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" genious men in their cicar and courteous entertainment of Mr Wal. “lers late choice peeces, hath once more made me adventure into the “ world, presenting it with these ever-green, and not to be blasted “ Laurels. The authors more peculiar excellency in these studies,

was too well known to conceal his papers, or to keep me from at. “ tempting to sollicit them from him. Let the event guide it self which 66 way it will, I shall deserve of the age, by bringing into the light

as true a birth, as the Muses have brought forth since our famous “ Spencer wrote ; whose poems in these Englifh ones are as rarely “ imitated, as sweetly excelled. Reader, if thou art eagle-eied to cen“ sure their worth, I am not fearful to expose them to thy exacest “ perusal. Thine to command HUMPH. Moseley.” After the ENG. Lish Poems there is a new title-page, “ Joannis Miltoni Londinensis “ POEMATA. Quorum pleraque intra annum ætatis vigefinum

conscripsit. Nunc primum edita. Londini, Typis R. R. [Ruth Ra. " worth.) Proftant ad Insignia Principis in Cæmeterio D. Pauli, ayud “ Humphredum Moseley. 1645." In duodecimo. The author's Effigies, with a Greek inscription, is prefixed.

II. “Poems, &c. Upon several occasions. By John Milton. Both · English and Latin, &c. Composed at several times. With a 56 fmall Tractate of EDUCATION To Mr. Hartlib. London, Prined for Tho. Dring at the White Lion next Chancery Lane end, in “ Fleet-itreet. 1673.” After the English POEMS there is a secad title-page, “ Joannis Miltoni Londinensis POEMATA. Quorum pe“ raque intra annum ætatis vigesimum conscripsit. Nunc primum edia. “ Londini, Excudebat W. R. Anno 1673.” To the ENGLISH POETS in this cdition were first added, 1. Ode on the deatb of a fair infat. 2. At a Vacation exercise in the college. 3. On ebe new forcers of cascience under the long Parliament. 4. Horace to Pyrrha. 5. Nine So'. Ņets.' 6. All the English Psalms. To the Latin Poems, 1. Apoia logus de Rustico et Hero. 2. Ad Joannem Roufum, &c. In this editia, the Epiltle from fir H. Wootton, which stands before Comu's in te laft, is omitted. In duodecimo. Milton was now living.

III. For Tonson, 1695. In folio. After Paradise Lost, PAR. DISE REGAINED, and Samson AGONISTES. An exact repetition f the last. This is the first time that the greater and smaller poems wee printed together. The whole is in one volume. With Hume's nots on PARADISE Lost. The smaller Poems, those, I mean, which cola, pose this volume, make fixty pages.

IV. For Tonson, 1705. In octavo. With cuts. After the great Poems,

V. For Tonson, 1713. In octavo. Here are first added, from T. land and Philips, SONNETS, xv. xvi. xvii. xxii. With cuts, 1. Joanis Miltoni effigies, by Vandergucht, copied from edition 1645. (Se above, p. 546.] 2. L'Allegro, or Mirth. 3. Il Penjeroso, or Melacholy. 4. Shakespeare. 5. Hobson the carrier. After the greatr Poems, which have also cuts.

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VI. For Tonson, 1720. In quarto. A Part of all Milton's poetical works, in two volumes. This publication was conducted by Tickell, who is said to have compiled the Index to PARADISE Lost, of principal matters. With Cuts, both to the greater and smaller Poems.

VII. For Tonson, 1725. In duodecimo. After the greater Poems. Under the care of Fenton; who prefixed to the Paradise Lost, a new Life of Milton. He endeavoured to correct the punctuation. This edition was reprinted in 1730, if not before. It retains the Lecter to Hartlib.

VIII. For Tonson and Draper, 1752. In one quarto volume, to. getter with PARADISE REGAINED, and SAMSON AGONISTES. Under the care of doctor Newton, with Notes a. This volume is a sequel to the PARADISE Lost, with Notes, in two qaarto volumes, published by the fame, in 1749'. It was reprinted in two octavo volumes, 1753. Again, 1763. And afterwards. Here for the first time, not onl, the PARADISE REGAINED, and SAMSON AGONISTES, but our Smiller Poems appear with Notes. The editor added the Latin epigran to Chriftina. But he omits the Translated Fragments, and three Lain epigrams on More and on Salmafius, all which were first collected in Tickell's edition.

X. At Edingburgh, 1752. In octavo, with a Glossary. A Part of all Milton's Poetical works, in two volumes.

1. At Birmingham, by Bakerville, 1758. In large octavo. With the greater Poems. The whole is in two volumes; and professedly a copy of Newton's edition of all Milton's poetical works, without the Ntes.

Perhaps I have overlooked one or two reimpressions of very little casequence or authority.

A head is prefixed from Richardson's collection, engraved by Vertue, unlike everyti otkr head of Milton. Aged 42. This is not repeated in the subsequent editions,

The places, designed by Hayman, and engraved by Grignion, were given by lord Baha

Speedily will be published,
The FOURTH and last Volume of

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