.
SHERIDAN'S The School for Scandal. No. 250.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Piers the Ploughman.
No. 251.

Houghton Mifflin Company



BOTTA-Handbook of Universal Literature.

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Stories from Browning.

HINCHMAN AND GUMMERE - Lives of Great English Writers from Chaucer to Browning.

MATTHEWS - A Study of Versification.

MAYNADIER The Arthur of the English Poets.

PERRY- A Study of Prose Fiction.

ROOT-The Poetry of Chaucer.


A Student's History of English Literature.

SIMONDS-A Student's History of American Literature.
BAKER - Dramatic Technique.

BROOKE - The Tudor Drama.

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HOLT-Leading English Poets from Chaucer to Browning. NEILSON AND WEBSTER - The Chief British Poets of the Four teenth and Fifteenth Centuries.

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ALDEN - Readings in English Prose of the Eighteenth Century. Readings in English Prose of the Nineteenth Century. Part I; Part II; Complete.


FOERSTER- The Chief American Prose Writers.

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MATTHEWS Chief European Dramatists.

NEILSON - The Chief Elizabethan Dramatists (except Shake. speare) to the Close of the Theatres.




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