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Prompted each action of his life,

And triumph'd in his death.

3 Here let our powers unite

Thy glorious name to praise,
Great source of all that grace and truth

The word of Christ displays.

4 Let love inspire our breasts,

And model every thought; Be angry passions far remov'd,

And selfish views forgot. 5 One faith, one hope, one Lord,

One God alone, we know ; Brethren we are ; let

With kind affections glow.

every heart

6 Warm'd with our master's love,

And thine unmeasur'd grace,
Our hearts, in one wide wish of peace,

All human-kind embrace.



Truth, the love of it.
IMPOSTURE shrinks from light,
And dreads the curious eye:



But christian truths the test invite,

They bid us search and try.


A meek inquiring mind,

Lord, help us to maintain ;
That from thy word, with growing joy,

We growing light may gain.

3. Do thou our spirits lead ;

With foundest knowledge fill; From noxious error guard our creed,

From stubbornness our will,

4. The truths that God imparts

In word and deed we'll own; Abhorring all illusive arts,

And fearing God alone.




Anxiety unavailing and unreasonable.
CAN anxious thoughts increase

Our years' appointed fum;
Or, while they spoil our present peace,

Secure one day to come ?

2 Disquieting desire

May well their hearts corrode,


Who see their hopes with life expire,

Or know no guardian God.

3 Will he, whofe bounty gave

Our life, its food deny?
Will not what nature's wants may crave

Nature's great God supply?

4 Then let to-morrow's cares

Until to-morrow stay ;
The trouble which to-day prepares

Sufficeth for to-day.


Christian unity.


LET party-names no more

The christian world o'erspread ; Gentile, and Jew, and bond, and free,

Are one in Christ their head.

2 Among the saints on earth

Let mutual love be found ; Heirs of the same inheritance

With mutual blessing crown'd.

3 Let envy and ill-will

Be banish'd far away ;

They They should in strictest friendship dwell

Who the same Lord obey,

4 Thus will the church below

Refernble that above,
Where springs of purest pleasure rise,

heart is love.


Vicisitudes of life under the direction of divine

wisdom and goodness.
AS various as the moon

Is man's estate below;
To his bright day of gladness foon

Succeeds a night of woe :



The night of woe resigns

It's darkness and it's grief ; Again the morn of comfort shines,

And brings our souls relief.


Yet not from fickle chance

These varying scenes arise ;
Our dark and brighter hours advance

By laws supremely wise.


4 Their

4. Their portion comes to all

From God's unerring will; Nor ever is the good too small,

Nor yet too great the ill.

5 Let man conform his mind

To every changing state;
Be joyful now, and now resign'd,

And the great iffue wait.


Praise to God from all nations.
YE nations, praise the Lord,

Each in a different tongue ;
In every language learn his word,

And let his name be sung.


While angels found his praise

In heaven, with nobler powers ; On earth, let us his honors raise ;

Their God is also ours.

3 Praise him with awe profound;

Let knowledge lead the song ; Nor mock him with a folemn found

Upon a thoughtless tongue.

4 Still

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