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his works that subject are
All-seeing God 'tis thine to know
All-knowing God thy piercing eye
Almighty God with pitying eye
Almighty God thy powerful word
Almighty maker of
Almighty maker Lord of all
Among the princes earthly Gods
Another six days work is done
Art thou then with us gracious Lord
As the good shepherd gently leads
As various as the moon
Awake my soul stretch every nerve


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Be thou exalted


Beyond the limits of the sky
Behold what wondrous grace
Behold the lofty sky
Behold the morning sun
Be this O Lord our business here
Bless O my soul the living God
Bless'd be the everlasting God
Blest is the man whose virtuous steps

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Blest are the humble souls that see
Blest is the man whose foftening heart
Bleft are the fons of

Blest land whose fear and service shows

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Can anxious thoughts increase
Come let us all unite our joys
Come hither all ye weary

Come ye who are dispos’d to learn
Come ye that love the Lord
Come found his praise abroad
Could I fo false so faithless


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Ere the foundations of the earth were laid 270 Eternal God almighty cause

73 Eternal source of life and light

207 Eternal ruler of the skies


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Faith is the cogent evidence
Father of all belov'd and fear'd
Father of mercies God of love
Father of all eternal mind
Father whate'er of earthly joy
Father full of all compassion
Far from thy servants God of

grace Far from these narrow scenes of night For ever like the heav'ns O Lord

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107 From

From all that dwell below the skies
From all his works whate'er their name

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my life

Give to our God immortal praise

53 Give thanks to God who reigns above Give glory to Jehovah's name:

153 Give thanks to God the sovereign Lord 167 Give thanks to God most high

249 God is my thepherd who will see God of the morning at whose voice

23 God is my portion all my good

God is a spirit just and wife
God of our lives we all depend
God of

thanks to thee

75 God of my life and author of my days 265 God who his mind to those of old

92 Great God how various are thy works 15 Great is the Lord beyond our praise Great God we sing that mighty hand 79 Great God how infinite art thou

127 Great God the steps of pious men

145 Great is the Lord his works of might 155 Great God thy peerless excellence

76 Great God indulge my humble claim 66 Great God permit my tongue

229 Great God the heavn's well-order'd frame 246 Great God whose gospel's saving power

62 Great


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Great God of armies bend the skies
Great ruler of the earth and skies
Great source of life our fouls confess

70 82


Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews 29 Happy the man whofe cautious feet

37 Happy who in thy house reside

93 Happy man whom God deth aid

276 Hark the glad found the Saviour comes 191 Hark-to the gospel's cheering voice 215 Hear what the words of Christ reveal High in the heavens eternal God

35 Hope of the wretched thou alone

199 House of our God with cheerful anthems ring 261 How sweet in God's own house to sing 42 How do thy mercies Lord abound 123 How can I sink while thou O God

130 How glorious is our heavenly king

133 How happy he whose early years

135 How calm their state how happy they 156 How shall the young secure their ways 158 How bleit is he who ne'er consents How are thy servants blest O Lord How good and pleasant is the work

115 How bleft are they who always keep

117 How pleasant how divinely fair





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