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TO RENEW. Connected with spirit, mind, foul, fignifies, in the language of scripture, to correct, to restore, to recover or deliver from what is wrong; and also to improve, to carry towards perfection what is right.. See REGENERATION.

RIGHTEOUSNESS. Universal rectitude of cha. racter: strict justice: fidelity: truth: sometimes equity : sometimes goodness, mercy, grace, benignity, kindness, liberality.

TO RISE, TO RISE AGAIN. To be raised, to be restored, or exalted, to a better state.

Saints. Holy ones : angels ; inhabitants of heaven: Christians; holy in a natural sense, that is to say, separated, distinguished by the unmerited favor of God from and above others ; holy in a moral sense, eminently good, of a character correspondent to their distinguishing pri. vileges and advantages.

SALVATION. Deliverance, preservation ; in the language of scripture, it often signifies deliverance of Jews and Heathens from the disadvantages of the dispensations under which they lived: from the burdens of the Mosaic law; from superstition, idolatry, ignorance, sin, fear, doubt; by the gospel of Christ. It sometimes signifies God, the author of salvation : Christ, the minister of salvation: The gospel also, the instrument of salvation. See REDEMPTION.

TO SANCTIFY. To appropriate to God or to his service : to pronounce holy: to separate from what is common, from sin, from sinners : to purify: to esteem, respect, reverence, honor as holy and excellent.

To see God. To know God; to enjoy him : to be blest with eminent degrees of divine knowledge or favor. To see God's face ; to Jee God face to face ; to be admitted to a more perfect participation of the knowledge and favor of God.

TO SEEK GOD, TO SEEK HIS FACE. To seek the favor and friendship of God; to implore his guidance, mercy, blessing; to endeavour, by the proper means, and in the way he has appointed, to obtain them.

Sin. To be made fin; to be judicially condemned, whether legally and righteously, or not; to be treated as a finner ;, to be hardly


thought of; to be accused unjustly; to be singularly afflicted; to suffer by the hand of the magistrate, by the unkind judgntent of other men, or by the deed of providence.

Sincere. Not pretended : pure, not adulterated or alloyed : that will stand the light ; that will bear to be fifted and examined ; un. stained, unblemished; clear, unobscured, truly good, excellent. Make my heart sincere ; such petitions do not contain in them a charge of the worshipper against himself, as at that time playing the hypocrite, and a request that God would make him sincere in that act of worships they express his desire that every wrong thing may be removed from him, that he may be delivered from every thing that corrupts, debafes, or depreciates his character.

Sion. Literally a hill in Jerusalem : figurativeby the scene where God reveals himself in grace and mercy; as opposed to Sinai, a mountain from which he delivered the law to Ifrael in

circumstances of great terror and amazement : the Chriflian church: the future habitation of all God's faithful servants: the city of the living God.


Son of God. An appellation by which Jesus of Nazareth was particularly distinguished : according to the general opinion, as on other accounts, so also on account of his miraculous birth; LARDNER'S LETTER ON THE Logos, p.31. or LARDNER'S SERMONS, VOL. II. SERMON 7. according to the opinion of fome, not so much on account of any thing peculiar to him, as on account of some things by which he was eminently distinguished. This appellation is given to other individuals also, on account of some singularly favorable distinction; to bodies of men too, as, to the people of Israel first, on account of their distinction from the Gentiles; and afterwards to Christians, for a similar reason. Sons of God, Children of God, in the Jewish language, imitators of God, like God: obedient and submissive to him: heirs of his promises. Angels, magiftrates, men in authority are called Sons of God: All good men are Sons of God: Christians, in particular, are often called so; and they are said to be born of God, to be begotten by him, to be begotten by him by the word of truth. In the language of scripture, reformers, teachers, and instructors are called fathers; they are said to beget the converts and disciples which they make; who, in correspondence with this phraseology, are called their sons, their children. The first converts to the gospel are said also to be born again, to be begotten again, in consideration of the


great change which their reception of the gospel made in their minds and in their condition: whether this change be referred to a previous ftate of judaism ; of idolatry and superstition ; or of ignorance, vicious habits, doubts and fears. The Jews first, and afterwards Christians being, on the fore-mentioned accounts, called children, or, begotten of God, by a figure of the like kind, though less bold and energetic, are said to be adopted by God; to have the adoption pertaining to themi ; to have received the adoption, &c.

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SPIRIT, and Soul, are sometimes equivalent to self. The spirit of God is God; the spirit of a man is man. My Spirit or my soul is I : thine is thou : bis is he. The Spirit of wisdom, and the Spirit of the fear of the Lord, are real wisdom and piety. Spirit also signifies that which is not Aesh; that which is not weak and frail : the Spirit of God sometimes signifies the power of God, either in its ordinary or extraordinary exertions. These terms Spirit, and soul, sometimes denote that part of the human constitution,

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