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2 His reign hath no end,

His hand who can stay?
His wisdom ne'er errs,

His truth never fails,
They are safe in his friendship,

Who walk in his way ;
To them, thro' all changes,

Still mercy prevails.


All men, especially Britons, call'd to the praise of God. 1 LET thy various realms, O earth,

Praises yield to heaven's high Lord ;
Praise him, all of human birth,
And his wondrous acts record.

2 Health and plenty crown our land,

We have freedom, truth, and peace :
Ever bounteous is his hand;
Never let your praises cease.



God our Mepherd.
I LO, my shepherd is divine,

Care shall never more be mine;
In his pastures fair and large
He shall tend his happy charge.

2 When I faint with summer's heat

He shall lead my weary feet
To the streams that, still and flow,
Thro' the verdant meadows flow.

3 He


soul anew shall frame, And, his mercy to proclaim, When thro’ devious paths I stray,

Guide my steps the better way. 4. Tko' the dreary vale I tread

By the shades of death o'erspread,
There I walk from terror free

While protected, Lord, by thee.
5 Thou hast rais’d my drooping head,

Thou my daily table spread ;
By thee guarded from my foes

I have sure and sweet repose.
6 Till my latest hour draws near

I will trust my shepherd's care :
To my fuccor he will come
And conduct me safely home.



The true business of life, and the happy ifze of a pe

tient perseverance in it. 1 BE this, O Lord, our business here, With serious industry and fear, A 22


Our future blifs to ensure Thine holy counsels to fulfil ; To suffer all thy righteous will;

And to the end endure.

2 Then, Lord, our willing souls receive,
Translated from below, to live

And reign in heaven above,
Where faith is sweetly lost in sight;
And hope, in full, fupreme, delight
And everlasting love.



Universal praise.
PRAISE to thee, thou great creator,
Praise be thine from every tongue :
Join, my soul, with every creature,
Join the universal song,

2 For ten thousand blessings given,

For the richest gifts bestow'd
Sound his praise thro' earth and heaven,
Sound Jehovah's praise aloud.



Every psalm in the collettion is ranged under fome

head or other of the following index, and most

of them under many.
If a proper pjalm Mould not be found under the title

by which it is first sought, let it be fought under
some other title of similar import, or under fome
head related to these, or within which they may
be comprehended. The roman numerals denote
the books; the lesser figures the psalms of each

ACTIVITY, christian, 1. 22.-11. 74.
ÆQUANIMITY, see contentinent, resignation,

trust, hope, &c. II. 3.
AFFLICTION, see resignation, &c. II. 28.
Alarm from the rapidity of life, 11. 105.
ANXIETY, see trust, contentment, resigna-

tion, II. 20.
ATTRIBUTES of God, see God.
Ascension and resurrection of Christ, 11. 31.

BEATITUDES, christian, I. 25.
BLESSINGS, spiritual and temporal, 1. 408.-

II. 91, 92, 117.-II. 12.
BRITAIN, her happiness, 1. 65.-17. 20, 31.


A a 3

CANDOR, 1. 66, 78.-11. 21.
CARE, III. 20.
Christ's coming and office, see gospel, word,
11. 190.

o's resurrection and ascension, II. 31.-
111. 17.-IV. 25.

's example, 1. 30.
CHRISTIANITY, its excellence, 1. 62, 64.-

II. 40.
CHRISTIAN character, desire after it, see holi-
ness, 11. 41, 120.

race, II. 106.

temper, desire after it, 11. 120.
CHRISTIAN's citizenship, II. 40. .
Christian, dying, II 125.
Charity, see candor, love, sympathy, 1. 66.-

II. 90, 113
Civil GOVERNMENT, 11. 119.
COMPASSION, fee love, brotherly, 1. 86.
COMMUNICATIONS, evil and good, 1. 31.-11. 23.
CONTENTMENT and hope, II, 4, 47.-IV. 13.
Convictions, our own, right and duty of fol-

lowing them, 1. 78.-11. 119.-III. 19.
CONSOLATION in God, 1. 3, 15, 83.-11. 21, 53,

CONVERSATION becoming the gospel, 1. 28.


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