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Neatly & corre&tly printed, in small volumes fit

for the pocket , & fold by T. Johnson, BookSeller in the Hague.

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prices Julius Cæfar

6 Macbeth.

6 Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,

8 Othello , Moor of Venice..

8 King Henry IV. with the humours of Sr. John Falstaff.

Shakespear. 6 The Merry Wives of Windsor, & Amours of Sr. John Falstaff.

6 The Tempeft,or Enchanted Island: altered by Davenant & Dryden.

8 The Jew of Venice:altered by Mr. Granville (Ld. Lansdown.)

6 Aurenge-Zebe, or the Great Mogul

6 All for Love, or the World well loit

8 Oedipus (by Dryden & Lee)

8 The Spanilb Fryar, or double disco.

very. The Indian Emperor, or Conquest Dryden of Mexico.

6 The State of innocence, or Fall of Man.

6 Don Sebaftian King of Portugal. Amphitryon, or the two Sofias,

6 The Orphan.

6 Venice preserved.


8 Oronoko.

Southerne. 8 Abra-Mule.




She wou'd it the coul


Ethernega The Man of Mode, Sr.Fop. Flutter.

8 The Rehearsak, with a Key. | D..of

Buchane 8 The Chances, altered by

singham. 6 The Old Batchelor. The Double Dealer. Love for Love.

Congreu... ] The Way of the World.

8 The Mourning Bride.

6 Phædra & Hippolitus.

Smith The Adventures of Five Hours Tuke 8. The Plair-dealer.

Wicherley. 8 Loves last-shift , The Foolin fashion. The Careless Husband.

8 The Provoked Wife.

8 Æfop: with a Second part. The Funeral, or Grief à la mode. Sreet The Constant Couple. The Recruiting Officer.

Farqubar. 6 The Beaux Stratagem. Cato.

Add difon. 8 The Diftreft Mother.

philips. Volpone or the Fos.

B. Jobafon. 8 Timon of Athens,altered by Shadwell. Shakespear. 8 The Non-Juror.

Cibber. 8 The Relapse.

Jane Shore

The Lady Jane Gray.
Theodofius, or the force of Love.

N. Lea.
Soplionišba,or Hannibals overtbrow
Chit Chat:

Killegrew 6 The Consciotis Lovers.

Steeko Busiris K. of Egypt.

Young.. The Siege of Damascus

Hugbas. 6 The Tragedy of Julius Cæfar. 7 Duke off The death of M. Brutus.

Bucks. 6 These Plays are sold together in Volumes, bound orstiched: moft of them are also fold apart, at the prices here mark'd.

NB. Several other plays are now printing.

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2-- 4

Neatly printed in pocket volumes, and sold by T. Jolɔnson Bookseller in the Hague.

gild.: fiv. Mr. Pope's Translation of Homer's Iliad 6 vol.

Poems & Miscellanies compleat.
The fame on fine paper. 7. vol.
Popes Homer, without Notes. 2 vol.

Homers Odilley in the press.
Mr Addison's Poems, Translations, Dia-

logues on Medals &c. in 2. vol. The same on fine paper.

2.-i's Mr. Prior's Poems compleat, printed from

the folio Edition'; with Additions. 1--13 The same on fine paper The Duke of Buckingham's works in 2 vol. Lucan's Pharsalia, translated by Mr. Rowe. 2 vol 1--16 The same on fine paper Bp. Burnet's History of his own time , 3 vol. 4.- O The same on large paper.

6. Miscellaneous Works comical and diver

ting, by D S---ft. Containing I. the Tale of á Tub , 'with Notes and Addi I-10 tions. Il Miscellanys in Prose and Verse,

by the Author of the first part. Discourse of Free-thining.

0--18 Mr. Addison's Remarks on Italy.

I-10 The Works of Mr. Thomas Brown , Serious comical Moral & Satyrical in V. volumes.

Most of the other English Poets, as Waller, Milton, Dryden , Congreve , Lansdown , Dorset, Rochester, Roscomon , Bwler , Denham, Suckling , Denn, &c. the Spectators, Tatlers , Guardians, and all sorts of English, French , & Latin Books, are sold at teasonable rates by the said T. Johnson.


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